Ute punter Mitch Wishnowsky said former teammate Travis Wilson is planning on a tryout with an Australian rules football team. Asked how American skills translate to the Aussie game, Wishnowsky said it doesn’t always work because rules don’t allow passing. Considering Utah was 11th in Pac-12 passing offense Wilson’s senior season, that might not be bad news. Not bad news at all.

Senior style

At the advanced age of 37, ex-Ute Steve Smith is not mellowing.

After being overthrown twice last week in a Ravens practice, Smith tossed his helmet and kicked a ball.

“The reason I did it,” he told ESPN, “is because I wanted to.”

That’s the reason old guys do everything, isn’t it?

Time management

Dwight Perry of the Seattle Times points out that during Klay Thompson’s 60-point night, he possessed the ball for just 90 seconds and 11 dribbles.

That doesn’t include an extra four minutes for dabbing.

Shake, rattle and shoot

Seismologists say Mount St. Helen’s shook more than 120 times in a week while recharging.

This has been exceeded only by the number of times Hakeem Olajuwon worked his “Dream Shake” on Patrick Ewing during the ’94 NBA Finals.

Pain train

Ute placekicker Andy Phillips revealed he played the entire season with broken toes.

But it wasn’t until the Oregon game that the Utes got their kneecaps broken as well.

Walk on by

Brad Dickson, Omaha World-Herald, ranking Utah State No. 8 on his “Bottom 10,” in his last regular-season poll: “Unmotivated players tried to make a U-turn during the final tunnel walk of the season.”


Stephen Curry is so good, even opposing coaches congratulate him.

Following a tough basket against New Orleans, Curry turned to Pelicans assistant coach Darren Erman and slapped five with him.

Question: If Jerry Sloan had been there, which of the two would he have tackled first?

Talking the talk

Wake Forest football radio announcer Tommy Elrod has been accused of giving inside game prep information to opponents.

Among the secret revelations: “It looks like they’re going to go for it on fourth down, Stan!” and “My, oh my, what a dandy kick return!”


Just wondering: Since when did anyone need extra help against Wake Forest?

A total gift

North Carolina Central lost the Celebration Bowl, arguably due to an excessive celebration penalty.

Here’s guessing if they’d been playing in the Humanitarian Bowl, they would have simply given away the game.

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