Former Jazz guard Sundiata Gaines says the game-winner he made in 2010 against Cleveland was a big deal to Jerry Sloan.

“Guys on the team said that was the first time they’d ever seen Jerry so happy,” Gaines said.

Sloan allegedly went so far as to dial his cursing down from “inferno blast” to “really irritated” for the next two days.


Miss Arizona, Tommy Lynn Calhoun, was on the sideline of last week’s Arizona-ASU game when a play swung her direction. Her crown went flying as she was trampled by Wildcat quarterback Brandon Dawkins.

But she told ESPN no harm done.

“I’m so good because I’m a physical therapy technician and I majored in kinesiology. I like landed perfectly,” she pertly noted.

OK, so give her the Miss Congeniality award, too.


Fort Wayne pulled off maybe the biggest upset of the basketball season by beating No. 3 Indiana, 71-68.

Fans stormed the court.

This was maybe the first time in history Indiana really could have used Bobby Knight to throw chairs.


Baylor associate athletic director Heath Nielsen — responsible for the football program’s public image — has been placed on leave of absence after being arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault.

The Utah State graduate allegedly tried to choke a reporter after the TCU-Baylor game.

Donald Trump is thinking: “I want that guy in my administration.”


Trump is expected to hire Cubs owner Todd Ricketts as Deputy Secretary of Commerce.

Apparently he likes the idea of an administration made entirely of unexpected winners like himself. Dak Prescott for Energy Secretary, maybe?


Ian Poulter tweeted photos of a pair of cell phones destroyed by someone who whacked a golf bag in frustration during a tournament in Mexico.

So that’s what happens when you don’t silence your phone on the course.


An English woman made a hole in one on her first attempt at golf.

In case you’re wondering, yes, it’s exactly like winning the presidency without ever holding public office.


Milwaukee’s Matthew Dellavedova is working with producers on a film tracking his journey from childhood in Australia to “stardom” in the NBA.

Isn’t this like making a movie on the career of Weird Al Yankovic?


Channel in Minnesota listed the 20 states most likely to have a miserable Thanksgiving, but Utah wasn’t among them.

Clearly, nobody factored in the possibility of the Utes losing their last two games.