Also, Jazz's Gordon Hayward is all set up for a Broadway production.

Beast Mood

Ute running back Joe Williams responded to every question after Saturday’s loss to Oregon by saying “Colorado” — meaning he was already looking ahead to this week’s game.

He repeated “Colorado” five times before leaving the podium.

Somewhere Marshawn Lynch is thinking: “Hmm. One-word answers. Why didn’t I think of that?”

Love Ya, Tomorrow

On the same day Williams was going all-Colorado, the Jazz’s Gordon Hayward was in “tomorrow” mode.

His first comment after shooting 11 for 42 in a three-game span: “On to the next game.”

On his shooting slump: “I’m just not playing well … got another game tomorrow.”

On his surgically repaired finger: “It has nothing to do with my finger … we’ll play tomorrow.”

If basketball doesn’t work out, there’s always a place for him in the cast of “Annie.”

The Big Stat

Stats, who needs ‘em?

Asked about advanced quarterback metrics, Patriots coach Bill Belichick told reporters, ”What the (heck) is that? I mean, you can take those advance websites and metric them in whatever you want. I don’t know. I have no idea. I’ve never looked at one. I wouldn’t even care to look at one. I don’t even care what they say.”

Engraving on his Hall of Fame plaque: Never knew what YAC EPA was.

Won six Super Bowls anyway.


Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts says he wants to “reach out” to Steve Bartman, the fan whose foul ball interference 13 years ago cost Chicago a chance at the World Series.

Is this anything like a presidential pardon?

Persona Non Grata

One poll says just 2 percent of the country has a favorable opinion of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Bartman is thinking: “If only I could reach those numbers!”

Peace Now

Steve Rosenbloom, Chicago Tribune: “U.S. Senators from Illinois and Indiana introduced a resolution honoring the Cubs for their World Series title. That’s just the type of bold legislation a divided country needs right now.”


Minneapolis is listed in as the nation’s finest city for sleeping.

This might be because everyone can catch some extra shuteye while the Twins are playing.

Please Leave

At least two dozen celebrities said they’d leave the country if Donald Trump were elected President.

Sadly, none offered to take the Cleveland Browns with them.

Cowboy Religion

A church in Dallas has taken to showing Cowboys games during Sunday services.

Parishioners say they’re hoping Dak Prescott throws a Hail Mary and they can call it good.