Also, why Greg Ostertag's name is still (finally?) relevant at the Jazz's arena.

Vote Domo

Ute cornerback Dominique Hatfield was asked on last week’s pregame show what he had to offer besides “confidence and swagger.”

“That’s all I got,” he said.

In that case, look for Hatfield on the presidential ballot in 2020.

Royalty Rules

Alabama football coach Nick Saban said he didn’t realize Election Day had arrived until it was over.

“We’re focused on other things here,” he said.

He later claimed he voted via absentee ballot.

Either way, what does it matter to him? He’s president of Tide Nation.

Nosy News

Football coverage reached a dubious milestone in September when video appeared of Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, maybe or maybe not picking his nose during a game.

The Detroit papers even wrote about it.

Remember a long time ago when things like injuries and quarterback controversies were important stories?

Family Matters

The London Daily Mail reported last summer on a New York man who fathered 22 children by 18 women.

Somewhere Antonio Cromartie is saying: “Don’t look at me.”

Remember the Titan

Oregon booster Phil Knight is rumored to be offering $10 million annually for a new football coach.

At that price, they should hire Denzel Washington and really get something done.

Shaq Attack

Vivint Arena is hosting a statewide high school assembly designed to stop bullying.

Where were these people when Shaquille O’Neal slapped down Greg Ostertag?

Dream Sequence

Tennessee Titans receiver Tajae Sharpe drew a celebration penalty for pretending to nap in the end zone.

Or maybe he was just imitating the 49ers’ run defense.

Fast Forward

ESPN is planning a 78-minute “30 for 30” documentary on the XFL.

Which means the running time will be almost identical to how long the league lasted.

Ballot Blunders

An Oceanside, California, man was elected city treasurer, despite having passed away Sept. 23.

Isn’t that like voting for Tennessee in the top 25 after it lost three straight games?


Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban revoked the press credentials of two writers, saying he wanted to discourage increasing use of automated game reports.

However, Cuban reversed the decision, maybe because there are already 30 coaches producing automated quotes.

Going Forward “Cubs’ 105-Year Rebuilding Plan Beginning to Bear Fruit.”