So you think you know everything there is to know about the Utah Jazz? Here is your chance to test your knowledge with 20 questions about the Jazz. You won’t get 100 percent, but give yourself a gold star if you can get the majority correct.

Question No. 1

Q: How many assistant coaches do the Jazz have this year? How many can you name?

Answer No. 1

A: The Jazz currently have eight assistant coaches, quite a departure from the old days when the Jazz had just two assistants under Jerry Sloan. The eight assistants are Igor Kokoskov, Antonio Lang, Mike Wells, Alex Jensen, Johnnie Bryant, Jeff Watkinson, Zach Guthrie and Lamar Skeeter.

Question No. 2

Q: Which two current Jazz players were once traded for each other?

Answer No. 2

A: In August 2005, Joe Johnson was traded from the Phoenix Suns to the Atlanta Hawks in exchange for Boris Diaw and two first-round draft choices.

Question No. 3

Q: Who had the top individual scoring game by a Jazz player?

Answer No. 3

A: Pete Maravich's 68 points against New York in 1977. Karl Malone has the top scoring game for the Jazz since it moved to Utah, with 61 against Milwaukee in 1990.

Question No. 4

Q: Which opposing player had the top individual scoring game against the Utah Jazz?

Answer No. 4

A: Kobe Bryant dumped 60 points on the Jazz in April of this year in the final game of Bryant's illustrious career.

Question No. 5

Q: Which colleges have produced the most Jazz players?

Answer No. 5

A: Kansas, Stanford and UNLV have each sent five players to the Jazz.

Question No. 6

Q: Which Jazz player’s father played on the 1984 NCAA Championship team with Michael Jordan at North Carolina?

Answer No. 6

A: Cecil Exum (No. 50 in picture), Dante’s father, was part of that NCAA title team in 1984 and was later drafted by the Denver Nuggets.

Question No. 7

Q: Who is the Jazz all-time leader in 3-point attempts and 3-pointers made?

Answer No. 7

A: John Stockton is far and away the leader but he ranks fifth in 3-point percentage behind Jeff Hornacek, Kyle Korver, Kelly Tripucka and John Crotty.

Question No. 8

Q: Who has the Jazz record for most 3-pointers made — by a wide margin — in a season?

Answer No. 8

A: It’s Randy Foye, who made 178 3-pointers in 2012-13, his only season with the Jazz — 49 more than second-place Mehmet Okur in 2006-07. If you guessed Jeff Hornacek or Kyle Korver, they don’t even rank in the top 10, which shows you how many fewer 3-pointers used to be attempted.

Question No. 9

Q: Aside from Truck Robinson, who never played in Utah, which Jazz player has the best career average for rebounds?

Answer No. 9

A: If you assumed it was Karl Malone, sorry, try Carlos Boozer, whose 10.5 rebound average is just ahead of Malone’s 10.2.

Question No. 10

Q: The Jazz are honoring former Jazzman Blue Edwards in an opening-night “blue-out.” What is Edwards’ first given name?

Answer No. 10

A: Theodore

Question No. 11

Q: How many players have Jazz drafted directly out of out of high school and who are they?

Answer No. 11

A: DeShawn Stevenson with the 23rd pick in 2000 and C.J. Miles with the 34th pick in 2005.

Question No. 12

Q: Who was the guard who played just 32 games for Utah, but beat the Cleveland Cavaliers with a memorable last-second 3-pointer in 2010?

Answer No. 12

A: Sundiata Gaines

Question No. 13

Q: Which Jazz guard was acquired in 1976 in a package from the Lakers that included the 1979 first-round Jazz pick that ended up being Magic Johnson?

Answer No. 13

A: Gail Goodrich, who was out of the league before the Jazz moved to Utah.

Question No. 14

Q: What was the original price tag for the Jazz as an expansion franchise in 1974?

A. 1.5 million

B. $6.1 million

C. $10.5 million

D. $105 million?

Answer No. 14

A: B. $6.1 million

Question No. 15

Q: Which three uniform numbers under 30 have never been worn by a Jazz player?

Question No. 16

Q: Which 18-year NBA veteran, who retired last year after playing for eight different teams, was a first-round draft choice of Utah, but never played for the Jazz?

Answer No. 16

A: Nazr Mohammed was drafted by the Jazz out of Kentucky in the first round in 1998, but his rights were traded to Philadelphia on draft day.

Question No. 17

Q: What did point guards Trey Burke and Deron Williams accomplish that John Stockton never did?

Answer No. 17

A: Both Burke and Williams were named to NBA all-rookie teams — Burke to the first team in 2013-14 and Williams to the second team in 2005-06. Stockton was a backup his rookie season in 1984-85.

Question No. 18

Q: The Jazz have had 274 regular-season players in their 42-year history. What is the most common last name among those players?

Answer No. 18

A: Williams. The Jazz have had nine players with the last name Williams, including Aaron (1993-94), Deron (2005-11), Duck (1979-80), Eliot (2014-15), Marvin (2012-14), Freeman (1982-83), Mo (2003-04, 2012-13), Nate (1974-78) and Rick (1982-83).

The second most common name is Brown (six players).

Question No. 19

Q: What jersey number has been worn by more Jazz players than any other?

Answer No. 19

A: The number 25, which has been worn by 17 different players, from Bernie Fryer, who went on to become an NBA official to Al Jefferson, Utah’s leading scorer in 2012-13, and most recently, Raul Neto.

Question No. 20

Q: The Jazz, who are trying to make the playoffs for the first time since 2012, have played in 241 playoff games. What is their all-time playoff record?

A. 114-127

B. 142-99

C. 100-141

D. 121-120

Answer No. 20

A: A. 114-127