Also, gridlock, delays seem to be a pattern with Utes and their fans.

Fest for the Rest

BYU recently staged its inaugural “Milktoberfest,” in response to Octoberfests everywhere.

Free chocolate milk and cookies were provided at the school library.

Tweeted @ute_pilot: “And they wonder why the Big 12 won’t invite them.”

Silver Lining

Utah swung the momentum in Saturday’s win over Arizona thanks to a timely safety by Pasoni Tasini. That offset 11 Ute penalties in the first half.

“It was huge, because everything was a mess,” safety Chase Hansen said.

How messy was it?

Enough that everyone forgot to complain about traffic snarls on the way home.

Slow Speeds Ahead

Speaking of traffic, Salt Lake was gridlocked for hours after a tanker overturned, spilling hazardous material and closing two freeways last Wednesday.

Officials say congestion closely resembled the pileup at the 1-yard line in the Cal-Utah game.

Dating Game

Steve Young’s just-released autobiography tells of an NFL referee suggesting — on the field — that Young date his daughter, a BYU student.

Though incredulous at the timing, Young agreed. Later the ref whistled an unwarranted personal foul on the defense, whispering to Young as he passed, “She likes Italian food.”


Mr. Spirit

Phoenix coach Earl Watson, a former Jazz player, is tracking the number of high-fives his team delivers.

A Cal-Berkeley professor’s study shows the more fist bumps, high-fives and hugs a team executes, the better its team defense, screening and cohesion.

What it doesn’t address is that the last guy in the lineup is doing most of the celebrating.

King of Cool

Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard says he wouldn’t join a “super team,” because “that’s just not who I am.”

If anyone is against Lillard being named coolest player in the NBA, please leave now.

Love Wins

Being nephew of the Beach Boys’ Mike Love has its advantages, but it doesn’t necessarily extend to musical skills.

Cleveland forward Kevin Love says he went through a teen phase when he hounded his parents into buying him a guitar for Christmas.

“It's safe to say that didn’t last long ... maybe two weeks,” Love told

So sad when you realize all you’re ever going to be is a 6-foot-10 multimillionaire ballplayer.

Go Deep

A broken water line is being blamed for a sinkhole that appeared in the end zone of Purdue’s stadium.

However, the offensive coordinator is admitting he never should have called a dig route in the first place.

The Uninvited

Headline in satire publication The Onion: “Soccer Players Under Impression High School’s Football Rivalries Extend To Them Too.”