Also, how to tell the difference between Utah from BYU on the gridiron.

Together Again

BYU basketball player T.J. Haws says being reunited with former teammates Nick Emery and Eric Mika provides a sense of familiarity.

Their Lone Peak High team won the national championship in 2013.

“We’re ready to do similar things that we did at Lone Peak,” Haws said on Cougar media day.

Which can mean one of two things: (a) winning another national championship, or (b) binge-watching SportsCenter and scarfing all the pizza at the church fundraiser.

Flattery is All

England Ryder Cup member Danny Willett was unwillingly implicated when his brother called Americans “fat, stupid, greedy,” “imbeciles,” “reprobates” and “classless” in a satire column.

To which Raider Nation answered, “Flattery will get you nowhere!”

Too Much Hustle

An Omaha youth football coach has been banned for the season after allegedly grabbing an opposing 10-year-old who high-fived him too hard after the game.

No truth to the rumor the coach was Pete Rose, claiming the kid stole his signature move.

Comedy Break

Tim Tebow hit a homer on the first swing of his professional baseball career.

Pitcher John Kilichowski took it in good humor, tweeting, “I thought we agreed you were taking the first pitch.”

Odds of Kilichowski becoming a comedian just passed Tebow’s chances of reaching the big leagues.

Lightning Round

Unconfirmed reports say the Big 12’s expansion plans are fizzling. Others say Cincinnati and Houston, rather than BYU, are now the frontrunners.

Just wondering: Wouldn’t it work better if the struggling conference just invited the winners of Seasons 30 and 31 of “Family Feud” and called it good?

Holy Toledo!

It was a bad day for the Toledo Rockets when they lost to BYU. But it didn’t go well for Toledo play-by-play announcer Brent Balbinot, either.

He referred to BYU several times as “Utah” during an interview with 1280-The Zone.

Here’s a handy-dandy reference guide so this doesn’t happen again: Utah is the one that never beats Arizona; BYU is the one that plays Toledo in midseason.

Hyperbole Central

A newspaper headline prior to the Cougars-Rockets game said, “BYU seeking first home victory in ‘must win.’”

This kind of makes that November game with UMass “A matchup of biblical proportions,” doesn’t it?

Fastest 2 Years

The aforementioned BYU game — which lasted until after 2 a.m. (ET) — featured 108 points and 1,278 yards.

How long was it?

Let’s just say several players who were out of the country on LDS missions are now home.