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Recently released data shows the average unique visitors for the 10 top U.S. web brands. The following companies were ranked based on their average monthly unique visitors coming from both home and computers at work.

10 Ask Search Network
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Ask drew in more than 60 million monthly unique visitors to its sites according to Nielsen. Although far behind search giants Google and Yahoo! Ask continues to hold on to a piece of the market.

9 Apple
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Apple continues to grow even after the death of founder Steve Jobs in late 2011. Although Jobs will be missed, Tim Cook will fill Jobs' shoes with the hope of carrying on the founder's legacy. Apple sites received on average 61.6 million unique visitors in 2011 according to Nielsen.

8 Wikipedia
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The world's favorite and free encyclopedia grows every year. Recent banners on the user generated encyclopedia appealed for donations and Wikipedia cashed in bringing in $20 million which the non-profit will use to install servers and software to increase site functionality. Wikipedia received more than 62 million hits per month in 2011 according to Nielsen.

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The once great AOL dominated the internet in the past but has failed to adapt to the ever evolving internet. In early 2011 AOL purchased the popular news aggregation blog Huffington Post which helped increase AOL's traffic. According to Nielsen AOL received on average 74.6 million monthly hits on its sites in 2011.

6 Microsoft (software)
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Microsoft and its related sites proved to be popular in 2011 bringing in about 83.7 million hits every month last year according to Nielsen. Microsoft is expected to release Windows 8 this year which will help the company to grow its web presence.

5 YouTube
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Cats, babies and recording label hits all help make YouTube the largest video-sharing site on the Internet. Every minute two days of video are uploaded to the site dwarfing other online video streaming services. Roughly 106.7 million unique visitors came to the site per month in 2011, according to Nielsen, to view and upload content. With a recent redesign YouTube, plans to grow and increase revenue.

4 MSN/WindowsLive/Bing (search and email)
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Microsoft's latest attempt to capitalize on internet search, Bing, has helped Microsoft gain on the market but it still lags far behind Google in popularity. In 2011 Microsoft's network of sites brought in an average of 115.8 million per month according to Nielsen.

3 Yahoo!
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Despite corporate drama and hiring four CEOs in five years Yahoo! sites are still popular. Yahoo! had an average of 130.1 million unique visitors per month, according to Nielsen, in 2011. Critics say Yahoo! is failing but Yahoo!'s recent hiring of Scott Thompson, former PayPal president may be able to help turn the company around in 2012.

2 Facebook
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Consuming the lives of college students and adults everywhere Facebook is right behind Google in unique visitors with an average of 137.6 million in 2011 according to Nielsen. Facebook is expected to go public this year which could mean even more growth for the biggest social media site on the web.

1 Google
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Since becoming public in 2004 Google has become the search engine of choice for many. The search engine's simple layout is a simple but functional home page for the web giant. During 2011, on average 153.4 million people visited Google's web of pages according to Nielsen.