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Smartphone popularity continues to grow with the majority of phone purchases in 2011 being smartphones. Nielsen recently released data on the top smartphone manufacturers based on sales of new smartphones for the past year between August and Ocober. Here are the top 5.

5 Motorola
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Motorola’s line of Droid phones compete in an increasingly competitive smartphone market. Between August and October of 2011 the company sold about the same number of devices as Samsung with 11 percent of smartphone buyers choosing a Samsung device.

4 Samsung
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The updated android running Galaxy S II from Samsung, a step up from the Galaxy S, with its 4G capabilities and dual core processor is fast but Samsung didn’t sell enough of the many versions of the device to pass up the top 3 manufacturers. Samsung held on to 11 percent of the competitive smartphone market between August and October of 2011.

3 RIM (Blackberry)
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Despite a massive messaging blackout in the fall RIM, the maker of the Blackberry, continues to hold on to a fair share of the rapidly evolving smartphone market. Despite a comparatively weak app market RIM held on to 17 percent of the smartphone market in 2011 between August and October.

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HTC makes smartphones with some of the largest screens available on the market many of which are high definition. Producing what the consumer wants seems to be working for the company which took in 21 percent of the smartphone market between August and October last year.

1 Apple
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Apple continues to dominate the smartphone market with 29 percent of purchasers leaning towards the iPhone during August and October in 2011. The release of the long awaited iPhone 4S with the hyped up voice recognition software “Siri” proves the company’s resiliency and ability to innovate.