With the Iowa caucuses opening Jan. 3, 2012, the GOP campaign for the White House is underway. Check back often to see who's running and who's out.

Michele Bachmann

Full Name: Michele Marie Bachmann

Campaign Status: Running

Born: April 6, 1956 (Age: 55)

Current Residence: Stillwater, Minnesota

Past Occupation: Attorney

Religion: Evangelical Christian (formerly Lutheran)

Education: Oral Roberts University (J.D.), Winona Sate University (B.A.)

Political Offices Held: U.S. House of Representatives - Minnesota (Current), Minnesota State Senator (2001-2007)

Official Website: www.michelebachmann.com/

3-point Introduction: Constitutional conservative, limited government, safe & secure America

Newt Gingrich

Full Name: Newton Leroy "Newt" Gingrich

Campaign Status: Running

Born: June 17, 1943 (Age 68)

Home Town: McLean, Virginia

Past Occupation: Politician, Author, Assistant Professor

Education: Tulane University (M.A./PhD), Emory University (B.A.)

Political Offices Held: U.S. House of Representatives - Georgia (1979-1999), Speaker of the House (1995-1999)

Official Website: www.newt.org

3-point Introduction: Contract with America (small government), Freemarket healthcare reforms, strong immigration stance

Jon Huntsman

Full Name: Jon Meade Huntsman, Jr.

Campaign Status: Running

Born: March 26, 1960 (Age: 51)

Home Town: Washington, D.C.

Past Occupations: Ambassador to China, Politician, Business Executive

Religion:The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Education: University of Pennsylvania (B.A.)

Political Offices Held: U.S. Ambassador to China (2009-2011), Governor of Utah (2005-2009), U.S. Ambassador to Singapore (1992-1993)

Official Website: www.jon2012.com/

3-point Introduction: Free market economist, Foreign policy strength, Market based healthcare reform

Ron Paul

Full Name: Ronald Ernest "Ron" Paul

Campaign Status: Running

Born: August 20, 1935 (Age: 76)

Current Residence: Lake Jackson, Texas

Past Occupations: Gynaecologist (Physician), Politician

Religion: Baptist

Education: Gettysburg College (B.S.), Duke University (M.D.)

Political Offices Held: U.S. House of Representatives - Texas (1979-1985, 1997-Present)

Official Website: www.ronpaul2012.com/

3-point Introduction: Libertarian views, commodity backed currency, constitutional conservative

Rick Perry

Full Name: James Richard "Rick" Perry

Campaign Status: Running

Born: March 4, 1950 (Age: 61)

Current Residence: West Austin, Texas

Past Occupations: Military Officer, Farmer, Politician

Religion: Evangelical Christian

Education:Texas A&M University (B.S.)

Political Offices Held: Governor of Texas, (2000 - Current), Lieutenant Governor of Texas (1999 - 2000), Commissioner of Agriculture for Texas (1991-1999), Texas House of Representatives (1985-1991)

Official Website: www.rickperry.org/

3-point Introduction: Christian conservative, strong immigration stance, considers himself a "Reagan Republican"

Buddy Roemer

Full Name: Charles Elson "Buddy" Roemer III

Campaign Status: Running

Born: March 4, 1950 (Age: 61)

Current Residence: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Former Occupation: Businessman

Religion: Methodist

Education: Harvard University (B.S., M.B.A.)

Political Offices Held: Governor of Louisiana (1988 - 1982), U.S. House of Representatives - Louisiana (1981 - 1988)

Official Website: www.buddyroemer.com/

3-point Introduction: Former Democrat, Special interest averse, former CEO of Business First Bank

Mitt Romney

Full Name: Willard Mitt Romney

Campaign Status: Running

Born: March 12, 1947 (Age: 64)

Current Residence: Belmont, Massachusetts

Occupation: Businessman, former Olympic Committee Chairman

Religion: The Church of Jesus Chris of Latter-day Saints

Education: Brigham Young University (B.A.), Harvard University (M.B.A., J.D.)

Political Offices Held: Governor of Massachusettes (2003 - 2007)

Official Website: www.mittromney.com

3-point Introduction: Business-minded approach to politics known as "The Bain Way", Fiscal conservative, small government minded

Rick Santorum

Full Name: Richard John "Rick" Santorum

Campaign Status: Running

Born: May 10, 1958 (Age: 53)

Current Residence: Penn Hills, Pennsylvania

Occupation: Attorney, Politician

Religion: Roman Catholic

Education: Dickinson School of Law (J.D.), University of Pittsburgh (M.B.A.), Pennsylvania State University (B.A.)

Political Offices Held: U. S. Senator for Pennsylvania (1995 - 2007), U.S. House of Representatives (1991 - 1995)

Official Website: www.ricksantorum.com

3-point Introduction: Special interest combatant, Former member of Gang of Seven, American exceptionalist