John Ratzenberger

For every actor in a leading role, there are dozens of actors in supporting roles of big-box office movies and must-watch television series’. Several of those supporting stars also lend their voices to animated features.

John Ratzenberger has been successful at both.

Certainly, Ratzenberger became most famous for his role as Cliff Clavin, the mailman who frequented the Cheers bar.

And while he continues to impress fans in supporting roles in front of the screen, he also earned the label of "Pixar’s Lucky Charm," having appeared in nearly every one of the company’s animated feature films.

How many of your favorite Ratzenberger characters do you remember? Have fun checking out this list our 14 favorites.

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Cliff from Cheers
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Hi Cliff!

John Ratzenberger is best known as the beloved Cliff Clavin, a regular on the "Cheers" cast.

Each time Ratzenberger’s mailman character enters the Cheers bar in Boston, the patrons yelled, “Hi Cliff!!”

Photo: The "Cheers" cast, including John Ratzenberger (far left).

On-screen appearances
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John Ratzenberger has appeared in numerous movies including several blockbusters such as: "Superman" in 1978; "Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back" in 1980; "Superman II" in 1980; "Reds" in 1981; "Ghandi" in 1982; "The Falcon and the Snowman" in 1985.

He also appeared in numerous television series including "Hill Street Blues," "Magnum PI," "St Elsewhere," "Love Boat" and "Wings".


"Toy Story" (Voice of Hamm)
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Of all the Pixar films, "Toy Story" is arguably a favorite of most movie lovers.

In all three movies, plus several of the short films and television offerings, John Ratzenberger offered his voice for the character Hamm.

A couple of his best quotes include:
From "Toy Story 2":
Sergeant: "Molly's first present is ... Mrs. Potato Head! Repeat, a Mrs. Potato Head!"

Hamm: "Way to go, Ida-ho!"

Mr. Potato Head: "Gee, I'd better shave!
[pulls off his moustache]"

From "Toy Story 3":
Hamm: “Let's go see how much we're going for on Ebay“


"A Bug's Life" (Voice of P.T. Flea)
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John Ratzenberger offers the voice for the character P.T. Flea in "A Bug's Life".

P.T Flea drives a circus train made out of cookie boxes. The name of the cookies — Casey Junior cookies — is a tribute to Disney's "Dumbo," and the name of the bakery — J. Grant Bakery — is in honor of Disney legend Joe Grant.

Source: Deseret News

"Monster, Inc." (Voice of Yeti)
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John Ratzenberger offers his voice to the Yeti, or the Abominable Snowman, character in the "Monsters Inc." and "Monsters University" films.

One his greatest lines is: “Abominable? Do I look abominable to you? Why don’t they call me The Adorable Smowman or The Agreeable Smowman for crying out loud?”


"Finding Nemo" (Voice of the School of Fish)
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The School of Fish appears in several scenes of "Finding Nemo."

John Ratzenberger offers the voice of the leader of that school of fish.

In one of his more memorable lines, he says:

“I’m talking to the lady, not you,” he said to Marlin. Then to Dori: “So do you like impressions? So what are we?" (The school of at least 100 fish forms a shark.)


"The Incredibles" (Voice of The Underminer)

John Ratzenberger shares his vocal talents to a more sinister character in "The Incredibles" as The Underminer.

In his most memorable line from that film:

“Behold, The Underminer! I’m always beneath you, but nothing is beneath me! I hereby declare war on peace and happiness! Soon, all will tremble before me!"


"Cars" (Voice of Mack)

"Cars" is another of the most beloved Pixar films of all time.

John Ratzenberger offers his voice to the character of Mack.

You may remember the following quote from the movie:

“Don’t worry about it kid. It’s the least I can do. After all, Gas Can is my middle name.”


"Up" (Voice of Construction Foreman Tom)
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John Ratzenberger is the voice of the construction foreman named Tom in the movie "Up."

He offers the following line: “Just so you know, my boss would like to take this place off you hands, and now for double the offer. What do you say to that?”


"Ratatouille" (Voice of Mustafa)
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John Ratzenberger voices the character of the the waiter Mustafa in the movie "Ratatouille."

He offers the quote: “Eh … Do you know what you would like tonight sir?”


"WALL-E" (Voice of John)
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John Ratzenberger's role in the movie "WALL-E" was quite small. Oddly enough, he offered the voice of John.

One of his lines: “John. Er… No John”


"Brave" (Voice of Gordon, the guard)

Again, a small role for John Ratzenberger in the grand movie.

He pays the role of Gordon the guard.


"Inside Out" (Voice of Fritz)
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There is always a part, no matter how small, for John Ratzenberger in every Pixar movie.

In case you missed it, he voices the character Fritz in the movie "Inside Out."

It wasn't a big role. If you blinked, you may have missed it.

"The Good Dinosaur"(Voice of Earl)
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Another bit role for John Ratzenberger in "The Good Dinosaur."

He is the voice of Earl, one of the raptors, or rustlers, as Butch calls them.