"A Sterling Scholar is a high school senior who is publicly recognized and awarded for the pursuit of excellence in scholarship, leadership and citizenship in the State of Utah," the program's website says.

Here's a look at the 2016 Southwest Region Sterling Scholar candidates, who represent Beaver High School, Bryce Valley High School, Canyon View High School, Cedar High School, Desert Hills High School, Dixie High School, Enterprise High School, Hurricane High School, Kanab High School, Milford High School, Panguitch High School, Parowan High School, Pine View High School, Snow Canyon High School, Tuacahn High School and Valley High School.

Beaver High School

Back row from left: Kelzey Jessup, Visual Arts; Jamie Christensen, English; Caleb Christiansen, General Scholarship; Elizabeth Hill, Social Science; Jarom Harris, Mathematics; Chad Howard, Science; Rustin Limb, Computer Technology.

Front row from left: Caitlin Bradshaw, Music; Parker Pingel, World Languages; Tishawna Edwards, Business & Marketing; Kylie Angell, Agricultural Science; Danielle Williams, Speech/Drama; Kyle Evans, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Aubrey Woolsey, Family & Consumer Sciences.

Bryce Valley High School

Back row from left: Kallie Bybee, Science; Max Hyatt, Social Science; Zennon Hutchings, Mathematics. Front row from left: Danica Rose, English; Jailine Vasquez, Business & Marketing; Elisabeth Ahlstrom, Speech/Drama; Landyn Brinkerhoff, Agricultural Science.

Canyon View High School

Ben Gatherum, World Languages; Amy Zortman, Social Science; Miriam Schryver, English; Adam Maxwell, Computer Technology; Mackenzie Maness, Business & Marketing; Autumn Williams, Family & Consumer Sciences; Asia-Nicole Nielson, Visual Arts; Brandon Stone, Speech/Drama; Katie Tremelling, Dance; Marcelle Langford, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Matthew Matheson, Music; Allyson Berri, General Scholarship; Kobe Potter, Mathematics; Cierra Reid, Agricultural Science; Seleck Rigby, Science.

Cedar High School

Back row from left: Garrett Wood, Mathematics; Nathan Wiggins, World Languages; Kaleb Jolley, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Kayla Hollinger, Visual Arts; Nicholas Denhalter, Speech/Drama; Josie Jones, Dance; Jay Brown, Computer Technology; Tayson Meanea, English.

Front row from left: Anthony Malachowski, Music; Adam Martin, General Scholarship; Diana Villicana, Family & Consumer Sciences; Kaleigh Bronson, Social Science; Constance Caparas, Science; Kapri Harris, Agricultural Science; Melissa Anderton, Business & Marketing.

Deseret Hills High School

Back row from left: Thomas Wade; Social Science: Tanner Sharp; Business & Marketing; Joseph Buenning; Visual Arts; Michael Williams; Mathematics; Scott Sandberg; Computer Technology; Andrew Leavitt; Speech/Drama; Sage Ducote; World Languages.

Front row from left: Madeline Mertz; Science; Abigail Clark, Music; Abigail Bean; Agricultural Science; Olivia Shakespeare; Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; McKenzie Sampson; General Scholarship; Kelsey Willets; Dance; Megan Vincent; English; Sabrina Wilks; Family & Consumer Sciences.

Dixie High School

Back row from left: Alexander Easson, Speech/Drama; Bailey Carter, Music; Thomas Urquhart, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; James Barrett, Science; Austin Eyring, General Scholarship; August Wood, Business & Marketing; Tyler Little, Computer Technology; Caleb Larsen, Mathematics.

Front row from left: Keitlin Price, English; Emily Stewart, Family & Consumer Sciences; Mikayla Frei, Agricultural Science; Hailey Knight, Visual Arts; Jessica Garcia, Social Science; Krystal Hansen, World Languages; Kasidee Graff, Dance.

Enterprise High School

Back row from left: JayLynn Holt; Agricultural Science; Cody Fenn; Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Savanah Truman; Science; Riley Bliss; Drama; Jessica Farnsworth; Family & Consumer Sciences; Michael Dougherty; Business & Marketing; Madison Laub; Visual Arts; Kimberlee Bishop; English.

Front row from left: Rylee Esplin; Mathematics; Devany Franco; Computer Technology; Brylee Anzalone; Dance; Chelsey Nelson; World Languages; Calista Jones; General Scholarship; Lacey Hansen; Social Science. Not pictured: Stacie Williams; Music.

Hurricane High School

Back row from left: Lucas Stout; Agricultural Science; Ellie McDonald; Social Science; Jacob Barney; World Languages; Jesse Barraclough; Music; Hank Jennings; Mathematics.

Front row from left: Kayla Larson; English; Laura Stirland; Dance; Kira Brown; Visual Arts; Cameryn Sorge; Speech/Drama; Taylor Anderson; Science; Thomas Christiansen; Computer Technology. Not pictured: Danion Pozernick; General Scholarship; Megan Mulloy; Business & Marketing.

Kanab High School

From left: Josef Stovall; World Languages; Michelle Lopez; Business & Marketing; Madilynn Terry; Speech/Drama; Raquel Clarkson; Dance; Hailey Rogers; Social Science; Katherine Chamberlain; General Scholarship.

Milford High School

Back row from left: Dayde Carter; Computer Technology; Stuart Wright; Music; Glenys O’Daniel; Agricultural Science; Riley Reynolds; Family & Consumer Sciences; Garreth Mayer; Business & Marketing.

Front row from left: Baylee Netto; Science; Nicole McDermott; Mathematics; Dhaiana Rangel; Social Science; Michaela Swanson; English.

Panguitch High School

Back row from left: Garrett Finch, General Scholarship; Dason Houston, Speech/Drama; McKayla Blackburn, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education.

Center row from left: Amber Sidwell, Science; Jantzen Orton, Business & Marketing; Taylor Bennett, Family & Consumer Sciences; Makayla Dalton, Social Science. Front: Brianne Bremner, English.

Parowan High School

Back row from left: Back Row: Joseph Buddy Bradshaw, Mathematics; Brett Hunter, General Scholarship; Jeffrey Hamilton (this student is not participating at this time); Raymond Brock Berger, Music; Jameson P. Griffiths, Science.

Front row from left: Holland Terry, Speech/Drama; Saydee Mineer, Dance; Rachel Wardle, Agricultural Science; Ally Simpson, English; Mason Kerr, Social Science.

Pine View High School

Back row from left: Sarrah Pierce, Science; Nicholas Hill, Mathematics; Preston Tamri, World Languages; Tobin Smith, General Scholarship; Max McCarroll, English; Brandon Bench, Computer Technology.

Center row from left: Dei-ja Workman, Visual Arts; Micah Neagle, Agricultural Science; Alexis Tobler, Dance, Madison Long, Business & Marketing; Kaytlin Dowdell, Music; Joy Ellsworth, Speech/Drama.

Front row from left: Emma Hadley, Family & Consumer Sciences; Alexis Olds, Social Science. Not pictured: Joseph Rice, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education.

Snow Canyon High School

Back row from left: Kaden Lee Smith, Music; James Connor Morris, Science; Benjamin Warren Wilde, English; Ky Roy Phillips, Business & Marketing; Noelle Christine Nowling, Speech/Drama; McKayla Ann Redfearn, Agricultural Science.

Center row from left: Kailee Ann Webster, Family & Consumer Sciences; Allison Ruth Lang, World Languages; Benjamin Shaun Lords, Computer Technology; Aubrie Jill Dumitru, Dance; Allison McKae Svedin, Visual Arts.

Front row from left: Travis Morgan Feller, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Jase Rick Jensen, Mathematics; Braden McKay Bringhurst, General Scholarship; Dallen Russell Moody, Social Sciences.

Tuacahn High School

From left: Christopher K. Oram, English; Kayla Stewart, Science; Bethany Frerichs, Dance; Rachel Fonseca, Speech/Drama; Ruby Bowers, General Scholarship; Cierra Parkinson, Social Science; Coby C. Oram, Mathematics; Maison Field, Visual Arts; Adam Costello, Music.

Valley High School

From left: Angelique Wood, Family & Consumer Sciences; Brooke Heaton, Business & Marketing; Ellie Hoyt, Computer Technology; Dustin Winter, Speech/Drama; Brian Barsness, Music; Kimberly Daley, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education.