Whether in the training room, on the track or at the Student Athlete Building, Brigham Young University student-athletes see a lot of one another. These interactions lead to friendships, dates and sometimes even marriage.

We compiled a list of just a few of the BYU athletes who have married fellow student-athletes.

Some of the information comes from a story published in the Deseret News in July, " 'A little dating community': Marriages emerge from BYU Student Athlete Building."

This list is not all-inclusive.

Jason Beck and Jaime Rendich Beck
Courtesy of Jaime Rendich Beck

Him: Football, 2004-2006

Her: Soccer, 2002-2005

Becoming acquainted

Jason and Jaime Beck are both from California, but they met in December 2003 during Jason's recruiting trip to BYU. He came with a teammate, Nick Longshore, who grew up in the same LDS ward as Jaime. She ran into Longshore, and he introduced her to Jason. They dated for about a year and got engaged in 2004.

"One of the best parts of our relationship is that we're both athletes at BYU," Jaime Rendich Beck said. "I think we have an understanding of the commitment, time and energy needed to be put in for your specific sport to be successful. And I think that has translated into Jason being a football coach. It's a hard job. The hours are long, and there's lots of traveling, but because of our athletic background, I think we're able make it work and balance the other aspects of our life along with it."

Jason Beck is now the BYU football quarterbacks coach.

Wedding date: February 2005

Children: Peyton, twins Cameron and Jackson

Curtis Carr and Maddie Lowder Carr
Courtesy of Maddie Lowder Carr

Him: Cross-country 2007, 2011-2013; track 2010-2014

Her: Cross-country and track 2010-2011

Becoming acquainted

"Curtis claims we met in the training room at BYU, but I remember meeting him outside of the Smith Fieldhouse before the men's and women's teams went off to cross-country camp in August of 2010," Maddie Carr said. "We actually dated a few months, broke up and got back together the following school year and then totally fell in love with each other. Funny how timing works out."

Wedding date: July 7, 2012

Children: Oliver

Kyle Collinsworth and Shea Martinez-Collinsworth
Courtesy of Shea Martinez-Collinsworth

Him: Basketball, 2010-2011, 2013-present

Her: Track, 2014-2015; cross-country, 2013-2015

Becoming acquainted

They met in the weight room when he called her over to rate his outfit, according to a Deseret News article. The two talked outside the Student Athlete Building a couple times, but nothing changed until he started commenting on her Instagram account. They began exchanging messages and going on dates.

Wedding date: June 18, 2015

Jacob Cosby and Lauren Anderson Cosby
Courtesy of Jacob Cosby

Him: Cross-country, 2006, 2008-2009, 2011-2012; track, 2007, 2009-2013

Her: Soccer, 2008-2011

Becoming acquainted:

Jacob Cosby tutored student-athletes for a couple of years, and one of those athletes was on the women’s soccer team. After a few tutoring sessions, Lauren's teammate decided to set the two up.

"When I met Lauren on the date, I actually realized I knew who she was from checking her out at some soccer games, but I had to play it cool and keep that a secret until later in our relationship," Jacob Cosby said.

That first date in December set off a quick courtship, and they were engaged in March.

Wedding date: July 2011

Children: Daniel

Chase Dalton and Alyssa Monteverde-Dalton
Courtesy of Alyssa Monteverde-Dalton

Him: Track, 2008, 2011-2014

Her: Track, 2013-2015

Becoming acquainted

Chase and Alyssa met at a track meet in February 2013. She was a member of the University of Oregon track team, and he was on the BYU team.

She transferred to BYU in August 2013 to be closer to her sisters.

Chase and Alyssa became good friends and started dating in February 2014. He proposed on the BYU track on May 23, 2014.

"We enjoy working out together and coaching each other in our respective events, as well as outdoorsy activities and staying at home watching Netflix," Alyssa Monteverde-Dalton said.

Wedding date: Aug. 16, 2014

Matthew Edwards and MaryBeth Small Edwards
Courtesy of MaryBeth Small Edwards

Him: Football 2008-2011

Her: Track 2010-2012

Becoming acquainted

"Matt and I met in February of 2010 on a blind date," MaryBeth Small Edwards said. "I was on the track team with his sister Sarah Edwards, and he was on the football team with my brother-in-law Parker Mangum, who also played tight end. I had seen him around a few times before and thought he was cute, so I asked Parker to set us up."

Wedding date: December 2011 (to accommodate both of their seasons)

Children: Luke LaVell Edwards, named after Matt's grandpa, former BYU football coach LaVell Edwards.

Jimmer Fredette and Whitney Wonnacott Fredette
Brian Nicholson, Deseret News

Him: Basketball 2007-2011

Her: Cheerleading 2008-2012

Becoming acquainted

According to their love story video, Jimmer was a sophomore and Whitney was a freshman when they met on the way to an NCAA tournament game in Philadelphia. Jimmer's brother-in-law's sister was on the cheer squad with Whitney and set the two up. Jimmer and Whitney played UNO on the plane on the way to Philadelphia.

Wedding date: June 1, 2012

Reagan Frey and Sarah Hansen Frey
Courtesy of Sarah Hansen Frey

Him: Track, 2004, 2007-2010

Her: Track, 2006-2010; cross-country, 2005-2009

Becoming acquainted

"After Reagan transferred from Weber State to BYU following his mission, he and I met at a concert when he was on a date with another girl," Sarah Hansen Frey said.

Wedding date: Dec. 19, 2008

Children: Emma

Kaneakua Friel and Rachel Grant Friel
Courtesy of Rachel Grant Friel

Him: Football, 2007-2008, 2011-2013

Her: Swimming, 2007-2011

Becoming acquainted

"We came in as freshmen together and had some mutual athlete friends," Rachel Grant Friel said. "We knew of each other, but we weren't friends. After Kaneakua's mission, his friend and teammate Michael Alisa set us up on a blind date."

Wedding date: June 9, 2012

Wes Guenther and Christen Botteron Guenther
Courtesy of Christen Botteron Guenther

Him: Baseball 2007, 2010-2012

Her: Track 2009-2012

Becoming acquainted

Wes and Christen Guenther met in Primary at the LDS Church in the Kansas City area when she was 5. The ward boundaries changed a few years later, but the two kept in touch.

"As we got older, I remember thinking of him as that cute older boy in the stake," Christen Botteron Guenther said.

They started dating soon after Wes returned from his LDS mission, while they were both sophomores at BYU. At the end of the first date, he suggested they go out again sometime, to which Christen responded, "I'm free Thursday!" The couple was engaged a year later.

Wedding date: Dec. 18, 2010

Children: Grace

Tyler Haws and Summer Raymond Haws
Courtesy of Summer Raymond Haws

Him: Basketball, 2009-2010, 2012-2015

Her: Gymnastics, 2013-2015

Becoming acquainted

They sat by each other in Book of Mormon class and bumped into one another at Walgreens and had a conversation, which led to more interactions, according to a Deseret News article. He invited her to a baseball game, and the two began dating seriously.

Wedding date: July 30, 2015

Andrew Heap and Stacy Bartholomew Heap
Courtesy of Andrew Heap

Him: Volleyball, 2007, 2011-2013

Her: Soccer, 2007-2012

Becoming acquainted:

They met as freshmen at BYU, and Andrew Heap dated Stacy's roommate. After he returned from an LDS mission to Chile in 2011, Stacy Bartholomew reached out to him.

"I thought she was cute and wanted to get together, but she had recently finished a relationship with one of my college buddies, and I wanted to make sure the air was clear before I agreed to meet up," Andrew Heap said.

After a few months, they decided to meet at a men’s soccer game.

"I’ll never forget that first night together," Andrew Heap said. "She thought we were two friends catching up, but I knew right away that I wanted to date her."

Their first date was later that month in April 2011.

"We may have each dated each other’s friends, but eventually we got it right," Heap said.

Wedding date: June 8, 2012

Children: Jordan

Corby Hodgkiss and Katie Fellows Hodgkiss
Courtesy of Katie Fellows Hodgkiss

Him: Football, 2002-2003, 2005-2007

Her: Soccer, 2005-2008

Becoming acquainted

"Corby and I met in August 2006," Katie Fellows Hodgkiss said. "We were introduced by a mutual friend, Bryan Kehl (Corby's roommate), while Corby and I were waiting in the same doctor's line in the training room during the preseason physicals.

"Later that day, Corby's other roommate, Kellen Fowler, called and asked me on a date (unaware that Corby had met me earlier that day). After a few weeks of hanging out with Kellen, Corby and Kellen had picked up on the hint that I was coming over to their apartment to see Corby, and soon after, Corby and I started dating. We are still best friends with Kellen and his wife, Sarah."

Wedding date: March 19, 2008

Children: Jade Brooklynn, Nixon Graham, and identical twin girls Scotti Lynn and Covey Rae

Ty Hutchins and Camille Walker Hutchins
Courtesy of Camille Walker Hutchins

Him: Volleyball, 2014-present

Her: Volleyball, 2013-2014

Becoming acquainted

He transferred to BYU from a junior college in California and met her at a back-to-school party for student-athletes. They saw each other frequently because her practices were right after his.

About a week into the school year, he asked for her number, and they went on a date.

Camille Walker Hutchins said, "He claims he had seen me on TV during one of our matches the previous year, before he was at BYU, and told his brother that he was going to date me, so I guess it worked!"

Wedding date: June 9, 2015

Andy Isom and Taylor Campbell-Isom
Courtesy of Taylor Campbell-Isom

Him: Baseball, 2010, 2013-2015

Her: Soccer, 2012-2015

Becoming acquainted

Taylor Campbell saw Andy Isom's older brother, Willie Isom, at a baseball game and sent him a message on Facebook because she thought he was cute, according to a Deseret News article. He had a girlfriend but told her he could pass her number to his younger brother, Andy.

He did, and the two began messaging, calling and video chatting because he was playing summer ball in Canada. They met in person a few months later.

Wedding date: July 31, 2014

Tyrel Jensen and Jenna Taylor Jensen
Courtesy of Jenna Taylor Jensen

Him: Track, 2002, 2005-2007; cross-country, 2001, 2004-2007

Her: Track, 2004-2008; cross-country, 2003-2007

Becoming acquainted

The couple met at a student-athlete fireside in September 2004. They discovered they both had Nutrition 100, and they would walk together to the Smith Fieldhouse for practice after class.

They had two other classes together the next semester, which allowed them to spend even more time together.

Wedding date: March 17, 2006

Children: Carter, Bennett and Klay

Andrew Johnston and Lauren Zaharis Johnston
Courtesy of Lauren Zaharis Johnston

Him: Basketball, 2013-2014

Her: Cougarettes, 2013-2016

Becoming acquainted

"Most people automatically think that we met because we were both athletes, but we actually met at church," Lauren Zaharis Johnston said. "Andrew walked me home from church a few weeks later, and we made the trade that if he would buy a Cougarette calendar, I would make him dinner.

"Neither of us had a goal to marry an athlete, but it turned out to be a blessing because we were understanding of the rigorous schedules and understood what it meant to be so passionate about something. Obviously, it worked for us!"

Wedding date: Dec. 20, 2014

Garrett Juergens and McKenna Meservy Juergens
Courtesy of McKenna Meservy Juergens

Him: Football, 2010, 2013-2015

Her: Cougarettes, 2012-present

Becoming acquainted

"We officially met in October 2013 at the annual Cougarette Halloween party," McKenna Meservy Juergens said. "Even though we both had dates at the party (not each other), Garrett claims he couldn't keep his eyes off of me the entire night. (Sadly, I could hardly remember having met him there.) I always found that hard to believe because I was dressed as Princess Leia, and as cute as that costume was, I had never been able to pull off side buns.

"Now fast forward a couple months. We happened to be in the same statistics class at the start of the 2014 winter semester. On the first day of classes, he noticed me across the auditorium and immediately came up to me to strike up a conversation.

"We talked for a couple minutes, made the connection that we previously met at the Halloween party, formed a study group and the rest is history. I fell in love with him before the semester ended, and he proposed to me that summer."

Wedding date: Dec. 6, 2014

Walter Kahaiali'i and Annika Afoa Kahaiali'i
Courtesy of Annika Afoa Kahaili'i

Him: Football, 2006-2007, 2010-2011

Her: Golf, 2009-2014

Becoming acquainted

They met in the Student Athlete Building and had the same academic advisor.

"When I first met Walter, I thought he was a cutie, but he was more interested in school and other ladies," Annika Afoa Kahaiali'i said. "After a few years, we became really good friends and bonded over 'Mario Kart.' 

"We would play that a lot to take a break from school, and one day he was telling me about this date that he was going to go on with a swimmer and how nervous he was. Little did he know that I was crushing on him, and at that moment, I was thinking that we were just going to be friends.

"After his date with the swimmer, he picked me up to talk about the date and how things were not going to work out with her and asked me out, and the rest is history."

Wedding date: July 21, 2012

Children: Kaysen

Bronson Kaufusi and Hilary Smith Kaufusi
Courtesy of Bronson Kaufusi

Him: Football, 2012-2015

Her: Soccer, 2011-2014

Becoming acquainted

The two met at a BYU athlete party in the fall of 2012.

Wedding date: July 6, 2013

Keith Keller and Ciera Marsh Keller
Courtesy of Ciera Marsh Keller

Him: Track, 2012-2014

Her: Swimming, 2011-2015

Becoming acquainted

"We met hanging out with a bunch of mutual friends, who were mostly BYU athletes on a lot of different teams," Ciera Marsh Taylor said.

"Us athletes tend to stick together because we are always hanging around the Student Athlete Building, where they feed us and we can study and get tutors for classes. This particular time, we were going to the hospital to get shakes late at night."

Wedding date: March 7, 2014

Greg Kite and Jennifer Cox Kite
Courtesy of Jennifer Cox Kite

Him: Basketball, 1979-1983

Her: Basketball, 1978-1981

Becoming acquainted

"I first saw Greg shooting on the old fieldhouse floor after one of my practices," Jennifer Cox Kite said. "I had heard about Greg Kite, the new freshman on the men's team, and figured that must be him. As I stood there watching him, I told my teammate who was watching with me, 'See that guy. That's the guy I'm going to marry.' We were engaged three months later."

Wedding date: May 5, 1981

Children: Ten children with two sets of twins. Five grandchildren and two on the way.

Chad Lewis and Michele Fellows Lewis
Courtesy of Michele Fellows Lewis

Him: Football, 1993-1996

Her: Volleyball, 1990-1993

Becoming acquainted

"Chad and I met in the athletic training room, where I was icing my knees and Chad was in the warm pool," Michele Fellows Lewis said.

"We made a common friend connection, Quincy Edwards, which led to conversation, which led to a first date, which led to him telling me how badly he wanted to jump over someone in a football game, which led to history," she said. "He was a walk-on freshman at the time. I was an All-American senior."

Wedding date: May 26, 1994

Children: Seven

Jonny Linehan and Marissa Nimmer Linehan
Courtesy of Marissa Nimmer Linehan

Him: Football, 2015

Her: Soccer, 2011-2015

Becoming acquainted

The two met at BYU's Indoor Practice Facility during one of her team's practices.

"I had a broken foot, so I was sitting on the sideline with a cast on," Marissa Nimmer Linehan said. "His rugby team had practice right after mine, and he had shown up early to warm up. He came over to me and started talking to me. We ended up talking more over Facebook and became best friends for almost a year before deciding to get married."

Wedding date: May 5, 2015

Coulter Neves and Katy Andrews Neves
Courtesy of Katy Andrews Neves

Him: Track, 2012-2013

Her: Track, 2009-2012; cross-country, 2008-2011

Becoming acquainted

Katy Andrews was a distance runner and would run lap after lap around the track, providing her a good excuse to pass Coulter Neves while he was pole vaulting. One day, she stopped long enough to ask him on a sledding date.

Wedding date: June 23, 2012

Children: Savanna, born in June

Erik Rasmussen and Nicole Nevitt Rasmussen
Courtesy of Nicole Nevitt Rasmussen

Him: Track, 2001-2003

Her: Track, 2005-2008

Becoming acquainted

"We are a singles ward success story," Nicole Nevitt Rasmussen said. "Erik and I met playing volleyball at a family home evening activity. We were both super impressed with one another's athletic ability and spent the whole game talking flirtatious trash talk across the net."

Wedding date: Aug. 10, 2007

Children: Tate and Bo

Brock Reichner and Chanell Rose Reichner
Courtesy of Chanell Rose Reichner

Him: Basketball, 2004-2006

Her: Basketball, 2000-2003

Becoming acquainted

The couple began dating when they were high school seniors at rival high schools, Brock at Timpview High School and Chanell at Provo High School. They went to separate schools after graduation (Brock to the College of Eastern Utah and Chanell to Utah Valley State University), and he served an LDS mission in Portugal.

While Brock was gone, Chanell transferred from UVSC to BYU to play basketball. The two were married after Brock returned from his mission. He played his sophomore season at Salt Lake Community College before transferring to BYU.

BYU hired Chanell's father, Dave Rose, as the head coach during Brock's senior year.

Wedding date: June 20, 2003

Children: Annie, Kate, Tessa and Eve

Stephen Richards and Andrea Grant Richards
Courtesy of Andrea Grant Richards

Him: Swimming, 2010-2011, 2013-2016

Her: Swimming, 2011-2015

Becoming acquainted

She remembers meeting him on her recruiting visit to BYU when she was a senior in high school and he was a freshman at BYU. He added her on Facebook, but they didn't interact again until he returned from an LDS mission two years later and started practicing with the team.

"I remember when he introduced himself, I thought he was so cute, so I went to see who he was on Facebook after practice and was surprised that we were already friends on Facebook!" Andrea Grant Richards said.

"However, I think the first time we actually started talking to each other was when a bunch of the swim team went down to the Mona rope swings before school started."

Wedding date: July 11, 2014

Trent Sorensen and Kim Wilson Sorensen
Courtesy of Kim Wilson Sorensen

Him: Volleyball, 2002, 2005-2008

Her: Volleyball, 2002-2006

Becoming acquainted

"We met for the first time when we went to dinner with some of my friends and one of Trent's teammates," Kim Sorensen said.

"We didn't start dating until more than a year later. We were just friends for a while. We hung out in the training room a lot, and I would give him rides home from practice."

Wedding date: Sept. 25, 2006

Children: Aiden, Sienna, Reece and a baby boy born in August

Cody Stewart and Hannah Jackson Stewart
Courtesy of Hannah Jackson Stewart

Him: Football, 2013-2015

Her: Cougarettes, 2013-present

Becoming acquainted

"My husband and I met in our high school's weight training class we were taking for pom and football," Hannah Jackson Stewart said. "I was in a wheelchair after getting injured during a pom competition, and he came up to me during class and asked if I was OK and how I got injured.

"His little sister and I were best friends in preschool and then became closer friends in high school since we attended different elementary and junior high schools. Looks like I have had a place in my heart for the Stewarts since I was a little girl!"

Wedding date: Dec. 27, 2013

Kyle Sumsion and Halle Johnson Sumsion
Courtesy of Kyle Sumsion

Him: Rugby, 2009, 2012-2015

Her: Cheerleading, 2009-2013

Becoming acquainted

They met through a mutual friend and dated for over a year before becoming engaged.

Wedding date: Dec. 3, 2014

Children: A baby boy born in September

Will Taylor and Raleigh Williams Taylor
Courtesy of Raleigh Williams Taylor

Him: Rugby, 2009, 2012-2014

Her: Diving, 2010-2014

Becoming acquainted

They met at BYU in the fall of 2011.

"Will was working as a parking enforcer on campus, and I had parked illegally on campus one day," Raleigh Williams Taylor said. "As I was walking out to my car, I saw that he was handing out tickets down a long row of cars that had also parked illegally next to me. Fortunately, before he was able to give me a ticket, I gave him my phone number, and he let me off the hook. He asked me out the following weekend, and we have been inseparable ever since.

"It was a complete coincidence that we were both involved in BYU athletics. We had never crossed paths before that day. We finished out four solid years of BYU athletics and loved every minute of being each other's No. 1 fan."

Wedding Date: April 2012

Children: William Taylor III

Harvey Unga and Keilani Moeaki Unga
Courtesy of Leilani Moeaki Unga

Him: Football, 2006-2010

Her: Baskeball, 2007-2010, 2012-2013

Becoming acquainted

The two met at an LDS young single adult ward that they both happened to be visiting. A mutual friend introduced them.

"Harvey came over that Sunday night, and we chatted for hours," Keilani Moeaki Unga said. "We found out that night that we were both student athletes at BYU and were the same jersey number (No. 45) and were inseparable after that."

Wedding date: July 16, 2010

Children: Jackson and Leila