The Cost of Christmas

Here’s a look at the dollars and cents behind the holiday season.

Download the complete Cost of Christmas info graphic here.

We spend how much?

This year Americans will spend as much or more money buying gifts, food and decorations during the holiday season than some countries' Gross Domestic Product for the whole year.

Budget breakers

57% of Americans have a budget for holiday spending. But, only... 43% plan to stick to that budget

I'm so thoughtful

Americans are expected to spend about $130 on themselves this year. That’s 16.2 percent more than last year.

A tree-mendous amount of money

Real Christmas trees outsell artificial trees by 15 million units. But, artificial trees cost more. Here’s a look at how much Americans spend on Christmas trees.

Who's spending what
Online shoppers

Though down from last year, the percent of people who shop online for holiday presents is double the amount from ten years ago.

Santa's scrimping

On average, American’s will spend around $650 on presents this year, slightly less than last year.

All I want for Christmas is cash

Here’s what Americans say they really want for Christmas.

Five golden rings

The cost of purchasing all the items in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” is nearing $25 thousand dollars.