Do you need a sequins glove or a sword or even a roll of toilet paper? Well, someone is selling some. Check out these treasures from's classifieds. Here's a list of some of the more "unique" things consumers can find on the website.

Various decorative weapons

If your mantel feels empty as though something is missing, then you may need one, or all, of these decorative weapons.

These items either came from the "Conan: The Barbarian" movie set or from the equipment closet from "Medieval Times." Either way, you should answer the current weapon wielders call: "Pick one and name a price."

Rainbow Sign

Sorry, this sign isn't an actual spectrum of colors.

This is just the word "Rainbow."

But don't worry, you can always rearrange the letters.

Robin Wab
Baron Wi
Iron Baw

You could also use it to play word jumble with your kids.


Is this a pipe wrench? It could be a monkey wrench? Maybe a socket wrench? Or perhaps a crescent wrench? Oh, do you think it could be a combination wrench?

One thing is for sure: it's heavy.

Hole-less bowling ball

This ball doesn't have any holes, which is perfect for those who refuse to use them while trying to impress people at "cosmic bowling" on Friday night.

Michael Jackson sequin glove

Live like a king for $15.
Enough said.

Police Officer Friendly life size cardboard cutout

Neighbor kids keep digging up your petunias? Tired of late night parties next door? Want to play a prank on your shady roommate?

For $5 dollars, this seems like the cheapest and most entertaining security system ever created.

TREE!!!!!!!!!! TREE!!!!!!!! TREE!!!!!!! TREE!!!!!!!!

There is nothing crazy about this item. It's just a tree.

However, to the person who posted this, it is more than the average tree.

It's a TREE!!!!!!!!!

Star Wars stuff!

There is no better display case than a truck bed.

If you buy all of these, then you get the next item on this list for free.

Ty Babies

That's right. Ty Beanie Babies. Forget hunting on eBay. Just buy all the "Star Wars stuff!" and get these for free.

Better than 55 gallon drums - Military Surplus Shipping and Storage Barrels

The description of this posting says "These barrels are perfect for storing your Halloween and Christmas decorations."

As an added bonus, you could probably use these as an actual Halloween decoration considering how creepy the look.

Turkey fans

If a turkey fan isn't what you're looking for, they also have turkey beards.

If your home just needs that special something, then the search ends here, as these turkey fans and beards can be used to spruce up any home.

Chun Li

Everybody wants a Chinese elf. Don't they?

It's too late to get this for Mother's Day, but Father's Day is just around the corner.

Antler chandelier

I don't care who you are, that's just awesome. And it's inexpensive, so it's win-win.


Looking for a sword? How about 20? You could buy one for each person in your family.


Yes, this is a real mountain lion. But don't worry, it wasn't shot. It was hit by a car, stuffed and mounted on a grassy rock.

The mountain lion and the rock are about eight feet tall.

Advice anyone?

This person isn't offering free advice, he's asking for it.

If you know how to get Guppies to give birth, the advice would be appreciated.

A swarm of bees

Free bee swarm removal.

"If you have a swarm of bees you don't need just call." Why would someone need a swarm of bees?

Reptile lamp can

I'm not sure what a reptile lamp can is but I want it just because of the winking smiley face emoticon.

Ball chair

Need a ball chair? The only thing this ball chair is missing is the actual ball.

Be careful sitting in it because the whole essence of the BALL chair is missing.

Winter cloak

Winters in Utah can be very cold and what could possibly be warmer and more fashionable than a cloak!

Also, the cloak is only $25, so it's considerably less expensive and every bit as fashionable as a coat or jacket.

I need $250

This guy needs to make $250 by Friday.

Even if you don't want what he has listed, you can call him to see if he has something random that you're looking for

Elephant gift monkeys

Getting someone a white elephant gift? Look no further than two monkeys. Because honestly, who doesn't want a glass monkey?

They also might be a good anniversary present.

Cold steel Irish walking stick

Need to protect yourself? This cold steel Irish walking stick is perfect for the person who needs "personal protection on a hike or a stroll downtown."

Panther statue

What's cooler than a panther statue? Nothing.

Roommate needed

This person needs a roommate to live at the Urban Homestead Farm Spiritual Center.

Activities include: "Yoga/Meditation/Music/Healing/Music/Movement/Spiritual Space."

So if you really like music and movement, this might be the place for you.

Personal ad for a sugar glider

"I am really easy going and kind of layed back. I think I would prefer another female(s) around my age (because that is all I have ever known), but if necessary maybe another male(s), would like to hang with me and make my cage a 'man cave.'"

Well said, Arthur the sugar glider. Well said.