Angie's list, a site that lets users rate, research and hire local service providers, released its "Naughty and Nice" list of companies based on consumer reviews. The "nice list" contains business sectors that have received the least complaints. The number one sector is new to the annual list. Angie's List has also created a "Naughty List" of businesses. Click here to see it.

10 Screen repair

Example compliment on the site:
"I called for an estimate and was given the prices over the phone. The prices were pretty reasonable, and I like the convenience of them coming to my house to measure, make and install, all at the same time. They had an opening 2 days later and showed up right on time. I had initially only told them I wanted 2 window screens, but after they got here I decided I should do a third. That was no problem for them, they have all the stuff with them! I couldn't believe how fast they made them and got them installed. They look great!"

9 Glass block services

Example compliment on the site:
"Beautifully - they did the job with 2 weeks of contact - and the price - wow! 99 bucks for the two with vents and 80 bucks for the other 4 with no vents - this was literally 25 percent of the price that i was quoted by many other companies and they look great and block the previous air/cold that was coming in my warped single glass flip glass windows."

8 Lighting services
Osram Sylvania, Associated Press

Example compliment on the site:
"Our outdoor lighting, which we purchased a few years earlier from another company, had failed. We wanted to keep the fixtures, but fix the internal problem. [The company] came out with an EXPERT who told us all about why the ballast in each light had failed (government programs gone awry, planned obsolescence, etc.), and gave us three options. 1) replace entire outdoor lighting (too costly), 2) replace bulbs (tried, but failed) and 3) replace ballasts with better and more efficient type. We did #3. We appreciate the excellent job [the company] did in sticking with the problem until it was solved.

7 Home organizing services
Brandon Barre, Associated Press

Example compliment on the site:
“We could not have been happier with (the company). The designer came out quickly (and was on time!), listened to what we needed and designed a solution that was perfect for our needs. We did our research before buying, and (the company) clearly provided the best product, the best design and (by far) the best customer service.”

6 Ceiling fan installation
Jacquelyn Martin, Associated Press

Example compliment on the site:
"[The company] came to estimate the work the day after I called and began the work the very next day. His work was professional and done quickly. He fixed a precariously hanging ceiling light without being asked. I would definitely hire him again."

5 Dryer vent cleaning

Example compliment on the site:
"They were quick, professional, and patient with all of my questions. They answered everything and they did a great job. One of the reasons we hired them was their responsiveness and we didn’t have any trouble scheduling them."

4 Graphic design
Mike Terry, Deseret News

Example compliment on the site:
"On our first phone conversation, I described my husband's company, his clientele, and the image he wanted to convey, as well as a couple of vague ideas we had about color/design-- very vague. Jane was able to take this information and run with it. Within a couple of days she came back to me with several strong ideas, and from there we went back and forth on a couple of them, narrowing down and then fine tuning until we had something we loved. Amazingly, we ultimately ended up choosing one of the very first designs she came up with, with just a few minor modifications! She even hooked us up with a card printing company and for a small extra fee did the card layout for us (saving us a ton of extra time and energy)."

3 Hauling services
Darwin Ogden, Robinson Transport Inc.

Example compliment on the site:
"have a small trailor that was spilling over with trash (recycables). It had been at least 4 yrs since it was emptied. I called him on Monday, he said he would be here between 1-3pm on Tuesday. He arrived at around 2pm. He had a truck with high sides, filled it up and cleaned the whole area of trash around the trailer. Very nice work. I would recomend him to anyone that needed this type of hauling."

2 Mailbox repair
Carlos Alcala, The Sacramento Bee

Example compliment on the site:
“Absolutely perfect. They were very responsive and very nice. We are delighted with the quality of our mail box and the work performed. When I mentioned Angie's List, they provided me a courtesy discount.”

1 Piano tuning
Scott Winterton, Deseret News

Example compliment on the site:
"They are timely, professional and did a good job. They will call you to remind you about the annual tune up. They are friendly and their prices are reasonable."

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