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The Super Bowl is this Sunday, and for some, the gameplay may not be the main attraction. In what may be the only television event where the commercials are every bit as entertaining as the program, viewers can expect to see numerous 30-second ads with an average price tag of 4 million dollars.

While most commercials that run during the Super Bowl are geared toward an audience of pumped-up partygoers, some of the most memorable ads aim instead to warm our hearts and maybe even bring tears to our eyes.

So here we’ve compiled 18 of the most heart warming and feel-good Super Bowl ads from past years. These ads were selected solely for their emotional impact, not as an endorsement for the product they aim to sell.

Spoiler alert, you may need a tissue for a few of these.

"Empowering" Microsoft (2014)

"Halftime in America" Chrysler (2012)

"Gracie" Cheerios (2014)

"Mean Joe Green" Coca-Cola (1979)

"Dad's Sixth Sense" Hyundai (2014)

"America is Beautiful" Coca-Cola (2014)

"Clydesdale Stick" Budweiser (2009)

"The Force" Volkswagen (2011)

"Farmer" Dodge (2013)

"Puppy-Love" Budweiser (2014)

"Make Love, Not War" Axe (2014)

"Punch Bug" Volkswagen (2010)

"Parisian Love" Google (2009)

"Brotherhood" Budweiser (2013)

"Bull" Budweiser (2010)

"A hero's Welcome" Budweiser (2014)

Lost Dog" Budweiser (2015)

"#RealStrength" Dove (2015)