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Gene Munster, Senior Research Analyst at Piper Jaffray, offers his insight into the future of Apple Inc., one of the tech companies on his radar, at Business Insider's "IGNITION: The Future of Media" conference. The following is a list that peers into the global tech giant's future.

5 Management changes
Paul Sakuma, Associated Press

When Tim Cook took the reigns, Apple awarded him with $400 million for 10 years.

He's set.

"The question is: since that management team is in place, what have they been doing? How have they changed Apple?" Munster said. "The answer is, there has been almost no change."

Bob Iger, President and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, was recently added to Apple's board, which shows how the company sees the importance of content for the future, Munster said.

4 Going Global
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Apple has 367 retail stores to date, with 30 percent of them being outside the U.S.

The company will add 40 stores over the next year, and 75 percent of them will be international, Munster said.

Some ask if Apple needs to create cheaper versions of their products for countries with lower incomes.

"Our answer is: they don't," Munster said. "We expect the 3GS will be a home run in China."

The price on the 3GS was recently dropped to $49.

Munster also said the opportunity is also in Brazil, Russia and India, which collectively make up 21 percent of the worlds population.

3 iOS operating system

Last quarter, Android had 50 percent market share versus iPhone's 20 percent.

"Both of those are shared gainers in the smartphone market," Munster said. "About two thirds of downloads of all apps are on iOS, but about 90 percent of total app revenue was on iOS. Clearly developers can create better, richer apps and consumers like that."

Munster said that iOS will be successful because it is easier to use than Android.

2 iPad 3 and iPhone 5
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Munster said he has received confirmation of a new iPad in March.

He also said he was informed of an iPhone 5 release in a "summer time frame, likely July or August."

"That's likely going to have a 4-inch screen and be LTE," Munster said. "We think that Apple will continue to innovate around voice and gestures."

Apple is also working on motion commands that are "like Microsoft Kinect on steroids."

1 The living room
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"Today Apple's product in the living room is pretty weak," Munster said. "Apple TV is good a aggregating things from your computer to your TV, but it doesn't really change anything."

Apple is looking at developing a TV system that is easy to use and aggregates gaming, DVR, video and other devices. The new living room system could be out in the 2012 holidays, Munster said.