Innovative Technology

Santa's not the only one making lists. We scoured the Internet and store shelves to find some gift ideas that are a little different.

For families: "Bananagram’s Wild Tiles"

"Bananagram’s Wild Tiles" provides fun for up to eight players. The word game now has six special tiles to increase the possibilities; $16 at

For families: YouLo Pages

YouLo Pages is an award-winning estate planning tool that is actually a very pleasant way to pass on final wishes, family memories and more. Part journal, part program planner, it’s beautifully crafted and inviting; $50 at

For families: Walkaroos

Walkaroos are good for kids and adults. They’re lightweight, ergonomic stilts that give you a leg up and it doesn’t matter if you’re short or 6-foot-6. Size and price varies, from $46.99 to $68.99 a set;

For families: Journal 10+

The Journal 10+ is the perfect journal for busy moms, dads or the whole family. It’s a decade-long record of life, with short entries — think five minutes a day. As you write, you can see what happened on that date every year; $$39.95, discounted for multiples,

For him: Stackable valet

Stackable valet corrals keys, money, phone, coins and other items in bamboo and recycled cotton strays that can be configured any way you want. Clear fronts make it easy to see what’s what; $49.99,

For him: Camping cooler

Coleman 16-can soft outdoor camping cooler; $26 at

For him: Justin Power Bank
Justin Power Bank

Innovative Technology's Justin Power Bank, 6,000 mAh, with built-in stand so you can watch movies, play games or chat while re-energizing. Recharges anything that uses a USB cable; $29.99 at major retailers.

For her: Desk mats
Kess InHouse

Designer desk mats that capture one’s personality. Ranging from colorful designs and photos to artist’s renderings. Up to $29, Kessinhouse,com.

For her: Bag Beam

Bag Beam shines a little light in a woman’s purse to make it easy to find everything. Clips inside with a strong magnet; $16,

For her: Sling bag

Torrain sling bag features lots of pockets, all recycled material; $34,

Older kids: Elgato smart key

Elgato smart key connects to various devices to tell you where you left your keys or where you parked. With its tracking system, you can attach it to bags and other objects you don’t want to lose. MSRP $39.95,, Amazon.

Older kids: JBL wireless headphones

JBL wireless headphones, with rechargeable battery, case, built-in microphone. About $120, various retailers, or

Older kids: Night Cable
Native Union

Native Union’s Night Cable charging cord is tangle-free, with a knot that can weight it down. Avoid the hassle of dropped cords; $31.99,

Older kids: Nail wraps

Females of all ages may love the Inni nail wraps, which feature everything from feathers to Ryan Gosling's face; $9.90 a set,

Younger kids: Personalized puzzles

Kids may enjoy building puzzles that include their names; 48-pieces, numerous designs to capture their personalities, too; $21-$29 at

Younger kids: Sparkup Magical Reader

Slip the Sparkup Magical Reader on a book and record yourself reading it as you turn the pages. It will remember where you are, so if the child skips ahead, it reads the right page. Great when you can’t be there. As low as $29.99,,

Younger kids: Whip ‘N Skip

GeoSpace Sparkler LED Whip ‘N Skip improves balance while kids get active. Slide it on your ankle and it rolls around, creating a coordination challenge that’s fun; $19.99, Amazon, others.

Younger kids: Mama Koala and Baby
Cloud b

Mama Koala and Baby is a snuggly sound machine that plays the ocean, mom’s heart beat, spring showers or whale songs. The baby is also a rattle. MSRP $39.95,

For charity: Shelterbox

Give a Shelterbox in someone’s honor. The boxes — you shop by price — provide relief and cover to someone in a time of disaster or crisis; $35 pays for mosquito netting to prevent malaria; $100 gives a family access to clean water. Or support the cause and buy a shirt,

For charity: 100 Good Deeds bracelets
100 Good Deeds

100 Good Deeds bracelets are handmade by African and Haitian women who use the money generated to support their families. It’s a celebrity favorite right now. You do a good deed, anonymously, and move one bead closer to a marker until you’ve done 100; $30,

Miscellaneous: Sports watch

For fitness lovers, Casio's OmniSync STB1000 is a sports watch that monitors running, hiking and cycling to show running pace and distance, how long, cycling speed, pedal rotations and more. It also syncs with smartphones and can control music, receive text/call alerts and more; $99.95 MSRP at major retailers.

Miscellaneous: Food Huggers

Foodies may enjoy Food Huggers, silicon slip covers that slide right onto unused portions of fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh. A set of four is $9.99 at

Miscellaneous: Taylor’s digital scale/measuring cup

Foodies also might like Taylor’s digital scale/measuring cup, which converts volume and weight, holds four cups or 6.6 pounds and has some conversions already figured out. Lithium battery, $29.99 MSRP at

For outdoor types: ThermaCell Rechargeable Heated Insoles

These insoles can be recharged up to 500 times using a wireless remote. Synthetic material, embedded battery. $134.99 MSRP a pair found at outdoor retailers and