This Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year and the launch of the holiday shopping season. The following is a list of deals from notable outdoor retailers in the area.

Dark Side of the Moon: Ultimate Optimus Prime

Price: $47.99
Where: Toys R' Us

Barbie Princess Doll

Price: $5
Where: Wal-Mart

Next 12-inch Boys’ Cobra or Girls’ Buttercup Bike

Price: $29
Where: Wal-Mart

Bratz dolls

Price: $4.99
Where: Toys R' Us

Spynet Night Vision Infrared Stealth Binoculars

Price: $24.99
Where: Target

Barbie Beauty Salon Cosmetic

Price: $9.99
Where: Toys R' Us

Air Hogs Radio Control Jackal Helicopter

Price: $19.99
Where: Toys R' Us

Disney Princess Enchanted Musical Vanity

Price: $49.99
Where: Target

12-volt "Really Cool" Convertible

Price: $99
Where: Wal-Mart

Toy Story 3 'Welcome to Bonnie’s Room' Figure Pack

Price: $14.99
Where: Toys R' Us

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