Score one for honesty.

While most coaches go directly to the respect-everyone, fear-no-one rhetoric, Idaho State’s Mike Kramer plows forward unrestrained. Addressing the chance to end a 44-game road losing streak (now 45), last week, he said, “Opening up at Utah and next week at Utah State, I’m sure that streak’s really not in danger.”

After losing 56-14 to the Utes, Kramer said, “We fell in the well. We set a goal to get a drink out of the bucket and we fell all the way in.”

Note to Utes: Please schedule Idaho State every single year.


Utah State coach Matt Wells isn’t bad in the quote department, either. He held nothing back after a 38-7 loss to Tennessee, saying “absolutely nothing out of that game was good.”

Clearly, he missed the Hardee's commercials for fried bologna and Velveeta biscuits.


BYU looked OK in its season-opener against Connecticut — except the part where it kept stopping the game.

Officials whistled the Cougars for an embarrassing 150 yards on 15 penalties — 11 in the first half. UConn added another eight penalties for 90 yards.

School officials are debating whether the penalties constitute an honor code violation under the “disorderly or disruptive” clause.


USC cornerback Josh Shaw made sensational news, last week, when his tale of saving a nephew from drowning turned up false.

After holes in his story appeared, he admitted falsifying his account of leaping off a second-story balcony. He was later said by his girlfriend to fit the description of someone reportedly “shimmying” down the fire escape or wall of an apartment building.

It’s all pretty weird but compelling: leaping off balconies, saving lives, scaling walls.

Remember, Peter Parker, with great power comes great responsibility.


President Barack Obama wore a tan suit to a press conference — rather than traditional gray, black or navy blue — last week.

Some said it was un-presidential. All Rock On knows is it wasn’t a good look on BYU’s football uniforms a decade ago.


The Minnesota Timberwolves officially announced the Kevin Love/Andrew Wiggins trade by placing ads in the Twin Cities newspapers.

And players thought they got treated like used cars before.


Lambeau Field’s food services are offering a 6,000-calorie, 22-inch “Horse Collar” kielbasa that comes in a bun with beer cheese sauce and fried sauerkraut. Another menu item is “bratchos,” a combination of bratwursts and nachos.

The buyer also gets the choice of a blood glucose monitor or portable defibrillator.

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