Readers of Outside Magazine had the opportunity to cast their vote in Outside's 2014 Best Towns Competition, and one of Utah's favorite towns, Provo, emerged as a finalist. Many Utahans love Provo for myriad reasons, and according to Outside Magazine's readers, it's the "excellent food scene, beautiful neighborhoods, and incredible access to the outdoors," that put it over the top.

According to Outside, the key factors in determining a winning town were things like "healthy eating options," "access to outdoor adventure," "unemployment rates" and livability.

See what other American towns made the top list, according to 1.5 million reader votes.

Duluth, Minnesota

According to Outside Magazine, the perfect combination of outdoor adventure and walkable neighborhoods are the attributes that push Duluth to the top of the list.

Provo, Utah

Outside makes note of the things that may seem "unusual" about Provo, such as the ice cream parlors' and candy stores' prominence over the bars or coffee shops. But natives (and Outside Magazine) know that those are the things that make Happy Valley a great place to live.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Outside Magazine has found the ideal mix of outdoor and urban in the city of Minneapolis, with its plentiful lakes, trails and parks, all in the city limits.

Anchorage, Alaska

According to Outside, you must have a good reason to move to this northernmost U.S. cities., but if wilderness is what you're looking for, Anchorage is the place to be.

Ithaca, New York

Many migrate to Ithaca to get an education, with Ithaca College and Cornell University there, but according to Outside, it's the stunning creeks and waterfalls that keep the college students hooked on Ithaca.

Asheville, North Carolina

Outside Magazine calls this town "one of the South's most vibrant hubs of culture and adventure." With the Green River, Appalachian Trail and Blue Ridge Parkway, there is plenty of outdoor adventure to be had.

Burlington, Vermont

According to Outside, the organic co-op, grocery and City Market downtown keep the diverse population of this favorite American town happy together. Along with healthy eating, healthy living takes the grand stage here, with bike races and yoga retreats.

Louisville, Kentucky

Besides being known for horses, according to Outside Magazine, Louisville features an "urban forest," which is a "389-acre park." To get an idea of what the park is like, Outside says to picture a mini Central Park.

Missoula, Montana

This northwestern college town maintains its "small-town feel," while still being known for its open-mindedness as a "liberal outpost," according to Outside Magazine.

Boulder, Colorado

Outside Magazine has Boulder coming in at No. 10 for its healthy lifestyle — with many farm-to-table venues — along with its great access to outdoor recreation.

La Cross, Wisconsin

Outside says this small town, where everyone is friendly, made the list not just because of that fact, but because of the excessive amount of adventure potential here. La Cross has many trails built for various sports, and adventure for every season.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston isn't lacking in its southern hospitality, according to Outside Magazine. But that is not the thing that sets it apart from other Best Towns — it's the water that puts this coastal town over the top.

Portland, Maine

Outside Magazine says this East Coast town seems to have a resemblance to its West Coast counterpart. According to Outside, the art and music scene, along with the local eateries, make this town a great place to live.

Nashville, Tennessee

You may think of the country music scene when you think of Nashville, but according to Outside, there's more to this little city. With its lengthy parkways, bike lanes and greenway, if you're looking for space to ride, Nashville is the place, according to Outside.

Houghton, Michigan

Houghton's long winters create an ideal place to enjoy winter sports, but according to Outside, summers on this peninsula make a great place for water adventures like surfing and boating, too.

Montpelier, Vermont

This beautiful mountain town made it on Outside's list because of the year-round access to outdoor adventure. Whether its skiing in the winter, or canoeing, hiking or biking in the summer, there's plenty of excitement to be had here, according to Outside Magazine.