Backup BYU quarterback Christian Stewart is confident — give him that.

He told Daily Herald writer Jared Lloyd, “Every team needs a great No. 2 quarterback. If you look at Utah and Utah State last year, their second-string guys came in and did horrible. I’m not planning on being that guy.”

It’s true Utah’s Adam Schulz was just 1-4 when standing in for Travis Wilson. However, USU’s Darell Garretson was 6-2 as a starter, completing 60 percent of his passes and directing a bowl win over nationally ranked NIU.

Seems the guy at BYU didn’t check “that guy’s” stats.


Carlos Boozer: rebounder, scorer … hip-hop star?

The former Jazz forward, now of the Los Angeles Lakers, and Shawn Marion, have teamed up with others on a 10-track rap album, due out on iTunes in October.

Part of the proceeds from “Full Court Press, Vol. 1” will go to fighting childhood obesity.

“Might go base line, one time and abuse ya/Run back down the court like you know it was Boozer,” say the lyrics to “Winning Streak.”

Just be aware you’ll be open for a layup, because Boozer never gets back on defense.


BYU was gearing up for the football season with the slogan “Rise as One” already on billboards and merchandise, when something rude happened: somebody pointed out the slogan was taken.

Anheuser-Busch already owned the trademark and had used it in World Cup beer commercials.

BYU quickly retreated.

Good thing the Cougars didn’t go with their original slogan: “BYU football: It Won’t Slow You Down!”


Utah State quarterback Chuckie Keeton on whether he’s bigger than he was last season: "Yeah, I am. I got up to 207 this summer, so seven pounds more. Thanks for noticing."

He has a point.

How come nobody notices when an O-lineman gains seven pounds?


Faced with declining revenue and high maintenance costs, some golf courses are allowing a new game called “footgolf.”

Participants kick a soccer ball down the fairway and into a 21-inch hole.

Rock On will pass on that. He’s waiting to cash in on the swimboxing craze.


Golfer Ian Poulter complained last week via Twitter that he had booked six business-class plane tickets for his wife, four kids and nanny, but the nanny was downgraded, “… so Katie has no help for 10 hours with 4 kids.”

To donate to the “Save the Poulter’s Lifestyle Fund” call 1-800-LEISURE.

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