The University of Utah changed the lyrics of its fight song, early this month, declaring phrases such as “coeds are the fairest” and “Utah Man” insensitive and outdated.

But Utah isn’t alone in its angst.

As the Omaha World-Herald notes, Mississippi shortened its fight song to avoid the phrase “The South will rise again!” New Mexico State, despite periodic considerations, is sticking with “when we win this game, we’ll buy a keg of booze, and drink it to the Aggies ‘til we wobble in our shoes.”

Rock On isn’t bothered by changes in the Ute song. All he wants to know is where “warmest gang in town” fits into the BYU-Utah rivalry.

Next up: Either/Or


Utah President David W. Pershing declared both new and old fight song versions acceptable.

“We encourage you to sing — loudly and with pride — whichever version resonates with you," he said.

In that case, Rock On will just sing “Bear Down Arizona” or “On Wisconsin” since the words don’t matter.


The Jazz made it official, last week, by matching Charlotte’s $63 million offer to Gordon Hayward, guaranteeing the 6-foot-8 forward will stay in Utah for four more years.

Hayward will earn roughly $16 million annually, four times his previous salary, despite declining shooting percentages.

Imagine how much he could have made if he’d sat on the bench all year.


USA Basketball has announced candidates for its 2014 team, which include such stars as Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and Blake Griffin.

Oh, and Kyle Korver.

Sources say the former Jazz player was picked by the coaching staff — and 110,000 female voters who said they never knew Ashton Kutcher could shoot the 3.


The new football national championship trophy was unveiled this week.

Director Bill Hancock called the 24-karat gold, bronze and stainless steel centerpiece “priceless.”

Which is an exaggeration.

Priceless is the look on Nick Saban’s face after the Auburn game, last year.


Miami Herald columnist Dan Le Batard said this week that LeBron James’ wife Savannah didn’t want to leave the glamorous city.

Which makes a person wonder, which will last longer, James’ marriage or his contract with the Cavs?


Gregg Popovich, Doc Rivers, Jason Kidd and Stan Van Gundy are powerful coaches. So much so that they have total authority over player personnel moves.

Actually, Jerry Sloan had it, too. But he didn’t have it negotiated into his contract.

He just gave them the Jerry Stare and said, “Anyone have a problem with that?”