Among the gems uncovered at BYU’s football media day on Monday was Bronco Mendenhall’s admission that royal blue is his favorite uniform color. He said he asked about switching back to the traditional color when he first got his job, but was denied.

“Royal blue is the way I see BYU, still,” he said.

That will return, at least for some games this year. Also set to go is an all-white uniform combination, which he told 1280 The Zone could include “all kinds of symbolism.”

Why does Rock On sense a “tradition, spirit, honor” moment approaching?


Cougar athletics director Tom Holmoe said Mendenhall’s plea to the Austin American-Statesman for Big 12 inclusion wasn’t orchestrated.

“We may have a different approach to it,” Holmoe said, “(but) we have similar goals in mind — so we’re on the same page.”

Does he mean the what-were-you-thinking page?


Mendenhall said BYU is “THE national team to be talked about because BYU’s brand does stand alone and always will.”

Just wondering: If you want to get in a conference, wouldn’t you want to downplay the “stand alone” angle and pick up some “one-for-all” material?


Possible headline about the rash of inexperienced NBA head coaches: “Cleveland Becomes Latest Team to Find its Coach by Watching SportsCenter.”


Cougar running back Jamaal Williams told 1280 The Zone he thinks the St. Louis Rams will win the Super Bowl.

“I feel it. I had an itch in my right armpit. It’s my lucky armpit,” he said.

For once, Rock On has absolutely no comment.


Tim Duncan has exercised his $10.3 million option to remain in San Antonio.

Sources say the city plans to construct Duncan viewing panels and display cases next to The Alamo, so tourists can study the city’s two oldest structures simultaneously.


England’s World Cup soccer team has a reported 72-person entourage.

In other words, everyone who was put out of work when Madonna moved back to New York.


The Fall Experimental Football League is set to launch and will include six teams of players hoping for a shot at the NFL. Each team will play six games in a minor league baseball stadium.

Something tells Rock On this will last roughly as long as Morris Almond’s career as a starter.


Dwight Perry, Seattle Times, on ex-tennis star Monica Seles, 40, marrying a 72-year-old: “Something old? Check … ”

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