In the American athletic and education world, college scholarships are the name of the game. Not only do scholarships provide collegiate athletes with a way to pay for an education, but they serve as a gateway to a career as a professional athlete in some cases.

After contacting coaches, athletic directors and principals from every high school in Utah, the Deseret News put together the following list of the estimated 649 seniors from the 2014 graduating class who received an athletic and/or academic scholarship to play college sports.

This list is arranged in alphabetical order by school, irrespective of division, region or classification.

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Baron Bruce, football (Weber State)

Jesse Emery, baseball (UVU)

Matt Findlay, wrestling (Boise State)

Sydney Fitzpatrick, girls soccer (UVU)

July Gentry, girls soccer (Utah)

Trevor Hill, boys basketball (Dixie State)

Braydon Lavery, boys track/x-country (UVU)

Madie Lyons, girls soccer (BYU)

Erik Marquez, boys soccer (Oglethorpe, Ga.)

Marshall Miller, boys soccer (UVU)

Briel Muhlestein, gymnastics (Utah State)

Danielle Nowers, girls soccer (Utah State)

Shaylyn Orr, girls soccer (BYU)

Bizzy Phillips (pictured), girls soccer (BYU)

Mack Richards, football (Hawaii)

Madi Rooker, girls golf (Weber State)

Tanner Sansom, football (Weber State)

Alex Tempest, boys soccer (Clark College, Wash.)

Brandon Tripp, boys soccer (Clark College, Wash.)

American Fork

Ryan Andrus (pictured), boys basketball (BYU)

Ariel Jolley, girls track/x-country (UVU)

Taylor Larsen, boys basketball (Southern Virginia)

Connor McMillan, boys track/x-country (BYU)

Tyler Rawson, boys basketball (SUU)

Makayla Stepp, girls track/x-country (UVU)

Jonah Trinnaman, football (Utah State)

Bear River

Parker Lewis, boys basketball (St. Katherines, Calif.)

JarDee Nessen (pictured), baseball (SiskIyous, Calif.)

Terrell Womack, girls track/x-country (Weber State)

Hayden Woodward, baseball (Mesa CC, Ariz.)


Kelli Macdonald, girls track/x-country (UVU)

MaCail Wood (pictured), volleyball (SUU)

Ben Lomond

Victor Galindo, boys soccer (UVU)


Andrew Brewer, boys track/x-country (BYU)

Stacia Carroll, girls soccer (Central Arkansas)

Sam Crawford, girls golf (Nebrask-Kearney)

Riley Culley, football (Dixie State)

Gage Davis, boys soccer (USU Eastern)

Megan Dorney, softball (Colorado Northwest CC)

Safua Elisaia, volleyball (Academy of Art, Calif.)

Austin Florez, baseball (Pacific, Ore.)

Tanner Hamblin, boys soccer (Westminster)

Raynee Helm, girls track/x-country (Utah)

Chelsea Latu, softball (BYU-Hawaii)

Emily Lewis, softball (BYU-Hawaii)

Sky Manu, football (Dixie State)

Landen Measom, football (SUU)

Cortney Millgate, girls soccer (Weber State)

Scott Nichols (pictured), football (Weber State)

Marley Olsen, girls soccer (Idaho State)

Tiani Orr, girls track/x-country (UVU)

Braxten Ramirez, boys soccer (Westminster)

Dalton Schultz, football (Stanford)

Mark Stanley, boys soccer (BYU-Hawaii)

Hunter Stutz, boys soccer (Westminster)

Carla Swensen, girls soccer (BYU)

Noa Taeatafa, football (SUU)

Spencer Tauteoli, football (Dixie State)

Lexi Thompson, volleyball (UVU)

Mahonrai Toki, football (Mesa CC, Ariz.)

Libby Weber, girls soccer (UVU)


Taliie Alder, girls golf (Rogers State, Okla.)

Chandler Baddley, boys soccer (UVU)

Kacey Cundick, baseball (Siskiyous, Calif.)

Hailey Daniels, girls tennis (BYU-Hawaii)

James Elwell, boys track/x-country (UVU)

Hayden Greenwood, baseball (Mesa, Colo.)

Andrea Hancock (pictured), softball (Western Nebraska CC)

Carson Park, boys golf (Weber State)

Cortney Porter, girls basketball (Air Force)

Abby Toller, softball (Southern Idaho)


Katie Allen, volleyball (Westminster)

Sydney Austin, softball (UVU)

Ryan Curtis, football/baseball (Dixie State)

Tiana Dougher-Walton, girls basketball (Dixie State)

Jordan Hayes, football (Snow College)

Max Latu, football (Snow College)

Sam Merrill, boys basketball (Utah State)

Christina Plank, girls soccer (Carroll College, Mont.)

Tanner Redding (pictured), football (SUU)

Brighton Taylor, volleyball (SLCC)

Carsen Tinker, boys soccer (Western Wyoming Community College)

Box Elder

Karly Bunderson (pictured), softball (SLCC)

Molly Horne, softball (Weber State)

Kaden Hyer, boys soccer (Iowa Lakes CC)

Abby Martin, softball (Colby CC, Kansas)

Mallary Marx, girls golf (Weber State)

Kelsie Rodriguez, softball (SLCC)

Shad Watson, boys basketball (BYU-Hawaii)


Tyson Aldredge, football (Dixie State)

Jackson Barton, football (Utah)

Lizzie Bertram, softball (Colby CC, Kansas)

Tamaryn Braun, girls soccer (Utah)

Jacob Byers (pictured), boys golf (Boise State)

Kami Djahanbani, girls soccer (Southern Virginia)

Steven Duensing, boys golf (Minnesota)

Nick Giles, football (Weber State)

Nadia Gomes, girls soccer (BYU)

Jayde Jones, girls soccer (Colorado)

Isaiah Kaufusi, football (BYU)

Jocelyn Loomis, girls soccer (Denver, Colo.)

Jenna Markey, volleyball (Lamar, Texas)

Shannon McPherron, volleyball (Utah State)

Alex Miles, baseball (Lyon College, Ark.)

Joe Miller, baseball (Pacific, Ore.)

Katelynn Mortensen, girls soccer (Western Wyoming CC)

Sydney Myers, girls soccer (Santa Clara, Calif.)

Carly Olson, girls soccer (Colorado Mesa)

TJ Orchard, baseball (Whitworth, Wash.)

Ana Perkins, volleyball (West Texas)

Taylor Prokopis, baseball (Western Nevada)

Kennedy Rasmussen, softball (Barton CC, Kansas)

Stephanie Ringwood, girls soccer (BYU)

Breanna Rueckert, girls soccer (Westminster)

Kassidy Siddoway, volleyball (Broward, Fla.)

Canyon View

Kaitlyn Baker, girls track/x-country (SUU)

Melissa Kunz (pictured), girls track/x-country (SUU)

Mckenzie Sawyer, softball (Western Nebraska CC)


Shelby Cornforth, girls basketball (USU Eastern)


Michael Briano, boys soccer (USU Eastern)

Aimee Bryson (pictured), girls track/x-country (BYU)

Courtney Carpenter, girls soccer (USU Eastern)

Marley Fakahua, girls track/x-country (SUU)

Dusty Hone, wrestling (Oklahoma State)

Kayden Lunt, baseball (BYU)

Bryan Pearson, boys track/x-country (SUU)


Nick Angelico, boys golf (Lamar CC, Colo.)

Kacey Bolingbroke, girls soccer (Utah State)

Copper Hills

Tanner Anderson, baseball (Colorado Northwest CC)

Sabastian Bevan, boys track/x-country (Westminster)

Jake Boyd, baseball (Southern Idaho)

Riley Cleverly (pictured), softball (Snow College)

Caden Hardcastle, baseball (Colorado Northwest CC)

Zach Hoffman, baseball (Colorado Northwest CC)

Ivan Mendoza, boys soccer (Westminster)

Sarah Midgley, girls basketball (Colorado Northwest CC)

Dom Quintana, baseball (Colorado Northwest CC)

Savannah Sandberg, girls basketball (Snow College)

Diego Serna, boys soccer (UVU)

Suzi Sullivan, softball (Porterville, Calif.)

Corner Canyon

Kennedy Alder, boys soccer (Westminster)

Alex Hunt, volleyball (SUU)


Jake Atkinson, baseball (UVU)

Martin Chagnovich (pictured), baseball (Mesa, Colo.)

Nate Gardner, baseball (Southern Idaho)

Jordan Martinez, baseball (Trinidad State, Colo.)

Carter Owens, baseball (Southern Idaho)

Howard Pututau, football (Utah)

Jake Shapiro, baseball (Bates College, Me.)

Josh Shapiro, baseball (Mesa, Colo.)

Hunter Smith, baseball (UVU)

Gehrig Teahon, baseball (Western Nevada)


Josh Jackson, boys soccer (Westminster)

Dennis Kamakana, football (Lewis & Clark College, Ore.)

Ivan Lezama, boys soccer (Westminster)

Jose Lima, boys soccer (USU Eastern)

Parker Loutensock (pictured), baseball (Southern Idaho)

Jordan Quinn, baseball (Southern Virginia)

Jorge Rosas, boys soccer (USU Eastern)


Hannah Albrechtsen, girls track/x-country (BYU)

Sarah Beecher, girls soccer (New Mexico Highlands)

Taylor Cox, girls track/x-country (Weber State)

Sierra Graham, girls track/x-country (Utah State)

Elijah Kletzi, boys basketball (Western Nebraska CC)

Kennedy Lawes, girls soccer (Western Nebraska CC)

Trevor Leavitt, boys track/x-country (BYU)

Abbey Mann, girls soccer (Westminster)

Berkley Moulton, girls soccer (Dubuque, Iowa)

Johana Purdy, volleyball (Colorado Northwest CC)

Brianna Roth, softball (UVU)

Kawika Tupuola, football (Weber State)

Lexi Turner, volleyball (Hutchinson CC, Kansas)

Ashley Tyndall, girls track/x-country (SUU)

Kenzie Weir, girls track/x-country (BYU)

Desert Hills

Courtney Allred, girls track/x-country (SUU)

Haley Bodnar (pictured), girls basketball (Purdue)

Brock Doman, football (Weber State)

Amelia Draney, girls swimming (Boise State)

RJ Farnesi, football (Santa Barbara City College, California)

Dylan File, baseball (Dixie State)

Alexa Goulding, volleyball (Western Wyoming CC)

Sammy Loe, volleyball (St. Johns River State, Fla.)

Braden Reber, football (Dixie State)

Emily Seifert, girls basketball (Colorado at Colorado Springs)

Jake Wagner, football (Dixie State)

Diamond Ranch

Saxon Mingus, football (Dixie State)

Zeb Pierson, baseball (Grand View, Iowa)


Drew Batchelor, football (Weber State)

Hadli Gledhill, girls soccer (USU Eastern)

Gavin Graff, football (Dixie State)

Lukas Hildebrandt (pictured), football (Dixie State)

Hayden Matthews, boys soccer (Dixie State)

Kestlie Reid, girls soccer (BYU-Hawaii)

Fabiana Stratton, girls soccer (Dixie State)

Finess White, girls soccer (North Idaho)


Jake Baptiste, football (William Penn)

Preston Burnett, football (Dixie State)

Jayne Christensen, girls soccer (Westminster)

Preston Curtis (pictured), football (Utah State)

Janie Kearl, girls soccer (Utah)

Michael Key, football (Weber State)

Tualagi Laupata, football (SUU)

Korey Rush (pictured), football (Nevada)

Malakai Solovi, football (SUU)

Tennessee Suesue (pictured), football (Boise State)

Ula Tolutau (pictured), football (Wisconsin)

Sione Tuikolovatu, football (Weber State)

Joe Tukuafu (pictured), football (Utah State)

Isaac Valles, football (Dixie State)


McKenzie Burrows, girls basketball (USU Eastern)

Mariah Elmer, girls soccer (Utah)

Megan Gallegos, volleyball (Westminster)

Kristian George, softball (Western Nevada)

Taylor Kranendonk, baseball (Mesa CC, Ariz.)

Brooke Lamb, volleyball (Snow College)

Hannah Loftus, girls soccer (New Mexico Highlands)

Riley Porter (pictured), girls soccer (Arizona State)

Ashley Preisler, girls soccer (Southern Virginia)

Jaydon Rogers, wrestling (Western Wyoming CC)

Kealani Sagapolu, girls basketball (Northwest CC, Wyo.)

Brayden Searle, boys soccer (Western Wyoming CC)

Jessica Quayle, volleyball (SLCC)

Jake Van Valkenburg, wrestling (Western Wyoming CC)

Sydnee Ward, girls basketball (Western Wyoming CC)

Amanda Wayment, girls basketball (BYU)


Spencer Brown, boys soccer (Adams State, Colo.)

Kenyon Frison, football (Oklahoma)

Summer Judd (pictured), softball (Lamar CC, Colo.)

Hyrum Tapusoa, football (Weber State)

Kiti Houma, football (Eastern Arizona)


Devin Adams (pictured), boys basketball (Dixie State)

Whitney Fields, softball (Western Nebraska CC)

Haley Stevens, girls track/x-country (Weber State)


Janna Hall, volleyball (Colorado Northwest CC)

Sadee Sorensen, softball (Western Nevada)


Elaine Asaasa, volleyball (Paris JC, Texas)

Riley Cox (pictured), softball (Snow College)

Taylor Crowton, girls soccer (South Mountain Community College, Arizona)

Brandon Farmer, football (Colorado School of Mines)

TJ Francis, baseball (Pacific, Ore.)

Kami Hartley, girls track/x-country (UVU)

Alec Johnson, boys basketball (Southern Virginia)

Conner Jones, boys track/x-country (Utah State)

Rory Linkletter, boys track/x-country (BYU)

Darian McCloy, girls soccer (Dixie State)

Sadie Pond, volleyball (SLCC)

Ben Richard, football (Bucknell)

Jacey Saunders, volleyball (Westminster)

Chandler Strand, wrestling (Embry-Riddle, Fla.)


Ben Bergeson, football (Snow College)

Megan Bolding, girls soccer (SUU)

Ma’ata Epenisa, girls basketball (SLCC)

Unise Halaufia, girls track/x-country (Westminster)

Cody Hilborn, football (Snow College)

Lily Huntsman, girls track/x-country (Pennsylvania)

Justice Jones, football (Snow College)

Shayla Kime, girls basketball (USU Eastern)

Matt Loosle, boys golf (SUU)

Bryan Mone, football (Michigan)

Dominque Needham, girls basketball (Hesston, Kansas)

Kate Orchard, girls soccer (BYU-Hawaii)

Nohea Raphael, softball (Otero JC, Colo.)

Pita Tonga, football (Utah)

Matt Warne (pictured), boys soccer (Westminster)


Ben Farrar, baseball (Miles CC, Mont.)

Mrysa McVey, girls basketball (Miles CC, Mont.)

Rilee Miller, girls soccer (Iowa Central)

Andrew Reich, baseball (SLCC)


Sione Lapuaho, football (SUU)

Tess Matagi (pictured), softball (SUU)

Ian Togiai, football (Utah State)


Kyndall Gardner (pictured), volleyball (USU Eastern)

Shania Hurst, volleyball (USU Eastern)

Sydnie Petersen, girls swimming (Notre Dame College, Ohio)

Malary Reid, volleyball (BYU-Hawaii)


Jacob Dirkson, baseball (SLCC)

Tavia Dutson, girls track/x-country (Utah State)

Morgan Gomez, baseball (Southern Idaho)

Cale Hathaway, baseball (Point Loma, Calif.)

Mason Hayes (pictured), baseball (Taft, Calif.)

Alyssa Jefferson, girls soccer (BYU)

Mason Krueger, baseball (UVU)

Ashley Miller, girls soccer (Westminster)

Clay Moss, football (Weber State)

Christian Shaver, football (Colorado)

Colton Shaver, baseball (BYU)

Tori Smith, girls soccer (UVU)

Jacqueline Williams, girls soccer (Westminster)


Dalton Harmon, wrestling (UVU)

Dalton Jackson, boys golf (UVU)

Jeff Rowley, track & field (SUU)

Juan Diego

Alexis Cabey, softball (Green River, Wash.)

Cameron Hansen, football (Weber State)

Brendon Kempin (pictured), boys tennis (Notre Dame)

Melanie Mecham, softball (Western Nevada)

Jacob Nelson, football (Montana Tech)

Brenton Reyner, boys tennis (Lewis, Ill.)

Jeff Rowley, boys track/x-country (SUU)

Tanner Sands, boys soccer (Vassar College, N.Y.)

Kristen Shimkus, girls soccer (Air Force)

Mykal Tuiolosega-Siufanua, football (Quincy University, Illinois)


Mark Barnett, football (Washington University, Mo.)

Kaden Elliss (pictured), football (Idaho)

Taylor Gustafson, volleyball (Westminster)

Andrew Matthews, boys soccer (Chico State, Calif.)

Kailie Quinn, girls basketball (Weber State)

Jake Soinski, football (Occidental, Calif.)


Daven Russell, boys track/x-country (UVU)


Brianna Carter, softball (Western Nevada)

Amone Finau, football (Utah)

Alisa Gouge, girls swimming (Concordia, Calif.)

Colton Grossaint (pictured), wrestling (Boise State)

Danny Kierstead, football (Dakota State, South Dakota)

Druellie Kierstead, softball (Western Nevada)

Sunday Owda, boys basketball (Central Wyoming CC)

DaCraeon Vines, boys basketball (Cabrillo, Calif.)


Cassidy Anderson, softball (Snow College)

Jaden Anderson, girls basketball (Snow College)

Grace Borges, volleyball (Colorado Northwestern Community College)

Rae Gall, softball (SLCC)

Eliza Katoa, volleyball (Utah)

Quentin Marcelin, baseball (Southern Idaho)

McKell Moss, volleyball (SLCC)

Ashley Price (pictured), girls basketball (USU Eastern)

Jonnathan Rodriguez, boys soccer (Westminster)

Maddi Smith, girls basketball (Snow College)

Stetson Wood, football (Weber State)

Layton Christian

Christian Musoko (pictured), boys basketball (Central Arkansas)

Joe Reddish, boys basketball (Grand Prarie, Canada)

Quinn Witeheria, boys basketball (Lincoln University, New Zealand)

Leroy Sisnett, football (College of Idaho)


Beth Beeston, girls basketball (Western Nebraska CC)

Brylee Bringhurst, softball (Friends, Kansas)

Jestine Burningham, girls soccer (Iowa Western)

Trevor Bursach, boys track/x-country (BYU)

Kacie Freudenberger, softball (Western Nevada)

Derek Hastings, football (Utah State)

Jackie Heaps, girls track/x-country (Utah State)

Landon Jacobsen (pictured), boys soccer (Western Wyoming CC)

Cydney Lund, volleyball (UVU)

Zac Morris, boys track/x-country (SUU)

Kaitlin Oberg, softball (Olympic, Wash.)

Tyra Rodriguez, girls basketball (Colorado Northwest CC)


Sam Bennion, football (Colorado)

Casey Coe, football (Mesa CC, Ariz.)

Nicole Peacock, volleyball (SLCC)

Logan Rice, football (Utah State)

Lone Peak

Daniel Auelua, football (Mesa CC, Ariz.)

Calyn Barry, volleyball (Southern Virginia)

Jaiden Achermann, volleyball (BYU)

Hunter Christensen, baseball (Allen Hancock, Calif.)

Chandler Clark, boys track/x-country (Westminster)

Matthew Criddle, football (SUU)

Baron Gajkowski, football (Utah State)

Wesley Hamblin, girls soccer (Utah State)

TJ Haws (pictured), boys basketball (BYU)

Karsen Liljenquist, football (Weber State)

Grant Lyman, baseball (BYU)

Dylan Murdock, football (Snow College)

Catie Ritchie, girls soccer (Dixie State)

Clayson Shumway, boys track/x-country (BYU)

Caitlin Wadley, girls soccer (BYU-Hawaii)

Maeser Prep

Dallin Brand, boys soccer (Southern Virginia)


Alia Cook, girls soccer (USU Eastern)

Kelcie George, girls soccer (USU Eastern)

Bailee Golding, girls soccer (USU Eastern)

Jared Schiess (pictured), football (Weber State)

Maple Mountain

Kimball Bastian, wrestling (UVU)

Rachel Bingham, girls soccer (BYU)

Megan Elmont, girls track/x-country (UVU)

Courtney Fryer (pictured), girls soccer (Dixie State)

Andres Garza, boys soccer (USU Eastern)

Brandon Nelson, boys soccer (Dixie State)

Regan Pond, girls track/x-country (SUU)

Chris Tobler, boys soccer (BYU)

Kennedee Tracy, girls soccer (Cal-State Bakersfield)

Tarin Strosser, girls track/x-country (BYU)

Merit Academy

Joel Martinez, boys basketball (Northwest CC, Wyo.)


Olivia Anderson, girls golf (Lewis & Clark, Idaho)

Rashel Blazzard, girls basketball (Westminster)

Cade Carrigan, baseball (Redlands CC, Okla.)

Breanna Hurlbut, girls track/x-country (Oklahoma Baptist)

Kristi Rhead, volleyball (Johns Hopkins, Md)

McKenzie Schenk, volleyball (UVU)

Lisa VanCampen, girls basketball (Snow College)

Chandler Weitzeil (pictured), girls track/x-country (Weber State)

Mountain Crest

Kyle Christiansen, football (Utah)

Madi Cutler, girls soccer (SUU)

Gaje Ferguson, football (Snow College)

Kortney McBride, girls soccer (Northwest CC, Wyo.)

Hailey Pabst (pictured), girls swimming (Utah)

Kierstyn Roundy, softball (Colorado Northwest CC)

Jorden Wengreen, wrestling (Air Force)

Mountain View

Kami Codner, girls track/x-country (Arkansas Little Rock)

Malacia Jorgensen, girls track/x-country (BYU-Hawaii)

Megan Ryan, girls track/x-country (Utah State)

Sam Sorensen (pictured), boys track/x-country (BYU)

Amanda Turnbull, girls track/x-country (BYU-Hawaii)


Emily Adams, softball (Snow College)

Vanessa Brambila (pictured), softball (Snow College)

Ashlee Crabtree, softball (SLCC)

Amara Culpepper, volleyball (Westminster)

Kayla Durfey, softball (Colorado Northwest CC)

Tara Furlong, girls soccer (UVU)

Angie Nickerson, girls track/x-country (SUU)

Jaden Olsen, boys soccer (Westminster)

Sam Pascua, boys basketball (Westminster)

North Sanpete

Lindee Jo Christensen, girls tennis (Southern Virginia)

Taylor Gordon (pictured), girls basketball (UVU)

North Summit

Ariel Fitch, girls swimming (Western State, Colo.)


Jake Bigler, boys basketball (Colorado Northwest CC)

Parker Freitag, boys soccer (Dixie State)

Josh Hawes, football (Snow College)

Robbie Vernon, baseball (Williston State, N.D.)


Mike Buckley, boys track/x-country (Weber State)

Sarah Feeny (pictured), girls track/x-country (Utah)

Kiley Porter, girls soccer (Florida International)


Spencer Burr, boys soccer (BYU-Hawaii)

Jeff Faletoi, football (SUU)

Tina Ford, softball (SLCC)

Miles Henry-Davis, football (Cerritos College, Calif.)

MJ Johnson, softball (Southern Idaho)

Coleman Meier (pictured), football (Dixie State)

Alec Monson, boys basketball (Portland, Ore.)

Michael Ninivaggi, football (Willamette, Ore.)

Rachel VanderToolen, girls basketball (SLCC)


Mikhail Jones, baseball (UVU)

Abby Lee, girls track/x-country (UVU)

Dalton Nixon (pictured), boys basketball (BYU)

Park City

Kyle Beiling, skiing (New Mexico)

Makenzie Bothner, girls soccer (Denver, Colo.)

Ellie Burton, girls track/x-country (Johns Hopkins, Md.)

Maddie Criscione (pictured), girls track/x-country (Vanderbilt)

Jessica Dancy, girls soccer (Denver, Colo.)

Devon Dunmire, girls soccer (Colorado School of Mines)

Carson Dutkanych, boys lacrosse (Albany, N.Y.)

Jaxon Hermansen, baseball (Williston College)

Taylor Hodgson, girls soccer (Colorado State)

Colton Kissel, boys lacrosse (Colorado)

Sophie McDonald, skiing (Montana State)

Blake Morin, baseball (Western Nevada)

Christian Pompoco, boys lacrosse (Dominican, Calif.)

Noah Pranschke, boys lacrosse (Mesa State, Colo.)

Margaret Reigelsperger, girls soccer (Long Beach State)


Shaylee Larsen, softball (Snow College)

Pine View

Jaden AhQuin, football (Dixie State)

Guillermo Fierro, football (SUU)

Thor Katoa (pictured), football (Utah)

Pleasant Grove

Meagan Carper (pictured), volleyball (Great Falls, Mont.)

Bailey Clark, girls soccer (Iowa Western)

Matt Conway, boys basketball (UVU)

Zac Dawe, football (BYU)

Ashli Draney, volleyball (Central Wyoming CC)

Rachel Gale, volleyball (Utah State)

Cassidy Lucas, girls soccer (Iowa Western)

Ashley McBee, girls soccer (New Mexico Highland)

Sydney McLaughlin, girls soccer (Dixie State)

Kaylie Nauman, girls soccer (Southwestern Christian, Okla.)

Spencer Romney, football (Snow College)

Nathan Spencer, boys soccer (UVU)

T’naiha Williams, girls soccer (Cochise, Ariz.)

Madison Wolford, volleyball (UVU)


Isaiah Jones, football (North Dakota JC)

Noa Talia-Masuda, girls basketball (Western Nebraska CC)


Derek Sorensen, boys track/x-country (UVU)


Joe Barlow, baseball (SLCC)

Breann Bate, girls track/x-country (UVU)

Brooke Bergstrom, girls soccer (SLCC)

Mallory Bostic, girls soccer (New Mexico Highlands)

CheyAnne Dahl, softball (Southern Idaho)

Rachel Davis, girls soccer (SLCC)

Brady Earley, boys track/x-country (UVU)

Maddie Green, softball (Northern Colorado CC)

McKaylee Jaussi, softball (Western Nevada)

Tevita Lo’amanu, football (SUU)

Mckayla Morgan, girls track/x-country (UVU)

Danelle Parady, volleyball (BYU)

Ashlynn Petersen, softball (Snow)

Trevor Petersen, baseball (SLCC)

Shelby Richards, girls basketball (SLCC)

Lateesha Richards (pictured), girls basketball (Western Nebraska CC)

Brandon Sly, boys basketball (USU Eastern)

Kylee Tirrell, girls track/x-country (UVU)

Brandon Walker, boys track/x-country (UVU)

Josie Wiscomb, girls soccer (Western Wyoming CC)

Rowland Hall

Drew Dischman, baseball (Chapman, Calif.)

Enzo Wiener (pictured), boys soccer (Middlebury College, Vermont)


Kylee Blau, softball (Colorado Northwest CC)

Kayne Boyer, football (UNLV)

Brekkot Chapman, boys basketball (Utah)

Whitney Hatch (pictured, right), girls basketball (Colorado Northwest CC)

Brittnee Higgs, softball (Colby CC, Kansas)

Courtneee Higgs, softball (Colby CC, Kansas)

Kaitlyn Hurley, girls basketball (Snow College)

Chandler Neiswanger, boys soccer (Regis, Mass.)

Aubrey Porter, girls basketball (Colorado Northwest CC)

McKayla Sanchez, softball (Dawson CC, Mont.)

Keylee Stimpson, girls soccer (USU Eastern)

St. Joseph

Jessica Bischoff (pictured), volleyball (Linfield College, Ore.)

Will Carrington, boys track/x-country (Westminster)

Oswald Cruz, boys soccer (USU Eastern)

Britt Sederholm, volleyball (St. Leo, Fla.)

Elizabeth Tomon, girls basketball (Colorado School of Mines)

Salem Hills

Kirtlyn Bohling (pictured), softball (Weber State)

Jacob Ence, boys soccer (BYU)

Gunnar Gustin, football (Dixie State)

Austin Hanks, baseball (USU Eastern)

Tana Hoover, girls basketball & volleyball (Central Wyoming CC)

Kyle Mangelson, football (College of Idaho)

Sky View

Naena Bland, girls track/x-country (Westminster)

Kelsee Carlsen, volleyball (Western Wyoming CC)

Tanner Duryea, boys lacrosse (Westminster)

Taylor Duryea (pictured, No. 16), volleyball (Dixie State)

Tierra Shafer, girls soccer (Dixie State)

Seth White, football (Navy)


Hanani Aiono, football (Diablo Valley, Calif.)

Lucy Hegemann, girls soccer (Westminster)

Shay Jonat, girls track/x-country (Westminster)

Lillian Moore, girls swimming (BYU)

Bridger Nielsen, baseball (Western Nevada)

James Sorensen, boys swimming (BYU)

Sydnee Taylor, girls basketball (SUU)

Jeni Townsend, girls track/x-country (UVU)

Chris Williams (pictured, No. 59), football (Chapman College, Calif.)

Jake Wittwer, football (San Diego)

Snow Canyon

Zach Kennedy, football (Dixie State)

South Summit

Alisha Lewis, girls basketball (Western Wyoming CC)

Spanish Fork

Branson Ashworth (pictured), wrestling (Wyoming)

Bennett Bradford, baseball (USU Eastern)

McKinley Brinkerhoff, softball (Weber State)

Maverik Buffo, baseball (BYU)

Kelsey Christensen, softball (Southern Idaho)

Brooke Davis, girls soccer (Snow College)

Sabrina Naulu, girls golf (UVU)

Jacquelyn Tagg, girls soccer (USU Eastern)


Justin Botcherby, boys soccer (BYU)

Jacob Buhler, boys soccer (BYU)

Danica Nusink, girls soccer (Dixie State)

Savannah Park (pictured), girls basketball (Snow College)

Kristy Snyder, softball (UVU)

Jordan Treasure, boys soccer (USU Eastern)

Brooke Wheeler, girls basketball (UVU)


Janessa Bassett, softball (Dixie State)

Chase Christiansen (pictured), football (Utah State)

Trent Griffin, baseball (SLCC)

Allan Havili, football (Utah)

Austin Kincaid, football (Dixie State)

Iosua Opeta, football (Weber State)

Summit Academy

Allie Gorringe, women's soccer (Air Force Academy)

Chelsey Keefer, women's soccer (Western Nebraska CC)

Nathan McKay, football (Snow College)


Cassidy Basinger, softball (Southern Idaho)

Jayda Bovero (pictured), girls basketball (New Mexico)

Kyle Coffee, boys soccer (Washington)

Taylor Coffey, girls basketball (USU Eastern)

Sharlie Dimick, girls track/x-country (SUU)

Kavika Fonua, football (BYU)

Brock George, wrestling (Wyoming)

Wyatt German, football (Benedictine, Kansas)

Tanner Harvey, softball (Colby CC, Kansas).

Katelin Lee, girls golf (Idaho State)

Ali Morris, girls track/x-country (Weber State)

Suzy Robertson, girls soccer (USU Eastern)

Chambray Taylor, softball (Southern Idaho)

Brittany Vasquez, softball (BYU-Hawaii)


Jake Davison, baseball (Dixie State)

Mattie Evensen, girls basketball (Snow College)

Tara Gregory, volleyball (Westminster)

Karlee Jensen, softball (Louisiana Tech)

Roy Nash (pictured), wrestling (UVU)

Brayden Nuffer, wrestling (Western Wyoming CC)

Shaelee Pearson, softball (Boise State)

Rylan Shimer, baseball (Dawson CC, Mont.)

Jordon West, baseball (Cochise, Ariz.)


Jamaica Christensen, girls basketball (Westminster)

Eternity Galeai, girls basketball (BYU)

Amanda Marshall, girls soccer (UVU)

Rachelle Warner (pictured), girls soccer (Utah State)


Max Anae, football (SUU)

Lauryn DelaCruz, volleyball (Western Wyoming CC)

Jessie Jorgensen, volleyball (Utah)

Ashlyn Matthews, girls soccer (USU Eastern)

Isaiah Nacua, football (BYU)

Matt Pearce (pictured), boys tennis (BYU)

Tyeler Perri, football (SUU)

Katie Ross, girls soccer (Dixie State)

PJ Stowers, football (Weber State)

Emmett Tela, football (Weber State)

Kendall Tu’ua, football (Army)

Drake Watkins, boys soccer (BYU)


Lauren Frailey, softball (SLCC)


Nicole Begay, girls golf (SUU)

Beau Blackham, wrestling (Colorado Mesa)

Natalie Buelte, swimming (University of South Dakota)

Spencer Seitz, boys soccer (Wester Wyoming CC)

Drew Smuin, volleyball (Colorado Northwest CC)


Kaden Campbell, wrestling (Western Wyoming CC)


Aaron Dalton, football (Utah State)

Lucas Cawley, boys soccer (UVU)

Will Daines, football (SUU)

Isaac Evans, baseball (Salt Lake Community College)

Abbie Flandro, girls soccer (SUU)

Kira Gilbreath, girls track/x-country (Minot State, N.D.)

Bailee Hammond, girls soccer (Utah State)

Landen Hansen, boys soccer (Westminster)

Sara Harper, girls soccer (Rensellear Polytechnic, N.Y.)

Kelton Hirsch, boys golf (BYU)

Jessica James, girls soccer (Westminster)

Haley Johnson, girls soccer (Iowa Western CC)

Caitlyn Larsen, softball (BYU)

Kaitlyn Palmer, girls soccer (Dixie State)

Kendall Sargent, girls track/x-country (BYU)

Tana Singley, girls soccer (Dixie State)

Montana Tanner, girls soccer (Dixie State)

Sam Tullis (pictured), boys tennis (BYU)

Jana Wall, girls soccer (BYU-Hawaii)

Collette West, softball (Colby CC, Kansas)


Taggart Baxter, baseball (Utah)

David Brown, boys soccer (Colorado Christian College)

Kayden Connor, football (Snow College)

Anna Dahl (pictured), girls swimming (BYU)

Jon Durrant, boys track/x-country (SUU)

Tristin Bills, girls basketball (Western Wyoming CC)

Hailey Hardman, girls basketball (Western Wyoming CC)

Lillian Martino, girls soccer (BYU-Hawaii)

Kayden Mattison, football (Snow College)

Kaitlin Walker, girls track/x-country (Alabama)

Wasatch Academy

Geno Luzcando, boys basketball (Idaho State)


Haylee Chugg (pictured), girls golf (Weber State)

Matt Danes, boys soccer (Southern Virginia)

Brody Gardner, boys soccer (USU Eastern)

Colby Huerta, boys soccer (USU Eastern)

Auston Tesch, football (Weber State)

Aubrey Wells, girls soccer (Ottawa, Kansas)

Chase Virgil, boys soccer (USU Eastern)


Mason Abrath, baseball (SLCC)

Rachel Ainsworth, girls soccer (Webster, Mo.)

Hannah Arthur, girls soccer (Barton CC, Kansas)

Austin Banz (pictured), boys golf (BYU)

Brooke Burnside, girls golf (Providence, R.I.)

Zach Colangelo, wrestling (Davidson, N.C.)

AJ Lolohea, football (Weber State)

Polo Langi, football (Eastern Arizona)

Ammon Se’ei, football (Colorado Mesa)

Amelia Wolfgramm, girls swimming (BYU)

West Jordan

Keaton Asay, baseball (Taft, Calif.)

Baley Brown, football (Southern Virginia)

Mackensie Culligan, softball (Northern Colorado CC)

Rachel Green, girls soccer (Hawaii Pacific)

Malique McCoy, boys basketball (Hilbert College, NY)

Colton Michaelson, football (Bethany, Kansas)

Megan Perkins, girls track/x-country (Utah State)

Savannah Smith (pictured, No. 5), softball (Northern Colorado CC)

Cole Walters, baseball (Southern Idaho)


Austin Brower, boys track/x-country (BYU)

Alex Gunnell, girls soccer (New Mexico Highlands)

Brittany Houghton, girls soccer (College of Idaho)

Shianne Pace (pictured), volleyball (Snow College)

Cassidy Watkins, girls soccer (Minot State, N.D.)

Woods Cross

Kyle Beard, boys golf (Westminster)

Cam Dopp (pictured), boys track/x-country (BYU)

Xequielle Harry, football (Weber State)

Manni Johnson, softball (SLCC)

Aubree Peterson, girls soccer (Coffeyville CC, Kansas)

Jacque Steckler, girls track/x-country (SUU)

Jacob Stone, boys track/x-country (Weber State)