If the Sacramento Kings seemed clueless as to what to do with Jimmer Fredette, consider this: they are now seeking public input on their June draft pick.

In a promotion the team is calling Draft 3.0, fans are encouraged to share their own analytics and rank their draft preferences. In return, two winners will be “considered” for admission to the draft room on June 26.

Here is Rock On’s sole analytic, which the Kings can take to the bank: Don’t draft a 3-point scorer unless you plan to use him.


Authorities have found a man they believe held up an Atlanta area Waffle House with a pitchfork.

Police immediately ruled out WH aficionado Bubba Watson as a suspect, saying he surely would have used a 5-iron.

Twitter screen shot

The Portland Trail Blazers got a scare prior to a playoff game in San Antonio, when a snake was discovered in the locker room.

Maintenance crews were brought in to remove the reptile that was an estimated two feet long. Experts say the situation wasn’t too dangerous. Still, snakes are known to be irritable, quick to strike and intimidating.

You mean like Gregg Popovich?


John Stockton’s name arose last week in connection with the Jazz’s coaching vacancy.

Sources say the only way he’d take the job is if he were allowed to conduct post-game interviews via certified mail.


Marty Dowd knows how to keep a job.

The Catholic University tennis coach has been at the school 53 years. This season, he finally took his team to the NCAA tournament.

How does one keep the same job that long?

“I’ve been on 53 one-year contracts,” he told the Associated Press.

Just wondering: Isn’t that the same deal LaVell Edwards had with BYU?


Michael Jordan’s daughter Jasmine has graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in sports management.

She is reportedly moving to Charlotte to work for the team her father owns.

So now it’s her job to yell at Al Jefferson about his defense.


The 55-year-old president of Bolivia has signed a contract to play for a professional soccer club.

Evo Morales, an avid soccer player, is expected to play double-digit minutes for the top-division Sports Boys.

Just wondering, is this going to end with Barack Obama playing for the Bulls?


BBC News says the club will send Morales a list of matches so he can choose in which to participate.

Also known as the “Carlos Boozer Contract.”