Colleges and professional teams are named after a wide array of animals, professions and anything in between.

While some teams have generic names (i.e. Wildcats, Warriors, Knights), others go with more creative names to separate themselves from the pack.

We sat down as a team to find the whackiest sports names in the country. We had so much fun with it that we decided to make a 64-team tournament and allow you, the readers, select who has the silliest team name in college/professional sports in America (and Canada).

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1. Community Colleges of Spokane Sasquatch

Looking for Sasquatch? Well, the Community Colleges of Spokane says on its athletics homepage that it is the home of the Bigfoot. This mascot is so awesome that three colleges in the Spokane area use it as part of a shared athletic program. Bigfoot/Sasquatch has spawned several high-profile media campaigns, such as Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot and the Jack Link’s Beef Jerky commercials. It was only natural that someone would make the legendary creature a mascot. The only question is, how did the Community Colleges of Spokane claim Sasquatch first?

2. Bethany College Terrible Swedes

Bethany College was founded by a group of Lutheran Swedish immigrants, so it makes sense that it would look back to its Swedish heritage with pride. Still, the word “terrible” has a different connotation today than when this college was founded in 1881. It’s definitely a more creative nickname than “Vikings.” That said, a nickname like this lends itself to some silly thoughts. Would the Swedish Chef from the Muppets be considered a Terrible Swede?

3. Amherst College Lord Jeffs

Amherst College was named after the city in Massachusetts where the college is located, which is nothing unusual. What is unusual is that the athletic program uses the name of the man for whom the city and ultimately the college are named after: Lord Jeffery Amherst. Lord Jeff was a veteran on the British/American side of the French and Indian War, and he was the first British governor general in what is now Canada. Lord Jeffs is a controversial figure, particularly given reports that he advocated giving smallpox-infested blankets to Native Americans.

4. North Carolina Wesleyan Battling Bishops

When was the last time you saw a bishop headed off to battle? Sure, there’s chess, but it would be unusual indeed to see a bishop of any church pick up a weapon and go to war. Of course, North Carolina Wesleyan is a religious college associated with the United Methodist Church, and those aspiring to join the clergy can further their religious studies there. There’s just something about thinking about a bishop going off to battle.

5. Trinity Christian College Trolls

You don’t need to look under a bridge or in the comments of anything on the Internet to find the Trolls. You can find them at Trinity Christian College! At least this mascot is intimidating. He’s big, ugly and has a big club. Still, trolls don’t exactly have the best reputation. Didn’t Harry Potter take down a troll in the first book?

6. Traverse City Beach Bums

You’d think that Traverse City would be in California or Florida with a nickname like the Beach Bums. Actually, it’s in Michigan. It isn’t false advertising, however, as there really is a beach at Traverse City on Lake Michigan. Interestingly enough, the Beach Bums are a minor league baseball team that isn’t associated with an MLB team. Maybe that’s because it’s too fun being a Beach Bum.

7. Southern New Hampshire Penmen

They say that the pen is mightier than the sword, but the Penmen take this to an extreme. The Penman logo has a U.S. Revolutionary War-era patriot holding a massive pen that might as well be a sword.

8. Clinton LumberKings

Is the term lumberjack too generic for you? Why settle for being a jack when you can be a king? That seems to be the reasoning for the Clinton LumberKings. This team is a Single-A minor league team associated with the Mariners, and one of the most famous players to play for the LumberKings was Ian Kinsler. Truly, these players are kings over lumberjacks.

9. Williamsport Crosscutters

Here’s another alternate name for lumberjacks. Williamsport used to be known as the Cubs, but in 1999 this Single-A minor league team became an affiliate of the Pirates instead of the Chicago Cubs, so it changed its name to Crosscutters. Williamsport, Pennsylvania, was once known as the “Lumber Capital of the World,” so it isn’t surprising to see the city use a lumber-related mascot. Still, isn’t a Crosscutter a specialized version of a lumberjack?

10. Iowa Western Reivers

Iowa Western has a whole website explaining what Reivers are. While the simple answer is, “River Pirate,” the website goes through the history of Reivers. Orginally, the term referred to people in England and Scotland who caused trouble back in the middle ages. Later, people started to call pirates who attacked boats on the Mississippi River Reivers, and the name stuck. Still, it’s odd to think about pirates who don’t endlessly talk about sailing the seven seas. Being a pirate on the Mississippi just doesn’t sound quite as romantic, but at least it ties into Iowa history.

11. Providence Christian College Sea Beggars

No, the Sea Beggars aren’t people who ask for assistance out on the ocean. In short, they’re Dutch Calvinist Pirates. The term is a translation of the Dutch word Watergeuzen. These buccaneers helped fight the mighty Spanish Armada and helped liberate the port of Brill. Since Providence Christian has Dutch Calvinist roots, this mascot makes sense. At any rate, ignore these Sea Beggars demands at your own peril.

12. Bismarck State College Mystics

Normally, mystics and state colleges don’t exactly go hand in hand. However, at Bismarck State College, they do. The logo is pretty awesome, however, as it looks like Gandalf with one of those special seeing stones.

13. Snead State Parsons

You may expect the Parsons to be associated with a religious school, and Snead State indeed used to be a private seminary associated with the Methodist Episcopal Church. Now it’s a community college, but the Parsons nickname stuck. It’s interesting, and pretty awesome, to imagine your local parson (or priest, if you will) playing football or throwing down a slam dunk.

14. Franklin and Marshall Diplomats

Wonder why Franklin and Marshall chose the Diplomats? Well, it put together a website answering that question. Apparently, the name was suggested by Ira Honaman in a letter to the Student Weekly. According to the website, “Honaman’s suggestion so amused the student editors that they ran a lengthy piece lampooning the name ‘Diplomats.’ In a Dec. 12, 1934, parody, the F&M players hand out cards to opponents, carry briefcases, and use flowery, ‘diplomatic’ language about the sporting way to compete. In the end, the editors implored the student body to ‘think up a good rip-snorting nickname.’ ” Somehow, even after the derision in the student paper, the Diplomats stuck.

15. Heidelberg University Student Princes/Princesses

Any kid that dreams of being a prince or princess doesn’t have to hope to marry into a royal family. All they need to do is go to Heidelberg University. According to the Heidelberg athletics website, the nickname came from an operetta called “The Student Prince.” True to its name, “The Student Prince” follows the story of a prince who had to adjust to university life. The name stuck.

16. McDaniel Green Terror

The Green Terror looks like one of those swamp monsters from 1950’s horror flicks. The nickname dates all the way back to 1923 when a newspaper said that the McDaniel football team looked like a bunch of green terrors dressed in green from head to toe. Still, the term “Green Terror” also applies to food left in the refrigerator too long ….

Voting will commence on the Deseret News Sports Facebook page.

Today we open the voting for the Vocation Regional.

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