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Census data estimated that in 2013, Utah's population would top 2.9 million people living on more than 82,000 square miles of land.

Although Utah's population divides up into roughly 33.6 persons per square mile (compared to Wyoming's 5.8), the truth is that more than 80 percent of Utahns reside on the Wasatch Front, centered in four main counties (Salt Lake, Utah, Davis and Weber) out of the state's 29.

Here's a look at how many people live in those four counties as well as the other 25 counties, and where each county ranks in terms of population.

Also, if you've ever wondered which Utah county has a population that could fit on the Titanic, fill the LDS Conference Center or mount an attack on Helm's Deep, click on.

Daggett County

2013 population estimate: 1,127

Established: January 7, 1918

County seat: Manila

Population comparison: If you divided up all the calories in a Wendy's Dave's Hot 'N Juicy 3/4 lb. triple patty (1,090) between the residents of Daggett County, there would almost be enough for each person to get one calorie. Only 37 people would have to go without.

Piute County

2013 population estimate: 1,510

Established: January 16, 1865

County seat: Junction

Population comparison: If the entire population of Piute County were to go to high school together, the hypothetical "Piute County High School" would most likely be a 4A school and would fall between Bountiful High School (pop. 1,475) and Highland High School (pop. 1,531).

Rich County

2013 population estimate: 2,288

Established: January 16, 1864

County seat: Randolph

Population comparison: The number of people historically counted as being aboard the Titanic ranges mostly between 2,282 and 2,207, but either way, the ill-fated ocean liner was carrying under its actual capacity and could've held the entire population of Rich County.

Wayne County

2013 population estimate: 2,747

Established: March 10, 1892

County seat: Loa

Population comparison: A 5 lb. bag of M&M's holds approximately 2,500 pieces of candy, which means you could give every resident of Wayne County a single M&M and almost have enough to go around. Throw in the approximately 210 M&M's contained in a 7 oz. bag and the count would be just about perfect.

Garfield County

2013 population estimate: 5,083

Established: March 9, 1882

County seat: Panguitch

Population comparison: The portion of the Great Wall of China built during the Ming Dynasty is 5,500 miles long, which means you could put one resident of Garfield County on every mile of wall and you'd run out of Utahns before you ran out of wall.

Beaver County

2013 population estimate: 6,459

Established: January 5, 1856

County seat: Beaver

Population comparison: The entire population of Beaver County could fit in the Utah County city of Salem with just a few people left over — at least, back in 2010 when the census showed the city with a population of 6,423. The 2012 estimate suggests that Salem was poised to outgrown Beaver, though, reaching a population of 6,762.

Kane County

2013 population estimate: 7,260

Established: January 16, 1864

County seat: Kanab

Population comparison: Like Rich County, Kane County's population is just perfect for a cruise (although hopefully one that ends on a better note). Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas was completed in 2009 and can hold 5,400 passengers and 2,160 crew members for a total of 7,260. That means if all of Kane County were to go on a cruise together, 300 friends could even come along.

Grand County

2013 population estimate: 9,360

Established: March 13, 1890

County seat: Moab

Population comparison: During the movie, "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers," the fortress of Helm's Deep is attacked by some 10,000 orcs, or roughly 640 more orcs than all the people who live in Grand County.

Morgan County

2013 population estimate: 10,173

Established: January 17, 1862

County seat: 7,129

Population comparison: In J.J.'s Abram's 2009 Star Trek reboot, Spock's home planet Vulcan is destroyed by a vengeful Romulan named Nero. According to Spock, an estimated 10,000 Vulcans, or roughly the same number of Vulcans as people found in Morgan County, survived the attack.

Juab County

2013 population estimate: 10,348

Established: March 3, 1852

County seat: Nephi

Population comparison: If every person in Juab County were given one of the pipes from the Tabernacle organ on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, there would still be 1,275 pipes left over.

Emery County

2013 population estimate: 10,749

Established: February 12, 1880

County seat: Castle Dale

Population comparison: One person from Emery County's population of 10,749 could have gone to a performance of "The Phantom of the Opera" each day that it's been playing on Broadway and they still wouldn't have made it to all of them. The musical had logged 10,919 shows as of April 27, 2014.

Millard County

2013 population estimate: 12,662

Established: October 4, 1851

County seat: Fillmore

Population comparison: The 2002 Olympic flame was carried by more than 12,000 people on its journey from Athens to Salt Lake City, or roughly the same number of people living in Millard County.

San Juan County

2013 population estimate: 14,973

Established: February 17, 1880

County seat: Monticello

Population comparison: In 2012, China announced that a new survey including portions of the Great Wall of China built in every dynasty (not just the Ming Dynasty) changed the wall from being 5,500 miles long to being 13,170 miles long, meaning you could put one San Juan County resident on every .87 mile of wall to man its length.

Duchesne County

2013 population estimate: 20,308

Established: January 4, 1915

County seat: Duchesne

Population comparison: If all of Duchesne County decided to go to a Jazz game together at EnergySolutions Arena, the county's entire population should be able to squeeze in.

Sevier County

2013 population estimate: 20,852

Established: January 16, 1865

County seat: Richfield

Population comparison: If all of Sevier County decided to go to a basketball game together at the BYU Marriott Center, they'd fit with a mere 48 seats to spare.

Carbon County

2013 population estimate: 20,988

Established: March 8, 1894

County seat: Price

Population comparison: Every single resident of Carbon County could fit in the LDS Conference Center in Salt Lake City with just 12 seats to spare.

Wasatch County

2013 population estimate: 26,437

Established: January 17, 1862

County seat: Heber

Population comparison: If you were to count each Wasatch County resident as one foot of height, the county's population would roughly equal the height of Shishapangma, the 14th tallest mountain in the world. Mount Everest, the world's tallest peak, is 29,029 feet tall.

Sanpete County

2013 population estimate: 28,237

Established: March 3, 1852

County seat: Manti

Population comparison: The population of Sanpete County is just about 500 people higher than the attendance of Denver's inaugural Comic Con (27,700) in 2012, and about 5,000 less than the 33,000-ish people Salt Lake will need to add to its Salt Lake Comic Con FanX convention's attendance of 100,000 in order to become the largest Comic Con in the U.S.

Uintah County

2013 population estimate: 35,555

Established: February 18, 1880

County seat: Vernal

Population comparison: If you tried to put one Uintah County resident on each acre of land in Bryce Canyon National Park, you would need 280 more people to complete the task.

Summit County

2013 population estimate: 38,486

Established: January 13, 1854

County seat: Coalville

Population comparison: You can fit more than 29 Liechtensteins in Summit County, but the population of the Utah county and European country are nearly equal, with Summit County having approximately 1,000 more people than Liechtenstein.

Iron County

2013 population estimate: 46,780

Established: March 3, 1852

County seat: Parowan

Population comparison: According to PBS, somewhere between 45,000 and 50,000 people could squeeze into Rome's ancient Colosseum to see the events held there, which means Iron County's current 46,780 residents could have all gone together.

Box Elder County

2013 population estimate: 50,794

Established: January 5, 1856

County seat: Brigham City

Population comparison: If the entire population of Box Elder County tried to play the same video game at the exact same time, it wouldn't go well. How do we know? Well, back in February, some 50,000 people tried to play the same game of Pokemon Red at the same time. reported that these 50,000 gamers "spent two hours trying to cut down a single tree,"and that their "tormented puppet of a Pokemon trainer" was strolling around for hours "falling off ledges and bumping into walls."

For now, at least, Box Elder County residents should probably avoid playing video games en masse.

Tooele County

2013 population estimate: 60,762

Established: March 3, 1852

County seat: Tooele

Population comparison: Between 1847 and 1868, more than 60,000 Mormon pioneers headed for the Salt Lake Valley, so imagining the entire population of Tooele County trekking across land and sea can give you an idea of the scale of that multi-year mass migration.

Cache County

2013 population estimate: 116,909

Established: January 5, 1856

County seat: Logan

Population comparison: If everyone in Ann Arbor, Michigan, suddenly decided to move out of town, the entire population of Cache County could move right in with just a little bit of squishing — Cache County's population of 116,909 is a few hundred people away from being a perfect match to Ann Arbor's 116,121.

Washington County

2013 population estimate: 147,800

Established: March 3, 1852

County seat: St. George

Population comparison: If the entire population of Washington County somehow found themselves transported to North Korea, they'd all be able to meet up with each other in the Rungnado May First Stadium, which has a capacity of 150,000 and is the largest stadium in the world.

Weber County

2013 population estimate: 238,519

Established: March 3, 1852

County seat: Ogden

Population comparison: If each person in Weber County counted as a mile, you'd be able to pile them all together and almost —with just a little bit of stretching — reach the moon, which is, on average, 238,855 miles away.

Davis County

2013 population estimate: 322,094

Established: March 3, 1852

County seat: Farmington

Population comparison: Davis County is almost ready to challenge Iceland — the population of the county only needs the addition of roughly 3,500 to equal Iceland's early 2014 population.

Utah County

2013 population estimate: 551,891

Established: March 3, 1852

County seat: Provo

Population comparison: The population of all of Utah County is some 3,500 away from equaling the population of the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, according to the city's 2012 population estimate (555,417).

Salt Lake County

2013 population estimate: 1,079,721

Established: March 3, 1852

County seat: Salt Lake City

Population comparison: The population of Salt Lake County is greater than the populations of Daggett, Piute, Rich, Wayne, Garfield, Beaver, Kane, Grand, Morgan, Emery, Juab, Millard and San Juan County combined.