Jazz general manager Dennis Lindsey said last week he told Gordon Hayward he needed to lighten up.

“I was serious, I think he needs to have more fun,” Lindsey said.

So let’s see. Hayward made $3.5 million last year. He will triple that with his next contract. He gets a six-month vacation.

If that’s not having fun …


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Then there’s this.

“I think if he really were to think about it, (Hayward) is tall, handsome, smart, has a great family, a beautiful fiancé, he’s naturally competitive, he’s in a good spot, in a market that admires him … I think there are times where … he feels like the weight of the world is on his shoulders,” Lindsey said.

“Sure, wins and losses weighed heavily on him. But we wanted to have a clear path where he could become more prominent with the Utah Jazz — and I think once he gets time away and reflects on that, he’ll be better in that role next year. We look forward to him being a career Jazz member.”

If not, he’ll have to settle for being tall, handsome, smart ...


Monday, Lindsey referred to any Jazz coach, past or present, as “Babe Ruth” in terms of determining playing time.

Does this mean he also gets to overeat, smoke cigars and point to where the next shot is going to land?


Masters winner Bubba Watson celebrated his victory with a trip to Waffle House.

As Jim Nantz would say, a tradition like no other.


Chad Johnson is working out with the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL, and stories say he’s likely to make the team.

Instead of wearing No. 85, the man formerly known as Ochocinco is expected to wear No. 79, in respect for the dollar exchange.


As the Jazz were wrapping up their season at EnergySolutions Arena, the marquee was promoting a June 9 appearance by Theresa Caputo, a.k.a. “The Long Island Medium.”

Any chance she can contact Larry H. Miller about getting the Jazz out of their mess?


At least the Jazz aren’t celebrating their awful season.

That’s not the case with the 76ers, who won just 19 games and tied an NBA record with 26 consecutive losses.

Sixers owner Josh Harris told the media: “I think the season has been a huge success for us.”

You know, in a Pluto Nash/Obamacare kind of way.


Headline in “Kevin Garnett Mostly Just Pounding Chest To Keep Heart Going At This Point.”