Also in Rock On: Grizzlies face an "unmentionable" opponent.

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Lakers guard Nick “Swaggy P” Young had a few things to say after dropping 41 on the Jazz on Monday, including this: “It was great. We are not in last place.”

And this, on the cause of his scoring outburst: “The basketball gods. We needed a night like this … it was a way to say, ‘Who wants to be the last team in the West?’”

And this: “I can play a little bit. I just want you all to see that. Swaggy P can play a little. I got a future here. I can do my own thing, I’ve been telling you all. You better watch out for me.”

Hopefully the basketball gods will forever keep Swaggy P in the NBA.


The Utah Grizzlies open the ECHL playoffs on Friday at the Maverik Center against the Bakersfield Condors.

Last Sunday was “Undie Sunday” for the Condors. Fans were encouraged to donate underwear to local charities. Among the items thrown onto the ice were 1,096 pairs of socks, 2,773 pairs of underwear, 1,747 diapers and 55 bras.

Or roughly half the things they threw after the first misconduct penalty.


Kansas freshman Andrew Wiggins on declaring for the NBA Draft: “I just wish I had more time. College goes by so fast.”

Particularly since college athletes don’t actually go to class in the first place.


BYU defensive back Robertson Daniel modestly noted after the team’s spring scrimmage that he rated his performance a C, with plenty of room for improvement.

And people say athletes are entitled.

How many other college students rate themselves low to high, instead of the other way around?


Reports on spring football attendance this year ranged from 72,000 at Penn State to 300 at Air Force.

Somewhere near the bottom was Oklahoma State at 2,500.

Which makes Rock On wonder: Is there really something else to do in Stillwater on a Saturday in April?


A Broadway version of “Rocky” has opened to nice reviews.

Nobody’s saying tickets are expensive, but supposedly the marketing slogan is “I must break you.”


Baseball is venturing out this year with new rules on blocking the plate.

Seems the commissioner got suspicious when he heard the Phillies hired an offensive line coach.


Rocker Jon Bon Jovi is heading an investment group looking to buying the Buffalo Bills.

Reports say he wants to move the team to Toronto, though Buffalonians will strongly oppose. In which case he plans to go all Kim Basinger and buy the whole town.