In the last set of polls, the majority of voters said:

-College basketball teams from Utah underachieved in the postseason.

-Based on expectations and conference difficulty, the Utah Utes had the best college basketball team in Utah.

-They would rather win the NIT championship than lose in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

-They love the new college football playoff system

This set of polls focuses on the off-season events of the Jazz, Cougars and Utes.

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Jazz Draft

If the Jazz win the NBA Draft Lottery, who would you want them to draft with the first pick?
Jabari Parker
Andrew Wiggins
Joel Embiid
Julius Randle
Marcus Smart
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Carlino transferring

How will Matt Carlino perform his senior year after transferring from BYU?
Perform better
Perform worse
Perform the same
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Krystkowiak's new deal

How do you feel about Utah’s decision to sign basketball coach Larry Krystkowiak to a new five year deal?
Love it, he’s a great coach
Hate it, he’s not good coach
He is a good coach but five years is too long
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An MLB team in Utah

If Utah had an MLB team, would you buy season tickets?
Only if they were good
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