Marcio Jose Sanchez, Associated Press

While April Fools’ Day used to be about switching out Oreo cream for toothpaste and putting plastic bugs in the cereal box, the Web has created a new outlet for pranksters. Companies and individuals across the Internet have tried to dupe people into believing the unbelievable. Here are some jokes that happened this year.

Gmail "shelfie"
Marcio Jose Sanchez, Associated Press

Google is known for creating some elaborate pranks for April Fools’ Day and this year the company started a little early by releasing the "shelfie." Gmail users who logged into their accounts yesterday or today were greeted with the option of changing their mailbox theme to a "shelfie," which is a combination of the words "share" and "selfie." Users could change their mailbox's background picture with a selfie then share the image with their friends.

Google Pokémon Master challenge
Charles Sykes, Associated Press

One of the most popular pranks is Google's Pokémon Master challenge. The company released a video alerting the world that the newest version of Google Maps would include a Pokémon challenge. Users would have to scour the world to find and catch 150 Pokémon. Those who complete the challenge would have the chance to join the Google team in September as the newest hire with the title of "Google Pokémon Master."

The video has been viewed more than 4 million times.

Google+ David Hasselhoff photobomb
Amy Sussman/Invision/AP

Google's social media site, Google+, couldn't have been excluded from the April Fools’ list this year.

In an official announcement posted yesterday, users who upload photos of themselves or their friends to their Google+ accounts with the hashtag #Hoffsome would receive a photobomb by Hasselhoff.

LDS Church and NBA come to an agreement regarding Jabari Parker
AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

The Duke basketball player has been reported to be considering serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or entering the NBA draft.

Times and Seasons, a blog founded by four LDS attorneys, reported that the LDS Church and the NBA had come to an agreement about Parker, stating that he would be able to serve a mission in whatever city he was drafted into. Part of the deal includes that Parker's missionary companion would sit on the team bench during each game and would be televised at least twice per match.

Drew Carey and Craig Ferguson switch jobs
Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

For its April Fools’ joke, CBS had "The Price is Right" host Drew Carey switch jobs with "The Late Late Show's" host, Craig Ferguson. Carey hosted “The Late Late Show” Monday night with guests Carl Reiner and Connie Schultz, including musical performances by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts.

Ferguson hosted “The Price is Right” Tuesday morning. CBS made the announcement of the switch Monday with a video.

Sports pranksters

Athletes and their coaches have been known to pull a prank on each other once in a while. From filling a car full of popcorn to a fake arrest, here are the top 10 pranks, hoaxes and high jinks in sports.

Nissan 370 limo-Z

Nissan posted an image of its “newest” creation — the Nissan 370 limo-Z. The limo, which is a stretched version of the company’s 370Z, had received more than 1,600 comments and 1,900 Facebook shares at the time of this writing, with people posting what event they wanted to use the limo for.

Ban on raw meat sales
Scott G Winterton, Deseret News, a natural health website for best-selling author Dr. Joseph Mercola, posted an article Tuesday that claimed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, along with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, came to an agreement that raw meat should be banned across the country. The article continued to detail the ban in-depth before finally concluding with "Happy April Fool's Day!"

Additional General Conference sessions

LDS Bookstore published an article Tuesday that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced an additional two hours conference, starting this weekend with the 183rd Annual General Conference.

Watch bacon sizzle and chicken roast on Netflix

To add to the holiday, Netflix released two original movies for April 1 only.

The first, "Rotisserie Chicken," is a 73-minute film starring exactly that — rotisserie chicken. The film is rated G.

The second, titled "Sizzling Bacon," is a 20-minute film featuring bacon sizzling in a pan.

Both films are rated 3 stars with more than 1,100 reviews between the two.

Virgin America and Nest team up

Nest, the company that created the "learning thermostat" released a video Tuesday of a new collaboration with Virgin America.

Tony Fadell, founder and CEO of Nest presented "Total Temperature Control," the latest Nest product. With the new product, Virgin America passengers would be able to adjust the temperature around them.

Some of the preset temperature settings include "Cancun afternoon" and "Chicago polar vortex."

Tax return vending machine

With the tax deadline right around the corner, the Internal Revenue Service released a tax return vending machine, according to Forbes.

The machine is for those filing simple tax forms, including the 1040EZ and 1040A. Those who have to file 1040-NR, 1040-NREZ or 1040-PR won't be able to use the machine. Likewise, the machine cannot process taxes for taxpayers - or their dependents - if someone is born on leap day.