College basketball is over for Utah schools. BYU and Weber State lost in the first round (or second round, depending on how you look at it) of the NCAA tournament, and Utah and Utah Valley lost on the road in the first round of the NIT.

Spring practice has started for college football, but the seasons won't start until the summer is over. So for now, Utah's big college sports are on break, and fans now have to play the waiting game.

In the last poll, 36 percent said Delon Wright would have the best NBA career of any current Utah college basketball player. 32 percent said Jordan Loveridge and 23 percent said Tyler Haws.

59 percent said Kyle Van Noy would have the best NFL career of any current Utah college football player. 17 percent said Trevor Reilly and 10 percent said Tyler Larsen.

67 percent said that's just BYU being BYU when asked about its latest slogan, “Will over Skill.“

75 percent said no, the Utah Jazz won't make the NBA Finals within the next five years.

77 percent said Jimmer Fredette will have more success in Chicago than he did in Sacramento.

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How Utah basketball teams did

1. As a whole, how do you feel Utah college basketball teams did in the post-season?
Did exactly what was expected
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Best team all season

2. Based on expectations and conference difficulty, which Utah college basketball team had the best season?
Utah State
Weber State
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NCAA tournament or NIT?

3. If your favorite college basketball team were on the bubble of making the NCAA tournament, would you rather:
Make the NCAA tournament and lose in the first round
Make the NIT and win the championship
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New college football playoff system

4. How do you feel about the new college football playoff system?
Love it
Like the BCS better
Don't care either way
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