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"The Sterling Scholar Awards publicly recognizes and encourages the pursuit of excellence in scholarship, leadership and citizenship of high school seniors in the state of Utah,” the program mission statement says.

Here's a look at the 2014 Central Region Sterling Scholar candidates, who represent Delta High School, Gunnison High School, Juab High School, Manti High School, Millard High School, North Sanpete High School, North Sevier High School, Piute High School, Richfield High School, South Sevier High School, Tintic High School and Wayne High School.

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Delta High School

Back row from left: Lucia Valdez, Visual Arts; Johanna Banda, Family & Consumer Sciences; Julianna Rawlingson, Speech & Drama; Savannah Styler, Social Science; Emily Bedoes, English & Literature; Lexi Topham, Dance; Jandy Johnson, Business & Marketing Education; Malori Howell, Foreign Language; Shaylee LeFevre, Agriculture Science. Front Row: Michael Stephenson, General Scholarship; Jacob Bliss, Music; Jake Prestwich, Computer & Information Technology; Hunter Fowles, Mathematics; Saxon Day Trade & Technical Education. Not pictured, Mariann Choules, Science.

Gunnison High School

Back row from left: Millie Hammond, Agriculture Science; Tyson Moosman, Trade & Technical Education; Chelsey Shober, Music; Andy Peterson (advisor). Front row from left: Kassandra Cruz, Foreign Language; Chaise Ludvigson, Speech & Drama; Tayler Garff, Social Science; Tierra Memmott, Business & Marketing Education. Not pictured: Kerisa Crane, Family & Consumer Sciences; Austin Pickett, Visual Arts.

Juab High School

Sara Davis, Foreign Language; Rachel Dye, Visual Arts; Tanya Oldham, Science; Ashley Atkinson, Music; Shan Sherwood, Agriculture Science; Savannah Behrmann, Dance; Jessika Kenison, Family & Consumer Sciences; Aubrey Jones, Social Science; Jeff Rowley, General Scholarship; Ashley Whimpey, Business & Marketing Education; Walker Memmott, Trade & Technical Education; Kenneth Bonzo, Mathematics; Sam Holladay, Speech & Drama; Not Pictured: Jessica Wallace, English & Literature.

Manti High School

Back row from left: Deirdre Carney, English & Literature; James Olson, Social Science; Connor Aste, Business & Marketing Education; Justin Tippets, Agriculture Science; Tessa Smith, Mathematics. Front row from left: Elisabeth Frischknecht, Music; Bethany Olson, Visual Arts; Niki Nielsen, Trade & Technical Education; Kaitlin Young, Science. Not pictured: Kemri Stilson, Family & Consumer Sciences; Kenneth Christensen, General Scholarship.

Millard High School

Back row from left: Tyler Adkins, General Scholarship; Logan Johnson, Agriculture Science; Ashby Wood, Computer & Information Technology; Meagan Taylor, English & Literature; Austin Johnson, Science; Nathan Camp, Social Science; Denise Crabb, Visual Arts; Ellis Gentry, Trade & Technical Education. Front row from left: Emily Stewart, Speech & Drama; Mackay Baker, Family & Consumer Sciences; Lydia Koyle, Music; Chase Carson, Dance; Kjell Rasmussen, Mathematics.

North Sanpete High School

Back row from left: Lindee Christensen, Business & Marketing Education; Ashley White, Speech & Drama; Shelby Rasmussen, Visual Arts; Matthew Lindow, Mathematics; Deborah Peel, Science; Hailey Johnson, English & Literature; Zachary Farnsworth, Trade & Technical Education. Front row from left: Mary Larsen, Foreign Language; Allyson Christiansen, General Scholarship; Erika Draper, Music; Breanna Fowkes, Computer & Information Technology; Abby Christensen, Social Science; Annie Cook, Dance; Alexandria Palmer, Family & Consumer Sciences.

North Sevier High School

Austin Hatt

Piute High School

Whitney Westwood, Agriculture Science.

Piute High School

Shalyn Bagley, Business & Marketing Education.

Piute High School

Kieora Porter, Music.

Piute High School

Josey Morrison, Speech & Drama

Piute High School

Trenton Wilde, Trade & Technical Education.

Richfield High School

Back row from left: Cameo Fautin, Foreign Language; Ashlee Carter, Business & Marketing Education; Courtney Cowles, Agriculture Science; Alexandra Greenwood, General Scholarship; Bethany Nash, Visual Arts; Catelin Crowther, Mathematics; Melanie Pearson, English & Literature; Leslie Williamson, Family & Consumer Sciences. Front row from left: Shianna Lowry, Dance; Aubriana Resendes, Science; Jordan Crowther, Computer & Information Technology; Jayden Syphrett, Social Science; Angus Douglas, Speech & Drama; Faith Johnson, Music; Bryleigh Lewis-Stocks Trade & Technical Education.

South Sevier High School

Front Row from left: Natalie Manjarrez, Social Science; Kelsey Brown, Mathematics; Allison Lever, Dance. Back Row from left: Kelbi Curtis, Agriculture Science; Heather Taylor, Music; Tyler Lee, Science; Taylor Torgersen, General Scholarship.

Tintic High School

From left: KayAnn Carlson, Family and Consumer Sciences; Savannah Hiskey, Science; Matthew Christensen, Social Science; Esther Pehrson, Math.

Wayne High School

Brittney Hagel, Business and Marketing Education; Marc Simmons, Trade & Technical Education; Brinlee Chappell, General Scholarship; Velden Noyes, Speech & Drama; Katelynn Torgerson, Science; Braydon Wilkins, Music; Bridgette Brian, Family & Consumer Sciences; Colby Banner, Social Science; Bethany Lamb, Agriculture Science; Maggie Ellett, English & Literature.