Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that tends to sneak up on people. Although paper hearts and boxes of chocolates have been on the shelves since January, sometimes life gets busy and people forget to plan a way to express their love and gratitude to loved ones.

Here is a list of last-minute gift ideas sure to make your sweetie feel like you have been planning their surprise for weeks.

Breakfast in bed

Most people think Valentine's Day has to be an evening event — reservations for dinner at a swanky restaurant, a night out, etc. However, some schedules aren't very accommodating to night activities, so why not surprise your significant other with breakfast instead? Make sure to do the whole works and get bonus points with a couple of flowers in a vase.


The traditional flowers and chocolate route is something that could easily be achieved last minute. Not wanting to pay a fortune for a dozen roses? Try looking at the flower sale section in the grocery store. Sometimes you can get 10 flowers and only have to toss out two to get a really nice looking bouquet. Also, try looking for flowers at wholesale stores like Costco and Sam's Club.


Does your significant other love chocolate? Instead of opting for a simple heart box of delights, sign them up for the Chocolate of the Month club. This club has been featured on "Good Morning America," "The Early Show," "Wall Street Journal," the "TODAY" show, "USA Today" and "Extra." Memberships are available for three months, six months, a full year, or a "Chocolate of the season" club. The recipient receives a full pound of chocolate each month they're signed up for, as well as a Chocolate Lover's Newsletter and free shipping.

Start a love journal

An easy do-it-yourself gift that will be cherished long after the flowers have wilted, grab a journal and write on the first page why you love your Valentine. Continue writing a paragraph, or a page if you're ambitious, every day (or whenever you remember.) Next Valentine's Day, spend part of the evening rehashing what moments made you love each other more throughout the year.

Get a room

If you want to make the night special, plan a stay-cation. There are a lot of resources to find budget-friendly hotel options in areas that you might not visit very often. Websites such as KSL Deals, Groupon and LivingSocial have a plethora of hotel promotions all over the state, as well as coupons for activities to do on Saturday before you go home.

Become members

Is there something you and your honey love to do together? Buy a season pass for it! Whether it's visiting Hogle Zoo, the Leonardo or Lagoon, a season pass to one of your favorite places is a great way to celebrate on Valentine's Day. It also helps plan out dates for the rest of the year.

Bring the restaurant home

Is there a favorite meal your honey loves? Instead of spending a fortune at an expensive restaurant, grab some long stick candles and placemats to turn your abode into a swanky bistro. If you want to get really creative, whip up some menus to place on the plates before the night starts.

Channel your inner masseuse

With how hectic life is, sometimes people only want a second to relax and de-stress. Create a spa-like experience with some tea lights; massage oil, and hot stones. Not sure what you're doing? Many hot stones for massages come in sets that include a how-to book. Still hesitant? A simple shoulder rub and a certificate to see a professional works too!

Plan a throwback night

Still have a vintage Nintendo or PlayStation tucked away in storage? If your significant other is into video games, plan a "throwback" night with old-school games (video or board), provide music from your favorite era with the help of Pandora and keep dinner simple.

Cook something new

There are a variety of cooking schools around the state that offer Valentine's Day classes. Sign up and enjoy a night of cooking together, as well as learning how to make something you could re-create in your own kitchen.

For the car enthusiast

Winter can be hard on cars, especially in Utah. If your honey is a car enthusiast, go to a local car store and pick up a bunch of car-related care products. A bucket with interior wipes, leather conditioner, car wash fluid or a certificate to a local car wash might be the perfect gift. Bonus: He might clean your car as well!

For the athlete

Does your sweetie love to run? Right now is a great time to sign up for running events across the state because it leaves plenty of time to train for them. Surprise your sweetie with some new running gear and/or the registration to the event they have talked about participating in. Be careful — this is not a good gift if your other half doesn't like to run or work out. Buying equipment or a yoga mat for someone who doesn't already use those things might come with the message, "I think you need to lose weight."

Send them a personalized Valentine

Need some help writing up a couple romantic lines for your sweetheart? Mr. Peanut from Planters is helping out romantics all over the globe by creating personalized videos for users who tweet him.

How it works: Sent a tweet to @MrPeanut, include your significant other's name, something about them, and end with the hashtag #HeartPumpin. Mr. Peanut will create a personalized video with a couple lines of poetic verse and tweet it back to you within a few hours. Share the video with your Valentine and with the rest of social media.

Be genuine

Whatever your last-minute gift might be, the most important feature of any gift is sincerity. Show your Valentine you're happy they're in your life.