Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News

"The Sterling Scholar Awards publicly recognizes and encourages the pursuit of excellence in scholarship, leadership and citizenship of high school seniors in the state of Utah,” the mission statement says.

Here's a look at the 2014 South Area Sterling Scholars.

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>> Douglas Ferry, Box Elder, performs in the music category during Sterling Scholar judging at Woods Cross High School in Woods Cross Wednesday, Feb. 29, 2012.

Alta High School

Back row from left (standing): Nikolas Clark, Instrumental Music; Jonathan Hales, Mathematics; Jacob Steadman, Business & Marketing Education; Michael Cline, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Sean O'Bryant, Science; Not pictured: Palmer Larsen, Computer Technology. Front row from left (Seated): Sarah Hicken, Vocal Performance; Carlissa Shaw, Visual Arts; Bayleigh Cragun, Social Science; Abigail Norton, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Megan Maxfield, Family & Consumer Sciences; McKay Draper, Dance; Hillary Thalmann, English; Caroline Howell, World Languages

American Fork High School

Back row from left: Nathan Porter, Mathematics; Esther Chang, Instrumental Music; Lucia, Montagnoli, Family & Consumer Sciences; Kasey McMullin, World Languages; Derek Shumway, Business & Marketing; Laura Fishburn, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics. Front row from left: Rachel Carlson, Visual Arts; Jessica Jenson, English; Kyle Rigby, Computer Technology; Katherine Morse, Social Science; Ross Lee, Science; Heather Vernon, Dance; Giovanna Morales, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education.

American Leadership Academy

From left: Gabriel Frei, Mathematics; Kaitlyn Lunt, Dance; Marianne Parsons, Science; Jarom Loch, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics.

Corner Canyon High School

Back row from left: Rhett Day, Computer Technology; Kaylie Cheminant, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Brandon Whitehead, Science; Savannah Kynaston, Visual Arts; Hunter Page, Business & Marketing; Brinley Searle, Dance; Bejamin Ryder Seamons, World Languages; Camilla Nielsen, Vocal Performance. Front row from left: Melissa Ylst, Instrumental Music; Katie Wade, Mathematics; Lauren Lambert, Social Science; Courtney Gibbons, Family & Consumer Sciences; Hannah Charlesworth, English; Jaycie Palmer, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics.

Payson High School

Back row from left: Ciera Lundberg, World Languages; Zach Ethridge, Science; David Green, Vocal Performance; Alex Parker, Computer Technology; Noah Quist, Math. Middle row from left: McKenna Stewart, Speech/Theater arts/Forensics; Nicole Kunzler, Family & Consumer Sciences; Anna Fordiani, Dance; Shelby Blauer, Social Science; Kelsey Martin, Skilled & Technical Sciences. Front row from left: Camery Victor, Art; Rebecca Brown, Business & Marketing; Abigail Bennion, Instrumental Music; Jamie Finch, English.

Westlake High School

Back from left: Haydn Schaefermeyer, Social Science; Joshua Mortensen, Computer Technology; Benjamin Martinez, World Languages; Kresten Erickson, Instrumental Music; Kemarie Jorgensen, Dance; Annalece Weber, Vocal Performance; Brennan Newkirk, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics. Front row from left: Haley Manning, Business & Marketing; Rachel Holley, Family & Consumer Sciences; Chelsea Woodrum, English; Hayley Ford, Science; Chloe McKinney, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Shae Anderson, Visual Arts.

Walden School

Back row from left: Gabriel Spotts, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Shawn Velasquez, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Scotty Jamison, Computer Technology; Cole Mowen, Dance; Devin Lindley, Visual Arts; Dylan Johnson, Instrumental Music; Jessica de Jager, Business & Marketing. Front row from left: Joshua LeBaron, Mathematics; Kainen Trowery, Family & Consumer Sciences; Grace Winkel, Vocal Performance; Casey Donahue, Science; Erika Meade, World Languages; Sage Knapp, Social Science. Not pictured: Richard Page, English.

Timpview High School

Back row from left: Eli Miller, Visual Arts; Conrad Smith, World Languages. Middle row from left: Dionard Campman, Family & Consumer Sciences; Sam Jacob, English; Parker Christensen, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Peter Young, Science; Paul Oldroyd, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Justin Kwong, Business & Marketing. Front row from left: Amanda Berrett, Dance; Lauren Blair, Instrumental Music; Rachel Sybrowsky, Social Science; Kelsey Phillips, Vocal Performance; Amanda Gao, Mathematics.

Timpanogos High School

Back row from left: Hayden Anderson, Business & Marketing; Michael Liddle, Computer Technology; Christopher Webb, Instrumental Music; Bryce Frederickson, Mathematics; Christopher Gowans, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Edwin Gonzalez, World Languages. Front row from left: Jaron King, Science; Larae Day, Family & Consumer Sciences; Rebecca McKell, Visual Arts; Brianna Crampton, English; Mandy White, Vocal Performance; Kelsey Anderson, Dance; Calee Gardner, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Austin Weenig, Social Science.

Summit Academy

Back row from left: Christine Olds, Science; Morgan Kammerman, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Alyssa Richards, Instrumental Music; Andrew Smith, Computer Technology; Ally Rossberg, English; Madeline Hulme, Family & Consumer Sciences; Brooke Hyde, Dance. Front row from left: Marcus Augenstein, Social Science; Sarah Flower, Mathematics; Sydney Bunker, Vocal Performance; Caleb Lundberg, World Languages; Not pictured: Rebecca Whipple, Visual Arts.

Springville High School

Back row from left: Christopher Taylor, English; Tanner White, Business & Marketing; Eric Harrison, Science; Jacob Buhler, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Jeremy Anderson, Mathematics; Andre Parkinson, Visual Arts; Aaron Stoddard, Instrumental Music. Front row from left: Matthew Niu, Social Science; Lindsay Haupt, Family & Consumer Sciences; Katya Wagstaff, Vocal Performance; Madison Monson, Dance; Alexis Fisher, World Languages; Morgan Sutterfield, Computer Technology.

Spanish Fork High School

Back row from left: Jeremy Thacker, World Languages; Nathan Jon Christiansen, Business & Marketing; Colton K. Christensen, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Jared Dixon, Social Science; Kenneth Paul White, English. MIddle row from left: Jonathan DeYoung, Mathematics; Mandee Dillman, Vocal Performance; Jace Parkinson, Science; Matthew Gubler, Visual Arts. Front row from left: Taylor Berns, Family & Consumer Sciences; Audrey Parry, Dance; Karalyn Lewis, Instrumental Music; Kayla Koyle, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics.

Salem Hills High School

Back row from left: Benjamin Watkin, Business & Marketing; Westley Cook, Social Science; Chase Dietz, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; James Carrington, Science; Hayden Berg, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics. Middle row from left: Jeffrey Roylance, Computer Technology; Sarah Riley, English; Suzanne Rhodes, Mathematics; Joshua Mason, Instrumental Music. Front row from left: Milani Lau, Family & Consumer Sciences; McKenna Nelson, Visual Arts; Sierra Davis, World Languages; Savannah Phelps, Dance; Madeline Shearer, Vocal Performance.

Paradigm High School

Back row from left: Lauren Mueller, Dance; Jamie Kelsch, English; Alannah Hall, Instrumental Music; Kimberly Tangren, Family & Consumer Sciences. Center row from left: Stacey Armstrong, World Languages; Sharlanae Adams, Science; Jessica Simpson, Vocal Performance; Clellie Irwin, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics. Front row from left: Carly Sebaske, Social Science; Emily Jamison, Mathematics; Kayla Rockwell, Visual Arts.

Orem High School

Back row from left: Monica Christiansen, Instrumental Music; Brinnan Schill, English; Cecilia Salas, Family & Consumer Sciences; Leslie Colton, Mathematics; Joseph Swain, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Josh Evans, Business & Marketing; Courtney Warren, World Languages; Jessica Seaman, Science. Front row from left: Megan Peterson, Visual Arts; Hannah Thompson, Vocal Performance; Bain Woolstenhulme, Dance; Hayden Magness, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Britta Adams, Social Science; Whitney Hingson, Computer Technology.

Mountain View High School

Back row from left: Dallin Miner, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Daniel Harker, English; Chandler Wyckoff, Business & Marketing. Middle row from left: Alexander Smith, Computer Technology; Kaden Hellewell, World Languages; Duncan Johnson, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Andrew Atoa, Mathematics; Nathan Kloepfer, Science. Front row from left: Fiona Barney, Visual Arts; Marissa Merritt, Vocal Performance; Susannah Larsen, Family & Consumer Sciences; Amanda Flinders, Dance; Adrienne Williams, Instrumental Music; Heidi Qin, Social Science.

Merit Academy

Back row from left: Kristian Huff, Dance; Jamison Moody, Mathematics; Andrew Redd, Science; Collin Clark, Visual Arts; Ashley Brown, World Languages. Front row from left: Ethan Edwards, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Jonah Young, Instrumental Music; Jessica Reyes, Vocal Performance; Savannah Ius, English; Becky Trammel, Computer Technology; Melissa Rangel, Social Science.

Maple Mountain High School

Back row from left: Tanner Henry, English; Tucker Lund, Skilled & Technical Sciences; Nathan Clawson, Mathematics; Nathan Hurst, Instrumental Music; Dallin Miller, World Languages; Jared Clark Science. Middle row from left: Christian Taylor; Computer Technology, Brenda Quintana, Social Science; Rachel Everett, Visual Arts; Rebekkah Hart, Business & Marketing. Front row from left: Chelsey Sorensen, Family & Consumer Sciences; Whitney Johns, Dance; Lydia Ames, Vocal Performance; Beatriz Melo, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics.

Lone Peak High School

Back row from left: Benjamin Morgan, Instrumental Music; Benjamin Jensen, Science; Dominic Zappala, Vocal Performance; Jonathan Peterson, Mathematics; Austin Heath, Business & Marketing; Tanner Ostenson, Computer Technology; Spencer Barlow, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics. Front row from left: Elise Wilding, English; Sabrina Reilley, Dance; Ellis Chaffetz, Family & Consumer Sciences; Emily Pace, Social Science; Hannah Pulsipher, Visual Arts; Sarah Sparks, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education. Not pictured: Marcor Peterson, World Languages.

Lehi High School

Back row from left: Christian Madsen, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Alesha Hatch, Business & Marketing; Allison Shumway, English; Camille Beck, Vocal Performance; Marissa Eisert, World Languages; Tony Phan, Mathematics; Nicole Smith, Instrumental Music; Kimmy Phan, Science; Thayne Caldwell, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Gentri Wendel, Family & Consumer Sciences; Heather Davies, Dance. Front row from left: Halea Walker, Social Science; Gibson Ainge, Computer Technology; Chris Rosenbalm, Visual Arts.

Karl Maeser Preparatory Academy

Back row from left: Ashton Wiersdorf, Computer Technology; Haley Mosher, Visual Arts; Riley Corrigan, Social Science; SharLee Estes, Dance. Middle row from left: Sarah Killpack, Instrumental Music; R. Scott Collings, Mathematics; Kaya Stokes, World Languages; Nina Marcello, Science; Megan Gale, Family & Consumer Sciences. Front row from left: Jessica Drake, Vocal Performance; Andrea Cancino-Saenz, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Olivia Webb, English.

Provo High School

Back row from left: Kevin Torgersen, Social Science; Michael Allen, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics. Fourth row from left: Brittany Rieske Computer Technology; Logan Sanford, Family & Consumer Sciences. Third row from left: Rachel Uhl, Science; Rebecca Bishop, Vocal Performance; Ari Powell, Dance. Second row from left: Emmanuel Valdez, Business & Marketing; Margot Porter, Instrumental Music; Emily Pace, World Languages; Simon Li, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education. Front row from left: Starla Eckhardt English; Ivan Ramirez, Visual Arts. Not pictured: Josh Jarvis, Mathematics.

Pleasant Grove High School

Back row from left: Zach Hall, Business & Marketing; Kailean OKeefe, Computer Technology; Zach Young, World Languages; Taleb Gneiting, Science; Chandler Paulsen, Skilled & Technical Education. Center row from left: Emily Kerr, Family & Consumer Sciences, Austyn Haymond, Speech/Theatre Arts/Forensics. Front row from left: Amber Nielsen, Dance; Kassie Hamilton, Vocal Performance; Cole Thatcher, Mathematics; Nathan Adamson, Instrumental Music; Krista Clark, Social Science; Camilla Coronado, English.