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"The Sterling Scholar Awards publicly recognizes and encourages the pursuit of excellence in scholarship, leadership and citizenship of high school seniors in the state of Utah,” the mission statement says.

Here's a look at the 2014 Central Area Sterling Scholars.

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>> Members of the Woods Cross Jazz band perform for the 2013 Sterling Scholar awards ceremony Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at Cottonwood High School.

Academy for Math Engineering and Science

Back row from left: Ali Nazzal, Computer Science; Ashley Shaw, World Languages; Mahala Sakaeda, Science; Haniel Barajas Gutierrez, Business & Marketing; Josiah LaCombe, Instrumental Music. Middle row from left: Margarent Jarvis, Vocal Performance; Paulina Pedroza, Dance; Sadie Ledbetter, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Michelle Tran, Visual Arts. Front row from left: Yeri Garcia, English; Alice To, Mathematics.

Bingham High School

Back row from left: Kevin Pham, Computer Tech; Riley French, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Joel Howarth, Social Science; Jay Rollins, Mathematics; Jason Saunders, Science; Trent McMillan, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education. Front row from left: Aubrey Milligan, Instrumental Music; Kristen Hartley, Visual Arts; Rachel Quigley, English; Carla Swensen, World Languages; Selia Ririe, Business & Marketing; Sarah Simpson, Family & Consumer Sciences; Pyper Thorn, Dance.

Brighton High School

Back row from left: Mitchel Kenney, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Sydney Anderson, Instrumental Music; Joshua Sperry, Mathematics; Nicholas Ward, Computer Technology; Dexter Clark, Social Science; Brianna Bergman, Dance; Ryan Fogarty, English; Marianne Newell, Visual Arts; Lyndie Mitchell, Science; Front row from left: Sarah Halligan, Family & Consumer Sciences; Connor Caldwell, Business & Marketing; Valeria Carrillo, World Languages; Parke Groneman, Vocal Performance; Kate Abbott, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics.

Copper Hills High School

Back row from left: Jacob Lowry, Computer Technology; Raegan Stirling, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Matthew Hansen, Science; Micheal Jensen, Visual Arts; Cassidy Gummersall Social Science. Middle row from left: Katie Hokanson, Instrumental Music; Shae Henrie, English; Sierra Nichols, Business & Marketing; Brielle Peterson, Vocal Performance. Front row from left: Abigail Acton, World Languages; Anna Murphy, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Mitchell Davis, Mathematics; McKensie Fordham, Dance; Breylin Talbot, Family & Consumer Sciences.

Cottonwood High School

Back row from left: Daniel George, Instrumental Music; Jordan Stumph-Stoddard, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Jonathan Hornbaker, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Ty Poffenberger, World Languages; Justin Swanger, English. Middle row from left: Madison Kelsch, Dance; Meghan Allen, Visual Arts; Sarah Delap, Social Science; Taylor Dumas, Family & Consumer Sciences. Front row from left: Annie Cowden, Vocal Performance; Lucas Priskos, Science; Brandon Egbert, not participating; Jacob Reschke, Business & Marketing; Antonia Gooch, Mathematics.

Cyprus High School

Back row from left: Parker Paulsen, Science; Cheyenne Terry, English; Adam Wells, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Brittany Pope, Business & Marketing; Tayler Jensen, Mathematics; Jenna Langford, Social Science. Middle row from left: Olga Hernandez-Favela, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Natalie Turley, Instrumental Music; Ashley Howe, Dance; Christina Nielson, Visual Arts. Front row from left: Kelly Smith, World Languages; Christina Sigrah, Family & Consumer Sciences; Jaymon McDevitt, Vocal Performance.

Granger High School

Back row from left: Zakary Larsen, Science; Madison Pitcher, Dance; Derek Dapp, Computer Technology, Aaron Gentillon, Mathematics; Anna Fuller, Vocal Performance. Front row from left: Christa Howe, World Languages; Miley Nguyen, Instrumental Music; Sierra Dwight, Social Science; Heidi Turner, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Bianca Gomez, English.

Herriman High School

Back row from left: Katerina Elshaug, Science; Braden Hooton, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Ashley Kang, World Languages; Hunter Young, Visual Arts; Brenna Scadden, Business & Marketing; Garrett Kelsch, Computer Technology; Aysa Johnson, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education. Front row from left: Amberlee Merrill, Vocal Performance; Brooke Mosby, Mathematics; Matilyn Mortensen, English; Delaney Dangerfield, Family & Consumer Sciences; MeKaela McCurdy, Dance; Sierra Beck, Social Science. Not pictured: Anna Galura, Instrumental Music.

Highland High School

Back row from left: Nicholas Adelman, Visual Arts; Jaden Brooks, Social Science; Amy Nielsen, Dance; Uinise Ofa Halaufia, Science; Claire Prasad, English; Jeffrey Lingen, Computer Technology; Yotam Ardon, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics. Front row from left: Mary Elizabeth Stratford, Instrumental Music; Sanga Mohmand, World Languages; Kaitlin McLean, Mathematics; Sarah Koelliker, Family & Consumer Sciences; Devin Sheridan, Vocal Performance.

Hillcrest High School

Back row from left: Faith Weaver, World Languages; Kody Rees, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; David Sagae, Business & Marketing; Jared Croft, Mathematics; Charles Hellige, Visual Arts; Naveen Rathi, Science; Jason Day, Instrumental Music; Sarah Patterson English. Front row from left: Mallory Elder, Family & Consumer Sciences; Heather Thomsen, Computer Technology; Erin Kaseda, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Emilee Burton, Vocal Performance; Miranda Jessop, Social Science; Jennifer Zackrison, Dance.

Hunter High School

Back row from left: Zane Jensen, Business & Marketing; Tanner Foy, Mathematics; Colton Coon, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Patrick Powell, Computer Technology. Middle row from left: Jessica Bagshaw, Social Science; Eric Nhem, English; Ashley Joseph, World Languages; Kendal Familar, Dance; Caroline McCleery, Science; Candace Farley, Vocal Performance; Kayla Tucker, Visual Arts. Front row from left: Danielle Wilson, Instrumental Music; Courtney Magill, Family & Consumer Sciences; Melissa Burggraaf, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics.

Jordan High School

Back row from left: Ryan C. Johnson, Science; Stephen Buma, Mathematics; Tanner Nelson, World Languages; Kirri Johnson, English; Whitney King, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Noah Harmer, Business & Marketing; Aaron Pabst, Computer Technology. Front row from left: Abigail Lancaster, Vocal Performance; Rachel Batty, Instrumental Music; Jenneca Allred, Family & Consumer Sciences; Sasha McKee, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Alex Posselli, Dance; Chelsia Liu, Social Science.

Kearns High School

Back row from left: Justin Bowen, Instrumental Music; Emily Harmon, Vocal Performance; Chris Hymas, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Tyler Butterfield, Business & Marketing; Morgan Vankatwik, Dance; Mckenzi Anderson, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Brittney Boucher, Mathematics. Front row from left: Sabreena Barton, Science; Koi Chavez, World Languages; Nancy Diaz, not participating; Kylie Drennan, Family & Consumer Sciences; Jade Lopatriello, English. Not pictured: Whitney Bloomquist, Social Science.

Mountain Heights Academy

Back row from left: Seth Manesse, Instrumental Music; Olivia Miles, Visual Arts; Belinda Davis, Social Science; Samuel Harrington, Computer Technology. Front row from left: Drew Angelovic, Dance; ShiAnne Dansie, English.

Murray High School

Back row from left: Peter Rosen, Instrumental Music; Marisa Bell, Mathematics; Kristin Breding, Dance; LeAnn Lam, Science; Brianna Selph, Social Science; Jennifer Goldsberry, English; Alison Carter, Vocal Performance; James Cosgrove, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education. Front row from left: Sonene Donnelly, Visual Arts; Yvonne Wu, Business & Marketing; Angie Nickerson, World Languages; Kendra Koester, Computer Technology; Ashley Hafen, Family & Consumer Sciences; Jasmine Crespo, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics.

Olympus High School

Back row from left: Albert James May, English; Ryan Tatton, Mathematics; Matthew Spurrier, Skilled & Techinical Sciences Education; James Wright, Business & Marketing; Cole Shepherd, Computer Technology. Middle row from left: McElle Thornton, Family & Consumer Sciences; Matthew Pettit, World Languages; Stewart Maxfield, Social Science; Alexander Hall; Speech/Theater Artis/Forensics. Front row from left: Maren Bills, Vocal Performance; Hannah Mathison, Visual Arts; Stewart Houser, Instrumental Music; Claire Khodadad, Science; Tara Sato, Dance.

Riverton High School

Back row from left: Mason DeWeese, Instrumental Music; Olivia Fischer, Business & Marketing; Christian Lambert, Mathematics; Tanner Welton, Computer Technology; Wyatt McNeill, World Languages; Lindsay Erekson, Family & Consumer Sciences; Cannon Lambert, English; Amber Barron, Science. Front row from left: Whitney Nelson, Dance; Ireland Christensen, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Daniel Sorensen, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Whitney Stone, Visual Arts; Taylor Chelak, Social Science; Halie Woolley, Vocal Performance.

Skyline High School

Back row from left: Shannon Brown, Instrumental Music; Jane Saviers-Steiger, English; Matthew Wilcox, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Rajdeep Trilokekar, Science; Nathan Moos, Computer Technology; Beret Brems, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Hannah Moffat, Visual Arts. Front row from left: Amy Folsom, Dance; Tara Trueax, Family/Consumer Sciences; Patricia Calzado, Business & Marketing Education; Anna Sossenheimer, World Languages; Jennifer Zhou, Social Science. Not pictured: Tessa Brunnenmeyer, Vocal Performance; Wyatt Mackey, Mathematics.

Taylorsville High School

Back row from left: Justin Morgan, Instrumental Music; Josh Banks, World Languages; Stephen Loertscher, Speech/Theatre Arts/Forensics; Zack Dea, Computer Technology; Gano Hasanbegovic, Social Science; Nathaniel Baxter, English; Beau Trujillo, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education. Front row from left: Ben Andersen, Science; Hannah Jackson, Vocal Performance; Melody Cribbs, Visual Arts; Montanna Moore, Dance; Amanda Brenchley, Business & Marketing; Candice James, Family & Consumer Sciences; Daniel Bertrand, Mathematics.

West Jordan High School

Back row from left: Hayley Hancock, Visual Arts; Andy Armstrong, Mathematics; Mitchell Atencio, Instrumental Music; Dillen Clark, Social Science; Brent Beales, Science; Carson Ivory, Vocal Performance; Jonathan Cooke, Computer Technology. Middle row from left: Allie Lucero, World Languages; Taylor Stevens, English; McKenzie Gerber, Dance. Front row from left: Kyra Watts, Family & Consumer Sciences; Sara Adamson, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Jessica Peters, Business & Marketing; Joseph Kasal, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education.

East High School

Back row from left: Madelaine Lamach, Vocal Performance; Bonnie Bennett, Instrumental Music; Kasia Eilers, Speech/Theatre Arts/Forensics; Chien-Hsueh Huang, Computer Technology; Yance Sun, Mathematics; Spencer Wilson, Social Science; Chandler Paulsen, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education. Front row from left: Courtney Maxfield, Visual Arts; Delia Arrellano, World Languages; Samantha Zuro, English; Gabrielle Hicken, Dance; Shannon Le, Family & Consumer Sciences; Babhash Neupane, Science.

Salt Lake School of the Performing Arts

From left, Caroline Spikner, Dance; Jillian Brenner, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics. Not pictured: Alex Burgess, Vocal Performance.