Carlos Boozer sounded off to the Chicago Sun-Times on Monday about being left out of the lineup in the fourth quarter of numerous games by Bulls’ coach Tom Thibodeau.

But Boozer didn’t seem to think a meeting with his coach was necessary.

“He knows that. He’s aware of that,” Boozer said. “I feel great, body feels great. I think I’m very productive in the limited minutes that I am getting … but yeah, I do want to be out there in the fourth quarter, let’s make that clear.’’

What’s still not so clear is how he missed 49 games with a bad hamstring when he was with the Jazz.

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A headline Rock On’s wishes he’d seen on Monday: “Super Bowl performance puts Bruno Mars’ legacy in doubt, too.”


Former Jazz coach Jerry Sloan had a banner raised at EnergySolutions Arena, Friday, commemorating his 1,223 wins in Utah. Numerous video tributes were shown on the message screen, including one from Charles Barkley.

“My only regret,” Barkley said, “is (do) you know how good you would've been if you'd only had a real power forward like me?"

Here’s guessing Sloan would have strangled him long before either got to the Hall of Fame.


President Barack Obama sent a handwritten letter of congratulations to Sloan for his illustrious career.

“But us Bulls fans still claim you for your grit and work ethic,” he wrote, using improper grammar.

Somewhere Dan Quayle is saying, “Maybe now they’ll forget ‘potatoe.’”


Molly Schuyler is the 125-pound mother of four who ate 363 hot wings in 30 minutes at last week’s Wing Bowl.

The competitive eater also downed a 72-ounce steak in three minutes earlier in the month.

Sad but true: When you’re a mom with a growing family, it’s hard to take time for real sit-down meals.


Legendary quarterback Joe Namath did the opening toss at the Super Bowl, but tried to flip the coin before the teams had chosen heads or tails.

How awkward.

Not the coin flip.

The fur coat.


A couple of days after losing to nationally ranked San Diego State, USU basketball coach Stew Morrill said, “The main thing is that we don’t have a hangover from the other night.”

Isn’t this something Dennis Rodman should have been telling himself long ago?


Utah comedian and radio personality Keith Stubbs on Twitter: “Fun fact: Sochi is the Burley, Idaho of Russia.”