Paul George's in-game 360 windmill dunk against the Clippers last week went viral. It was so great that we decided to make a list of the best in-game dunks in recent memory. Here is a list of the 15 best in-game NBA dunks since the 2000 season featuring Blake Griffin, Vince Carter, LeBron James and more.

#15: Vince Carter alley-oop

Vince Carter wowed the NBA for years with his high-flying dunks, particularly in the dunk contest. This alley-oop came against the L.A. Lakers early in his career when he played for the Toronto Raptors.

#14: Paul George fast break

Paul George has emerged as one of the best players in the NBA, leading the Indiana Pacers to a league-best 33-8 record. He showed off his phenomenal athleticism with this dunk last week against the Clippers

#13: Baron Davis on Andrei Kirilenko

Baron Davis exploded for this dunk against Andrei Kirilenko and the Jazz in the 2007 NBA playoffs. The Jazz went on to win the series and make it to the Western Conference Finals.

#12: Ronnie Price on Carlos Boozer

Ronnie Price posterized Carlos Boozer in the 2006 season while playing for the Sacramento Kings. Price, a UVU graduate, was blessed with tremendous athleticism.

#11: Blake Griffin on Pau Gasol

Blake Griffin nearly took Pau Gasol’s head off with this dunk in 2012. Griffin has taken the NBA dunk scene by storm in his three years in the league and is constantly on SportsCenter for his high-flying dunks.

#10: Paul George on Chris Anderson

Paul George blew past LeBron James and jammed it home on Chris Anderson in the 2013 Eastern Conference Finals. George and the Pacers took James and the Heat to seven games, but failed to make the NBA Finals.

#9: Tracy McGrady on Shawn Bradley

Tracy McGrady blew by his man and dunked it on the 7-foot-6 Shawn Bradley in the 2005 NBA playoffs. The Houston Rockets ended up losing that playoff series, but that dunk remained as one of the best of McGrady’s career.

#8: Blake Griffin on Pau Gasol

Griffin has a thing for abusing Pau Gasol. This dunk and the previous dunk on Gasol happened to be in the same game.

#7: Kirk Snyder on Von Wafer

Kirk Snyder was drafted by the Utah Jazz in 2004 and bounced around the league for a few years. He ended up playing overseas in Russia and China. This dunk against the Lakers was the highlight of his NBA career.

#6: Vince Carter on Tim Duncan

Carter, arguably the greatest dunker of all time, embarrassed Tim Duncan as a member of the Toronto Raptors.

#5: Corey Brewer on Derek Fisher

Corey Brewer nearly jumped over Derek Fisher to throw down this massive dunk in transition against the Lakers in 2009. Brewer is still a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

#4: LeBron James on John Lucas

The four-time NBA MVP LeBron James effortlessly leaped over current Jazz player John Lucas in 2012. James has many great dunks in his career, but this one is arguably the best.

#3: Vince Carter on Alonzo Mourning

Carter threw it down on elite shot blocker Alonzo Mourning as a member of the New Jersey Nets in one of the greatest dunks of his career.

#2: Blake Griffin on Kendrick Perkins

Blake Griffin and Vince Carter each have three of the top 15 dunks since the year 2000. Griffin destroyed Kendrick Perkins in this dunk, using Perkins’ body to hang in the air longer. Griffin technically didn’t touch the rim, but it is still a phenomenal throw down.

#1: DeAndre Jordan on Brandon Knight

DeAndre Jordan got his head above the rim and threw Brandon Knight to the floor in this 2013 dunk. It is the best dunk since 2000 and maybe the best dunk ever.

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