Gary Crowton, SUU and Twitter — also, Obesity Week gets a boost from . . . Dunkin' Donuts.

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Southern Utah University A.D. Ken Beazer has been on Twitter fewer than three months. He has produced just 16 tweets to date.

But on Dec. 9 he announced a contract extension through 2020 for football coach Ed Lamb. On Sunday he tweeted “Welcome Gary Crowton as the newest member of the SUU football coaching staff.”

Good stuff, but Beazer doesn’t quite have it down.

Rock On’s rule of thumb for high-end tweeting: Don’t use it for announcing coaching moves. Do use it to have big embarrassing Twitter fights with rival A.Ds., or better still, one’s own coaches.

Everything else is just white noise.


The SUU move will be Crowton’s 14th as a college coach.

It is believed that by 2016 his coaching stops will actually exceed the number of plays in his playbook.


You can’t buy taste.

Jim Harbaugh’s wife Sarah told radio listeners on 99.7 FM in San Francisco that her husband keeps buying Walmart khakis.

“I’ve thrown them away many times,” she said last week. “I threw them out when he went to the combine. He found a Walmart. They were eight dollars! Eight dollars!”

She continued, “I’ve asked him, “Please, pleats are gone. Wear the flat front.’ I will not take the blame for his outfits.”

Good thing she’s not married to Bill Belichick.


A couple in Alabama has named its daughter Krimson Tyde.

Is this a ‘Bama thing, or can fans plan on a baby named Thundering Herd showing up in West Virginia?


Denver quarterback Peyton Manning caused a stir after being heard calling “Omaha!” 44 times on pre-snap counts two Sundays ago. He continued in the Broncos’ AFC Championship game against New England.

No word on why Stephen Curry has allegedly started shouting Albuquerque!” every time the Warriors set up a play.


Liverpool FC marked National Obesity Week by announcing a sponsorship agreement with Dunkin’ Donuts.

The pastry-maker’s website says the eateries offer “great-tasting food and beverages that meet many different dietary needs.”

Particularly if those needs include the words “cream” “glazed,” “sprinkles” and “frosting.”


Headline on “President Barack Obama says he would not let his son play pro football.”

Since when has anyone — even the president — been able to tell his 23-year-old what to do?


Seattle Times columnist Dwight Perry on the Rockets scoring 73 points in the first half and 19 in the second in a loss to Oklahoma City: “Bet Kevin McHale never uses that halftime speech again.”

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