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From credit card hacking, same-sex marriage and African civil wars, a lot has happened over this week. Take our quiz to see how well you've been paying attention.

Which African nation fell into civil war this week after an attempted coup?
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1) South Africa

2) South Sudan

3) Ghana

4) Kenya

South Sudan
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Last Saturday, the military of South Sudan fractured along tribal lines and began fighting each other throughout the nation. The president blames the vice president and vice versa. At least 500 people are estimated to have been killed a week later.

Which state legalized same-sex marriage on Thursday?
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1) Texas

2) Utah

3) Arizona

4) New Mexico

New Mexico
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New Mexico's Supreme Court ruled that state laws prohibiting same-sex marriage were unconstitutional. New Mexico is the 17th state to legalize same-sex marriage, along with the District of Columbia.

What nation has started taking actions against U.S. embassies and staff in the wake of an international incident?
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1) China

2) India

3) Saudi Arabia

4) Argentina

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Last Wednesday, U.S. officials arrested Devyani Khobragade, the Indian deputy consul general, for faulty visa application submission. Reports of mistreatment quickly spread in India, which demanded her release, and India has taken actions such as removing security features from U.S. embassies in India, and Indian officials have spoken about possible action against U.S. ambassadors and officials in the country.

Which major store chain announced that it would not carry physical copies of Beyonce's surprise album?
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1) Walmart

2) Target

3) K-Mart

4) Walgreens

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On Tuesday, Target announced that it would not carry physical copies of Beyonce's self-titled album that was unexpectedly put on sale on iTunes last Friday. Target believes that there is no point in carrying physical copies after the album has already been on sale digitally.

To which country did Edward Snowden provided information that the U.S. was spying on them?
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1) Brazil

2) Chile

3) Argentina

4) Venezuela

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Edward Snowden very publicly offered Brazil information about the NSA's spying operations on the country in an open letter to the Brazilian public.

Which East Asian country announced a boost in military spending amidst tensions in the region?
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1) Vietnam

2) China

3) Japan

4) Taiwan

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Japan will be building a new amphibious assault force according to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, essentially creating a Japanese Marine Corps. This despite the fact that Japan is not allowed to possess an offensive military according to its post-war constitution. Japan already has the world's fifth largest military budget.

Which nation pulled out all of its combat troops from Afghanistan on Sunday?
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1) France

2) Australia

3) Canada

4) Germany

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The last Australian combat troops departed Afghanistan on Sunday, marking the end of Australia's active role in the 12-year conflict.

According to Reporters Without Borders, which nation was the deadliest for journalists this year?
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1) Syria

2) Pakistan

3) India

4) Philippines

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Perhaps no surprise, Syria was announced to be the deadliest country for journalists in 2013. The country has suffered almost three years of civil war and has ranked high on the list of deadliest places for journalists every year of the conflict.

True or false: Phil Robertson has been suspended from the hit show "Duck Dynasty."
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A&E has suspended "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson after Robertson made statements in an interview that many call homophobic and racist.

True or false: Michelle Bachelet is the first person to be elected president of Chile twice since the end of military rule?
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On Sunday, Michelle Bachelet, a center-left candidate, became the first person to be elected president of the country twice. She served previously from 2006-2010. The Chilean constitution bans consecutive terms for presidents.