From Syria and Egypt to government shutdown and the Affordable Care Act, 2013 has had its fair share of newsworthy events.

In no particular order, here is a glimpse of the news in 2013 as told by political cartoons.

Mayor Bloomberg's crackdown on large, sugary sodas
The Supreme Court's ruling on DOMA
Edward Snowden's adventures in Sheremetyevo International Airport
Detroit declares bankruptcy
The selling of the Washington Post and the Boston Globe
U.S. and Russia relations
College affordability
Crisis in Syria
The year of Miley Cyrus
Chemical weapons in Syria
Minimum wage debates
McCain plays poker on the job
Affordable Care Act website woes
A nuclear Iran
Remembering Tom Clancy
Remembering Nelson Mandela
One year after the Sandy Hook shooting
Congressional approval ratings
Government shutdown
Gun control laws
Fast food worker strikes
College affordability continued
Immigration reform
More Affordable Care Act woes, this time with the NSA
Ruling against the NSA
GOP civil war
NSA spying
Second-term woes
Nuclear deal with Iran
Congressional gridlock