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The NSA is back in the headlines, along with the Golden Globes and the Philippines. Have you been paying attention to current events over the week? Take our quiz to find out.

Which movie received the most Golden Globe nominations this year?
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1) "12 Years a Slave"

2) "American Hustle"

3) "Gravity"

4) "The Wolf of Wall Street"

"12 Years a Slave" … and "American Hustle"
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The dark historic drama about slavery in the South, and the comedic crime drama embellishing real-life scams both were announced to be nominated for seven awards each.

Which nation ruled same-sex marriage laws passed on a local level unconstitutional this week?
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1) Canada

2) Liberia

3) U.S.

4) Australia


The Australian Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that same-sex marriages performed in the Australian Capital Territory were unconstitutional after Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot pushed a lawsuit against the law. In Australia, only the federal government has the power to decide the definition of marriage.

The roughly 30 same-sex marriages performed since the law was passed are now considered invalid.

Which country's prime minister was seen taking a photo with President Barrack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron at the memorial for Nelson Mandela?
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1) Iceland

2) Finland

3) Norway

4) Denmark

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It was Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt who was initiating the photo that quickly went viral.

Who was Time magazine's Person of the Year?
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1) Miley Cyrus

2) President Barrack Obama

3) Pope Francis

4) Michael Fassbender

Pope Francis
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Coming as no surprise to many, the pope has been in the spotlight for much of the past year for his remarks on church doctrine and personal experiences.

Which country bordering the Arctic announced plans of a new military focus in the strategically important region?
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1) Norway

2) Canada

3) Russia

4) U.S.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday new military plans shifting significant focus on the Arctic region amidst recent events such as Canada claiming the North Pole as part of its border. Putin demanded that several Russian military arctic bases be upgraded by the end of the year.

Which world leader did President Barrack Obama notably shake hands with at Nelson Mandela's funeral?
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1) Fidel Castro

2) Raul Castro

3) Kim Jong-Un

4) Stephen Harper

Raul Castro
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Despite the continued enforcement of an embargo against communist Cuba, President Obama didn't hesitate to shake the hand of his Cuban counterpart. Mandela and the Castro brothers were good friends.

Which country legalized marijuana this week?

1) Mexico

2) The Netherlands

3) Vietnam

4) Uruguay

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In what the United Nations is calling a violation of international law, Uruguay legalized marijuana on Tuesday.

Which East Asian country announced it was expanding its air defense zone in response to China expanding its own zone?
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1) Taiwan

2) South Korea

3) Japan

4) North Korea

South Korea
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In response to China announcing that it was expanding its air defense zone to include territory claimed by other nations, South Korea expanded its own on Sunday, expanding it to overlap with China's zone.

True or false: More than a dozen journalists have been killed in the Philippines this year.
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At least 12 journalists have been killed in the country this year, with three killed in the past two weeks. This has called into question the country's safety and the competency of its government in providing protection.

True or false: The NSA piggybacks on Google cookies.
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The National Security Agency has secretly been monitoring tools companies use to track consumers for ad targeting in order to find potential hackers.