Utah State’s Matt Wells took coach-speak to the next level on Saturday after the Aggie clinched a Mountain West Conference playoff spot.

He said running back Joey DeMartino, is “in there on guts and determination.

Added Wells, “The kid just oozes guts, and sometimes it’s not pretty and sometimes it’s not highlight reel, but you look up and the kid’s got another hundred yards and he’s pounding it, down after down.”

Coach-speak notwithstanding, Rock On has to agree: oozing guts definitely isn’t pretty.

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An unidentified NBA assistant coach recently told SNY.tv’s Adam Zagoria that, if drafted today, Duke’s Jabari Parker would be the Jazz’s best player.

Considering they were 2-14 at the time, isn’t that like saying you’re the best actor in “The Beast of Yucca Flats”?


BYU’s loss to Notre Dame last month occurred under frigid conditions. Temperatures were in the low 20s, with 20-35 mph winds.

Receiver JD Falslev pointed out he’s a Utah native, yet “those are the worst conditions I have ever played in.”

Does that include the times they got garbage-pelted at Rice-Eccles Stadium?


After Isiah Thomas referred to Karl Malone as the “weak link” on the Jazz teams of the 1990s, a few weeks ago, the Mailman told 1280-The Zone, “I’m not even gonna stoop to those levels…Hopefully he’s enjoying his retirement life, or lack thereof…Happy Thanksgiving to the fella.”

Oh, and no charge on those 1993 stitches to the eyebrow, Zeke.


Michigan went for a 2-point conversion with 32 seconds left but failed in a 42-41 loss to Ohio State on Saturday.

Asked about the risky move, ex-Wolverine and current Jazz guard Trey Burke told reporters, “You’ve got nothing to lose …”

Other than, you know, the game.


McDonald’s has been testing a new football season item called the “Blitz Box.”

The meal includes two quarter-pounders with cheese, two medium orders of fries and a 20-piece bucket of chicken nuggets — nearly 3,000 calories.

Rock On sources say they still plan to have their cashiers say, “You want to Supersize that?”


The Chicago Blackhawks sold out 2,013 vials of melted ice from their championship season for $99 apiece.

Which makes it only slightly more expensive than buying party ice at 7-Eleven.