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Playstation 4, Canadian boycotts, nuclear options being used, have you been paying attention to world news over the past week? Take our quiz and find out.

How many Playstation 4s did Sony sell on opening day?
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1) 5,000,000

2) 700,000

3) 1,000,000

4) 3,400,000

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On Sunday, Sony announced that it had sold 1 million PLay Station 4 units on the product's first day.

What did NASA send into space this week?
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1) Replacement water tank for the ISS

2) A satellite to study Mars

3) A rover designed to survive on Venus

4) A rescue mission for George Clooney, tragically trapped there after the filming of "Gravity."

A satellite to study Mars

MAVEN, or Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution, was successfully launched into space and is on its way to Mars where the satellite will orbit the planet in hopes of measuring the atmosphere and studying what happened to it over the (billions of) years.

What event did Canada boycott this past week?

1) News footage involving Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

2) Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting

3) U.N. General Assembly meetings

4) Negotiations with the U.S. and Mexico regarding NAFTA

Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting
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Held in the Sri Lankan city of Colombo, Canada, along with India and Mauritius, boycotted the meeting of heads of state of the former British Empire over allegations of Sri Lanka's record of human rights violations during its civil war with the ethnic Tamils.

How many votes are required to override a filibuster under the "nuclear option" Senate Democrats enacted this week?
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1) 61

2) 50

3) 51

5) 60

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Senate Democrats eliminated rules stating that 60 votes are required to overturn most filibusters, instead changing it to a simple majority for the majority of filibuster attempts. This was done after Senate GOP members filibustered all of the nominees for several judicial appointments to lower courts.

What city is Rob Ford mayor of?
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1) Toronto

2) Vancouver

3) Calgary

4) Cardston


Mayor Rob Ford has been under the media spotlight in recent days over admitted use of illegal substances.

Which country's legislative body gave its president unprecedented powers this week?

1) Egypt

2) Syria

3) Venezuela

4) Japan

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Venezuela's National Assembly voted to give President Nicolás Maduro powers to make decrees regarding the economy without having to consult the assembly first.

Which Christian church decided this week to allow the ordinations of women to higher offices such as bishop?

1) Roman Catholic

2) Greek Orthodox

3) Church of Sweden

4) Church of England

Church of England

On Wednesday, the legislative body of the Church of England, the General Synod, voted to allow the ordination of women as bishops by 2014.

Which auto company announced it would be able to cease needing government assistance this week?
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1) GM

2) Chrysler

3) Volvo

4) Dodge

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The federal government has announced that it will sell its remaining shares in the auto company, bought as part of the bailout of the industry, by the end of the year with the belief that GM will be profitable enough to sustain itself.

True or false: The Colbert Nation (fans of Comedy Central comedian Stephen Colbert) raised a quarter of a million dollars for the Philippines relief in a bid to give more than China.
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Members of the Colbert Nation were able to raise a quarter of a million dollars for aid, $150,000 more than the original pledge of the Chinese government of $100,000 in aid.

True or false: Samsung paid a $1 billion fine to Apple in nothing but nickels.
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The Guardian does a pretty good job of explaining why this one is false.