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What is the total number of people who have signed up for insurance through the Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges?
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1) 106,185

2) 105, 874

3) 111,782

4) 99, 103

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Since the exchanges launch at the beginning of October, 106,185 have signed up for health care plans using the insurance exchanges set up by state and federal agencies.

How many have signed up for health care on exchanges run by the federal government?
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1) 27, 978

2) 26,794

3) 28,497

4) 25,534

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Roughly 25 percent of those who signed up for health care under the exchanges did so using, the federally run and operated website.

How many have signed up for insurance using exchanges run by state agencies?
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1) 79, 932

2) 79,391

3) 78, 895

4) 80, 037

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The vast majority of people who have signed up for insurance using the exchanges did so using health care sites run by states instead of the federal government.

How many people are estimated to have died so far in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan?
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1) 10,592

2) 2,357

3) 4,311

4) 1,097

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The current death toll makes Haiyan the second deadliest typhoon to hit the Philippines. Many more are missing, and hundreds of thousands are in need of aid.

Which country was criticized for initially only offering to donate $100,000 of aid to the Philippines?
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1) Saudi Arabia

2) United States

3) Brazil

4) China

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China was criticized both at home and abroad for its initial contribution of only $100,000 to the typhoon-stricken nation, with which China has a rocky and often volatile relation. It was believed that the small donation was not befitting a nation that actively seeks to become a world power.

China later increased its amount to $1.2 million.

The Kurdish population of which Middle East country declared autonomy on Wednesday?
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1) Syria

2) Turkey

3) Iraq

4) Iran

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In the midst of clashes between Kurdish militias and Islamist militias in recent weeks, Kurdish authorities have stated that they will govern the northeast of the country under their rule until the conflict comes to an end.

Which state legalized same-sex marriage on Tuesday?
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1) Alabama

2) Hawaii

3) Oregon

4) Rhode Island

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Hawaii became the 15th state to legalize same-sex marriage this week.

What rare animal was seen for the first time in 15 years in the jungles of Vietnam?
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1) Emu

2) Saola

3) Household cat

4) Javan tiger


The "Asian Unicorn" was spotted for the first time in 15 years when cameras placed in the jungles of Vietnam managed to nab a picture of the rare animal. This helps spark hope for those wishing to conserve the species, which is considered severely endangered.

True or false: The USNS Mercy, a hospital ship being deployed to the Philippines to assist in disaster relief, is the U.S. Navy's largest vessel.

The hospital ship USNS Mercy, and her sister ship the Comfort, are the second largest vessels in the United States Navy's fleet. They are narrowly outclassed by the Nimitz class supercarriers that are considered the central piece of U.S. power projection. Though both the Mercy and Nimitz class ships will be outsized by the latest generation of supercarries, the Gerald R. Ford.

True or False: Poppy farmers in Afghanistan turned in a record breaking opium crop this year.
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Despite NATO forces' decade-long attempt at discouraging the growth of poppies for the use of opium (Afghanistan is the world leading provider of opium), farmers this year are reporting a record crop, according to the Guardian newspaper.