Air strikes and car crashes. Baseball games and world leaders. Have you been keeping up on your current events for the past week? Take our quiz to find out.

Which country launched airstrikes into Syria this week?
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1) Iraq

2) Turkey

3) USA

4) Israel

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On Thursday, the Obama administration and several Israeli media outlooks reported that the Israeli armed forces launched airstrikes targeting missile storage facilities in Syria.

From which Web giant has the government hired a software engineer to assist in the ACA website?
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1) Yahoo

2) Google

3) Bing

4) Facebook

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In a press conference, it was revealed that Google site reliability engineer Michael Dickerson has been brought on to help work out the technical problems with the health exchanges for the Affordable Care Act.

Which infamous data-leaker has taken a job with a social media site as a data protection specialist?
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1) Edward Snowden

2) Julian Assange

3) Chelsea Manning

Edward Snowden
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According to Snowden's lawyer, he ironically has taken a job with a yet-to-be-named social media site with the role of protecting the website's data.

Which political leader was recently ranked as the most influential leader in the world by Forbes?
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1) Vladimir Putin

2) Barrack Obama

3) Angela Merkle

4) Fran├žois Hollande

Vladimir Putin
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In its list of the most powerful leaders of 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin takes the top spot on Forbes' list.

Which country recently completed an underwater subway tunnel?
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1) Turkey

2) Panama

3) France

4) China

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This week, Turkey announced the completion of an underwater subway tunnel connecting the Asia part of the nation with the capital Istanbul located on the European shore of the Bosphorus.

Who won the baseball World Series?
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1) Boston Red Sox

2) St. Louis Cardinals

The Boston Red Sox
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The Red Sox defeated the Cardinals for the first time since 1918, winning 6-1 in game six.

Which country has announced that its war in Afghanistan is over?
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1) Germany

2) Canada

3) France

4) Australia

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On Monday, Australian prime minister Tony Abbott declared that Australia's role in the conflict was over and that he would be withdrawing Australia's troops.

Which country's head of state was the first to visit North Korea since Kim Jong-un took control?
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1) Cuba

2) Mongolia

3) China

4) Vietnam

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On Wednesday, it was reported that Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj was the first head of state to visit North Korea since Kim Jong-un succeed his father in control of the isolated communist nation.

True or false: The car crash into the walls of the Forbidden City is being labeled a terrorist attack.
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Associated Press

Labeled as the first terrorist attack in Beijing since the 1989 riots, a car chased by police appears to have deliberately rammed into the walls of the Forbidden City in Tiananmen Square, leaving five dead and 68 wounded.

True or false: Syria has destroyed its chemical weapon production capabilities.
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Associated Press

U.N. inspectors announced that the Syrian government has destroyed its capability to create chemical weapons and placed its weapon stockpiles under U.N. observation.