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It's been a busy week. From shootings at Capitol Hill, Neo-Nazi members of parliament being arrested and the first U.S. government shutdown in almost two decades.

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How many government employees are being furloughed during the government shutdown?
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1) 700,000

2) 1,000,000

3) 800,000

4) 900,000

800,000 (roughly)
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No official statements have yet been given, but most estimate that around 800,000 federal employees will be asked not to come to work during the government shutdown.

How many national parks and monuments are being closed to visitors?
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1) 300

2) 400

3) 350

4) 700

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All 400 of the national parks and monuments run by the National Park Service will be closed to visitors during the government shutdown after the vast majority of National Park Service employees were put on furlough.

What is the annual salary of a congressman/woman?
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1) $67,000

2) $120,000

3) $200,000

4) $174,000

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The average congressman makes roughly 3½ times the median household income of $50,000.

Despite being the ones responsible for shutting down the government, they will continue to be paid throughout the shutdown.

How many congressmen are donating/refusing their pay during the shutdown?
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1) 108

2) 133

3) 121

4) 87

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According to the Washington Post, 121 members of Congress are donating or refusing their pay during the shutdown.

In what country were several members of Parliament arrested for being leading members in a criminal organization?
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1) Greece

2) Norway

3) Peru

4) Taiwan

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The economically troubled country has recently faced a new wave of political unrest after members of the Neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn killed a leftist rapper last week. This unrest culminated in mass protests and the arresting of Golden Dawn ministers in the government after evidence was gathered to implicate them in a criminal organization.

How many people have died in central China from Asian killer hornet attacks?
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1) 17

2) 28

3) 34

4) 49

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At least 28 people have been killed after mass attacks by the Asian killer hornet — which is 1.2 inches long on average — on villagers in central China. Hundreds more have been injured in unprecedented attacks that are leaving people and authorities at a loss as to what to do.

What kind of car was a woman involved in a shooting outside the U.S. Capitol driving?
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1) Black Lexus

2) Red Volkswagon

2) Black BMW

Black Lexus
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An unidentified woman attempted to ram her black Lexus into a roadblock outside the White House before being chased off by more than 20 police cars. Eventually she wrecked in front of the Capitol, where she engaged in a firefight with police. One officer was wounded in the incident, and the assailant is believed to have been hit by police gunfire.

True or false: Military personal won't receive paychecks while the shutdown is in place.
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False...this time
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Normally, military personnel would go without pay during a shutdown, having to wait for Congress to reimburse funds before getting paid. However, on Monday lawmakers passed a bill allowing the military to continue receiving pay during the shutdown.

True or false: More people prefer the Affordable Care Act over Obamacare.
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True, except ….
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They're the same thing. Obamacare is simply the nickname of the Affordable Care Act, but that apparently doesn't stop people from hating Obamacare but loving the Affordable Care Act.

Jimmy Kimmel recently did a skit in which his crew asked pedestrians which they preferred.The answer? The Affordable Care Act.

Various polls support the claim people don't seem to understand that they are the same thing.

True or false: The government shutdown saves the government money.
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Independent estimates place the cost of the shutdown at $12.5 million per hour, $300 million a day, and $1.6 billion a week.

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