10 Med school

"It's a really good medical school. I'm doing a lot of my pre-requisites for my major through (University of Utah) right now." — Rachel Newton, Therapeutic Recreation, Jameston, N.D.

9 Friendliness

"The people there are really nice. A lot of people here don't think they're friendly, but when they get to know them, they see that they are. I actually went to the University of Utah before I came here. It's a great campus with great academics." — Katie Wright, Illustration, Los Angeles

8 Was my second choice

"It's a very good school. I almost went there; it was my second choice. They also compete well in so many sports." — Conner McKinnon, English, Draper

7 Med school, part II

"Their medical program is very good. A lot of people who do their pre-med studies here end up going there." — Nathan Kuhn, Middle Eastern Studies, Houston, Texas

6 Integrated campus

"One year I went to an undergraduate research conference that they hosted there, and it was really good. It was a very clean campus, and a very integrated campus." — Amanda Anderson, Linguistics MA (Masters) program, Grain Valley, Mo.

5 Don't call it a comeback

"No matter what, they come back every year and try to beat us." — Maren Bohne, Exercise Science, Walnut Creek, Calif.

4 Rivalries and friendships

"I like that we can have a really strong rivalry with them, but I can still have some good relationships and friendships with a lot of people there." — Donald Amesimeku, Mechanical Engineering, Worcester, Mass.

3 Med school part III

"They have a really, really good medical school. It's a place I considered going to because of that." — Jonathan Barlow, Marketing, Alpine

2 Never give up

"They never give up. Even though (the football team) has had some tough times this season, they keep fighting." — Brad Bishop, Psychology, Salt Lake City

1 GAs and skateboards

"A lot of (LDS) General Authorities come out of there. Also, I love the fact that they allow skateboards on the campus. If they allowed it here, we could get around a lot faster that way."— Daniel Aguilera, Civil Engineering, Rancagua, Chile